Orlando Vacation Packages – Spring Break 2015

Well the time is now to book your 2015 Spring Getaway Vacations. If you are reading this you have probably have seen hundreds of web sites offering different types of Orlando Vacation Packages at really cheap rates. Well believe me when I tell you this, you need to take advantage of the offers that you see. Also if you are planning on coming to Orlando during Spring 2015 , then you really need to book your Orlando Vacation now.

Lets look at the facts:
  • Anybody that is trying to book a Discount Orlando Vacations should not wait till the last minute. When you wait till the last minute, almost every Orlando Resort that does offer Orlando Vacation Packages will be sold out. And if they are not sold out will raise there prices and not offer any Discounts. That is why it is always smart to book your Orlando Vacation early. This goes for the hotels as well.
  • Most of the Discount Orlando Vacation that you see on-line also offer Orlando Theme Park Tickets along with the room. This is a very good offer since the ticket prices at the gate of the Theme Park of your choice is very expensive. ( 1 Day Disney World is $105, 2 Days is $206 and 3 Days is $299, Prices are for Adult and includes tax) (1 Day Universal and Islands of Adventure is $165 per person)
  • In order to get the big Discount Orlando Vacation price Yes you must attend a 90 minute Time Share Tour of the Resort that you are staying at. But also we offer a great savings on Orlando Vacation Packages without any tour requirement just look for the link : Here to view this Package w / NO TOUR REQUIRED.
  • So I say to you that yes a 90 Minute tour, a free breakfast is worth it to save money on your next Orlando Vacation.
  • Book now because remember, the Spring Special Packages Available are limited during 2015 in Orlando Florida.

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Disney Family Culinary Adventure soon in Orlando

A new gastronomic experience will be open soon at Disney Contemporary Resort. What is it? Well on Disney efforts to bring the best and more personal experience to the Disney visitors they have created a non inside theme park experience that is amazing for all passionate about food universe. We are refereeing in this case a a new program in which visitors will interact with chefs to prepare a 5 course meal that will be serve on the catering Kitchen of the Disney Contemporary Resort. The new program is a very innovated experience for those that doesn’t necessary want to expend day by day at the Disney or other Theme Parks in Orlando.

As a details of the new program Orlando Discount Tickets USA communicate the insides about this magical gastronomic experience of Disney Family Culinary Adventure:

  • It will be a 5:00 pm, that runs 2 times a week with maximum of 30 guest per night.
  • The station in which guest can participate are: Baked good, sushi, butcheries, part or cold kitchen.
  • The program is a guide experience and guest will be taught techniques from how to create ingredients from scratch up to the art of sushi which is amazing.
  • A special demonstration of molecular gastronomy and a Disney cookbook signed for the chef’s.

As we mention above if you are traveling to Orlando and have a passion with food take your chances for attending to this program and if you do not want to expend so much during your trip get you admission for the theme park by getting your tickets trough Orlando Discount Tickets USA for only $29 dollars per person for the first 2 tickets. Getting your ticket with discount will live place for the cost of Disney Family Adventure that will cost $175 per person.

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Kioskos para reservar Fast Pass+ gratis en Disney Orlando

Fast PassAcerca de 2 anos Walt Disney World introdujo un nuevo sistema de reserva para las atracciones con el fin de reducir el tiempo de espera, dar una mejor experiencia de usuario en los parques de Disney y educar a los visitantes en como maximizar la visita con planeación de las atracciones a realizar.

Cuando compras los ingresos para los parques como Magic kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot o Animal Kingdom con Orlando Discount Tickets USA a través de nuestras paquetes vacacionales o admisiones se entregan ingresos que incluyen posibilidad de uso Fast Pass+ el cual se puede emplear antes de hacer su visita al parque hasta por un periodo de 60 dias antes o a través de un teléfono inteligente, un iphone, un computador o como ultima pero bastante útil los Kioskos en los parques de Disney.

Aunque recomendamos realizar sus reservas con anticipación descargando la aplicación “My Disney Experience” los Kioskos para asistencia de Fast Pass+ en los parques temáticos son una excelente ayuda para aprender a administrar su selecciones de Fast Pass +. Las ventajas de utilizar los kioskos para reservar su Fast Pass + gratis son:

  • Le permite seleccionar con asistencia de un empleado de Disney las atracción, desfiles, experiencias o shows que desea incluir.
  • Crear nuevas selecciones de atracciones sin necesitar todos los miembros de las reservar.
  • Agendar nuevas reservas para Fast Pass+ una vez se han usado la primera serie de reservas.

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A Trip to Disney World or any Theme Park in Orlando Florida with good habits

vacation to orlandoNow is the time to take a vacation and why not to choose the most fun destination in Orlando Florida, with the Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Island of Adventure. All of them has great entertainment for you and your family and Orlando Discount Tickets USA has the better prices on the market in term of affordable vacations.

Vacation trips to Orlando Florida is a change in your routine, your will transported to a new world but it does necessary means that you have to put on the side the good habits of your life and the good take care that every day you do for yourself. Because is very easy to forget about that Orlando Discount Tickets USA provide tips to ensure your wont break the equilibrium of your life.

When planning your vacation trip explore the affordable option of Orlando Discount Tickets USA, either hotel accommodation and admission to the theme parks is very easy travel with the cheap offers. Our offers star at $169 for hotel and tickets and $29 dollars for tickets only and off course to keep track of the good habits of your life during your unmemorable vacations Orlando Discount Tickets USA suggest:

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Nursing Tips during your trip to Orlando Florida:

  • Eat often about every 3 hours, but eat in small portions
  • When dinning out restaurants usually serve family meals so choose a menu with only one protein, one soup and one carb.
  • Include fruits as sneak when visit Disney World, Universal Studios Theme Parks or Seaworld. You will be save some extra weigh and money since a snack at the theme parks could be a minimum of $5 dollars per person and you will boost you immune system.
  • Keep always water with you, especially in Orlando Florida where is very sunny and hot. Water keep you hydrated at the theme parks and will help you keep refreshed.

Exercising Tips for your visit at the Theme Parks:

  • If you exercise often as a part of your good habits, let the Theme Park do the exercise for you because you will be walking and stand up for long periods if not attending to any theme parks usually Hotels and Resort have a Gym in which you can exercise for 30 minute to boost the energy of your body and detoxify your body.

Conserving your good habits during your trip will help you keep you in mental and body shape.

Disney Epcot Update – Scandinavian culture will have its place at Frozen Attraction

Frozen Ever AfterA couple of months ago Orlando Discount Tickets USA announced Disney new Epcot expansion and transformation inspired on the successful Disney movie Frozen that will be featured on 2016, today the first look of the attraction is released to the public.

After including character greetings on Magic Kingdom Parades and greeting times and with the success of the Frozen Summer of Fun special event at Disney Hollywood Studios a new ans a permanent world is added, “Frozen” will be  bring to life with the most touched moments of the movie Frozen and will be accompanied for some of the music. The name of the ride will be “Frozen Ever After” and will represent a mythical experience with the look of Scandinavian culture, art and mythology reflected on the kingdom of Arandelle that will be prepared for a “Winter in Summer Celebration”.

The ride The duration of the ride is about 4 minutes and will located and the previously Norway Pavilion and some of the moments of the movie that visitors will be able to enjoy are Elsa ice castle, Troll Valley, the Bay of Arandelle, Favorite’s Olaf, Sven, the mischievous snowgies and more.

Disney Epcot is recognized as the theme park of two world the first one the world of innovation, technology and sciences and the second world is actually a travel around the world with the show case of 11 nations in which you can delight your senses and enrich your cultural background.

With the new Disney Epcot  Frozen Ever After Attraction Orlando Discount tickets USA believes a new and refreshing element is incorporated to the park and the public that usually goes will be wide since the Frozen movie call a special attention to many children.

If you already started planning your vacation trip to Orlando include Disney Epcot for this amazing transportation to fascination world and get advice and low prices with Orlando Discount Tickets USA.

MAKO Upcoming Roller Coaster at Seaworld

Seaworld - MakoA high percentage of the visitor to any of the Theme Parks in Orlando Florida is looking to let their adrenaline be free by experiencing the most exciting, and popular rides at theme parks. The true is that Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and Seaworld have a really good mix in term of thrills rides and coasters.

A few month ago Orlando Discount Tickets USA reveled the official announce of Seaworld regarding a new an impressive roller coaster on Seaworld, today we inform the fact about what it will be the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando Florida.

Well, in addition to Manta and Kraken Seaworld will be opening in the summer of 2016, MAKO name inspired in one of the fastest sharks on the ocean, will be the tallest with a drop of 200 feet, the fastest with a top speed of 73 mph and the longest with a track of 4,760 feet long. The most representative characteristic of the hypercoaster Mako new roller coaster of Seaworld will be the special design to get great speed, and relentless “air time” in a fully theme scene about sharks.

Of you are planning visit Seaworld or any theme park in Orlando, Orlando Discount Tickets USA has great discounted prices starting on ticket at only $29 or hotel and tickets for only $169, only visit www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com to discovery our great offers.

Admisiones de descuento para Parques Tematicos en Orlando Florida


Visitar los fantásticos Parques Tematicos de Orlando representa para muchas familias las vacaciones de sus sueños en las cuales han requerido ahorrar a través de uno o mas annos con el propósito de entregar especialmente a los hijos unas memorias inolvidables.

En el mercado de los parques temáticos existen varias alternativas para obtener ingresos ya sea para Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Isla de la Aventura, o Seaworld. La primera aunque no siempre la mas práctica alternativa es obtener los ingresos en la puerta del parque, a través de agencias de viajes locales en cada estado o país, acercándose a diferentes stands en areas comerciales, outlets o en las principales calles de Orlando, en la conserjería de los Resorts y Hoteles y probablemente la forma más usada hoy en día a través del internet. Como se expreso entonces hay varias canales para obtener los entradas a los parques sin embargo estos canales no tienen acceso a descuentos sustanciales.

La opciones principales para obtener tiquetes con descuentos altos son principalmente compras admisiones de varios días para una misma compañía, visitar los parques solo en días de semana y probablemente la más descontada pero no las más conocida es la recomendada por Orlando Discount Tickets USA y que consiste en la participación en una charla para obtener grandes reducciones en el precio de las entradas a los parques temáticos.

Una Presentation o tour en un Resort consiste es una visita a un Resort en Orlando para conocer las instalaciones y algunas de las opciones que tienen para vacacionar con ellos. La presentación toma entre 90 y 120 minutos y el mercado objetivo de este tipo de descuento son las parejas casadas o que cohabitan. La asistencia no requiere ningún compromiso financiero pero se recomienda llegar con una mentalidad positiva y abierta.

Al momento de comprar su paquete vacacional es importante tener en mente que esta oferta no es para todo el mundo y a la presentación no se es permitido asistir el dia su ingreso o el dia de su salida del hotel.

Las admisiones a parques temáticos o paquetes vacacionales con altos descuentos son reales y no tienen otra pretensión mas que ofrecer un precio alcanzable en sus vacaciones a través de la participación en programas de mercadeo de los hoteles.

Visite www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com para descubrir multiples opciones en paquetes vacacionales con descuento o ingresos a los parques tematicos también con altos descuentos.

Follow up to Disney Springs formerly Downtown Disney

Day by day Orlando locals can presence the huge transformation of Downtown Disney which will be recognized as Disney Springs. For sure next time you visit this free admission place you will figure it out that for sure you want to come back and add a day on your vacation package to have a different social, dinning and shopping experience.

disney spring storesThose who have been visited Disney Spring lately have now the opportunity to see bridges that connect the street to have a pedestrian access to the complex or simple had have the opportunity to use their smart parking system. But beside of this infrastructural changes visitors can delight their senses with new dinning and shopping experience that Orlando Discount Tickets USA have been sharing with you since the transformation began.

One of the coming openings to the public is theme Bar with a Indiana Jones Style. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is located at the Landing Section, on the waterfront between the Boathouse and Paradise 37. The vintage aviation atmosphere will be an unique attractive and the menu will be featuring meat balls, Pretzels, beer, fondue, and popular cocktail like mojitos.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA will continue informing about Orlando Vacation News and offer great option to make your vacation affordable by participation on our discounted offers. Check www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com to discover vacation packages that make room in your budget for extra fun and extra adventure.


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