Orlando Vacation Packages – Spring Break 2015

Well the time is now to book your 2015 Spring Getaway Vacations. If you are reading this you have probably have seen hundreds of web sites offering different types of Orlando Vacation Packages at really cheap rates. Well believe me when I tell you this, you need to take advantage of the offers that you see. Also if you are planning on coming to Orlando during Spring 2015 , then you really need to book your Orlando Vacation now.

Lets look at the facts:
  • Anybody that is trying to book a Discount Orlando Vacations should not wait till the last minute. When you wait till the last minute, almost every Orlando Resort that does offer Orlando Vacation Packages will be sold out. And if they are not sold out will raise there prices and not offer any Discounts. That is why it is always smart to book your Orlando Vacation early. This goes for the hotels as well.
  • Most of the Discount Orlando Vacation that you see on-line also offer Orlando Theme Park Tickets along with the room. This is a very good offer since the ticket prices at the gate of the Theme Park of your choice is very expensive. ( 1 Day Disney World is $105, 2 Days is $206 and 3 Days is $299, Prices are for Adult and includes tax) (1 Day Universal and Islands of Adventure is $165 per person)
  • In order to get the big Discount Orlando Vacation price Yes you must attend a 90 minute Time Share Tour of the Resort that you are staying at. But also we offer a great savings on Orlando Vacation Packages without any tour requirement just look for the link : Here to view this Package w / NO TOUR REQUIRED.
  • So I say to you that yes a 90 Minute tour, a free breakfast is worth it to save money on your next Orlando Vacation.
  • Book now because remember, the Spring Special Packages Available are limited during 2015 in Orlando Florida.

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Admisiones de descuento para Parques Tematicos en Orlando Florida


Visitar los fantásticos Parques Tematicos de Orlando representa para muchas familias las vacaciones de sus sueños en las cuales han requerido ahorrar a través de uno o mas annos con el propósito de entregar especialmente a los hijos unas memorias inolvidables.

En el mercado de los parques temáticos existen varias alternativas para obtener ingresos ya sea para Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Isla de la Aventura, o Seaworld. La primera aunque no siempre la mas práctica alternativa es obtener los ingresos en la puerta del parque, a través de agencias de viajes locales en cada estado o país, acercándose a diferentes stands en areas comerciales, outlets o en las principales calles de Orlando, en la conserjería de los Resorts y Hoteles y probablemente la forma más usada hoy en día a través del internet. Como se expreso entonces hay varias canales para obtener los entradas a los parques sin embargo estos canales no tienen acceso a descuentos sustanciales.

La opciones principales para obtener tiquetes con descuentos altos son principalmente compras admisiones de varios días para una misma compañía, visitar los parques solo en días de semana y probablemente la más descontada pero no las más conocida es la recomendada por Orlando Discount Tickets USA y que consiste en la participación en una charla para obtener grandes reducciones en el precio de las entradas a los parques temáticos.

Una Presentation o tour en un Resort consiste es una visita a un Resort en Orlando para conocer las instalaciones y algunas de las opciones que tienen para vacacionar con ellos. La presentación toma entre 90 y 120 minutos y el mercado objetivo de este tipo de descuento son las parejas casadas o que cohabitan. La asistencia no requiere ningún compromiso financiero pero se recomienda llegar con una mentalidad positiva y abierta.

Al momento de comprar su paquete vacacional es importante tener en mente que esta oferta no es para todo el mundo y a la presentación no se es permitido asistir el dia su ingreso o el dia de su salida del hotel.

Las admisiones a parques temáticos o paquetes vacacionales con altos descuentos son reales y no tienen otra pretensión mas que ofrecer un precio alcanzable en sus vacaciones a través de la participación en programas de mercadeo de los hoteles.

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Follow up to Disney Springs formerly Downtown Disney

Day by day Orlando locals can presence the huge transformation of Downtown Disney which will be recognized as Disney Springs. For sure next time you visit this free admission place you will figure it out that for sure you want to come back and add a day on your vacation package to have a different social, dinning and shopping experience.

disney spring storesThose who have been visited Disney Spring lately have now the opportunity to see bridges that connect the street to have a pedestrian access to the complex or simple had have the opportunity to use their smart parking system. But beside of this infrastructural changes visitors can delight their senses with new dinning and shopping experience that Orlando Discount Tickets USA have been sharing with you since the transformation began.

One of the coming openings to the public is theme Bar with a Indiana Jones Style. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is located at the Landing Section, on the waterfront between the Boathouse and Paradise 37. The vintage aviation atmosphere will be an unique attractive and the menu will be featuring meat balls, Pretzels, beer, fondue, and popular cocktail like mojitos.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA will continue informing about Orlando Vacation News and offer great option to make your vacation affordable by participation on our discounted offers. Check www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com to discover vacation packages that make room in your budget for extra fun and extra adventure.

Disney most popular thrills in Orlando

Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida includes 4 major theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. For those that are planning visit the best of the 4 theme parks is require either purchase a multi day admission or a hopper admission for at least 2 days, that way you will have sufficient time to do the best and enjoy the most thrilling adventure at the Disney style.

Because just the gate price of one day in Disney is about $111 dollars and you need a multi day ticket Orlando Discount Tickets USA is a great option for you to save on your Disney Adventure in which you can get tickets for 2 days starting at $125 dollars by attending a resort preview with us.

By theme park here it is the most do thrills rides at Walt Disney World:

Disney Magic Kingdom

  • Splash Mountain
  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Disney Epcot

  • Mission Space
  • Test Track

Disney Hollywood Studios

  • Rock’n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Disney Animal Kingdom

  • Expedition Everest
  • Kali Rapids River

All these Disney Thrills and adventures have the option of making reservation using the new fast Pass Plus system, you just have to determine with park visit first and choose your fast passes by park.

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Summer is approaching Tips to visit DIsney on the hot days

On 2015 Walt Disney World Company celebrates the 60 anniversary that for sure will have enhanced experiences to commemorate all years bringing happiness and unforgettable memories. Summer this year for sure will be very busy and it is important be prepare to take the most of your vacation and more of the specials events that will be featuring. To simplify and make sure your vacations are enjoyable make sure to take note of Orlando Discount Tickets USA summer tips:

1. Choose accommodation close to Disney to save time commuting to the theme parks.

2. Get your tickets in advance, in summer specially the waiting time to buy a theme park admission might be between 30 and 1 hour.

3. Try to get multidays admission so you save on the average cost per day of the ticket and you have the chance to repeat a park is you feel that definitely you want to come back to cover the most. In term of saving you really star saving money when buy a ticket of 3 o more days.

4. Inquire how to get fast pass for your most likely to do attraction. Disney has a new free app called my Disney experience which is a complete give to get information on your smartphone about the waiting time in the attraction and an interactive map of the park.

5. Star doing the attraction that you really doesn’t want to miss and get information about attractions that a are actually closed by the time of your visit.

5. Plan the time for hydrating your self, nursing you and your family and take also a break during the day will help you keep in track for the most spectacular time on the night.

6. Stay until the end to have the opportunity to enjoy the closing shows.

If you are looking amazing and unforgettable vacation at discounted price do not hesitate to contact Orlando Discount Tickets USA to plan your next dream vacation.

Disney Hollywood Studios “The Frozen Summer of Fun Premium Package” –

frozen characters Magic Kingdom

Orlando Discount Tickets USA informa y convoca los eventos que ocurren en Orlando especialmente aquellos que tienen que ver con los parques temáticos de Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios y Seaworld.

En este ocasión los turistas que visitaran Disney en el verano tienen una cita bastante especial en Hollywood Studios lugar en el cual se celebrara “The Frozen Summer of Fun” o el divertido verano congelado. Tras el rotundo éxito de este edición especial celebrada en el 2014 Hollywood Studios nuevamente incluirá en su agenda del verano diferentes shows en de vivo relacionados con la película Frozen, musicales, espacios para estar con los principales caracteres de la película como Ana, Elsa y Olaf, para el 2015 la celebración tendrá lugar desde Junio 17 a Septiembre 7 fechas en las cuales con la admisión regular al parque usted podrá disfrutar de la programación especial. Para este caso Orlando Discount Tickets USA es una gran opción para usted disfrutar de esta celebración por un costo de solo $29 dólares por persona para los dos primeras entradas a través de charla promocional en uno de nuestro resorts.

Sin embargo y como nueva tendencia de Disney, este ano la celebración “Frozen Summer of Fun” trae un nuevo matiz en el cual los visitantes al parque pueden acceder a una experiencia elevada a través de la adquisición de “The Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package” con un costo extra de $69 dólares a parte de la admisión regular usted puede:

  1. Sillas preferenciales en la bienvenida real de Anna y Elsa
  2. Postres temáticos de Frozen ilimitados y bebidas durante los fuegos pirotécnicos de Frozen en lugares preferenciales de visualización.
  3. La selección de sillas preferenciales en uno de los shows en vivo o musicales de Frozen.

Para hacer parte de esta selecta experiencia en Hollywood Studios usted solo necesita reservar su paquete vacacional o ingresos con descuento a Disney entre Junio 17 y Septiembre 7 y adquirir “The Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package”. El costo de hacer parte de esta experiencia son participar en nuestras ofertas es alrededor de $175 dólares por persona sin embargo con Orlando Discount Tickets USA el valor de esta oferta será solo de $98 por persona.

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How much is one day at Walt Disney World en 2015?

Walt-Disney-World-IconsTo have a day in the most magical place on Earth is doesn’t have the most magical price for low budget travelers, however is guaranteed the great memories and the sensation of a totally different world is truly a fact. Orlando Discount Tickets USA is a channel for you to get discounted tickets at a lower price than the gate price for those that want to visit a least one day a Disney Theme Parks which includes Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom.

When visiting Walt Disney World for only a day you have really tree options on tickets and in order for you decided which one is for you is important consider if you are only traveling with your couple, if it is first time visiting, if you are traveling with little ones, if you are focus on certain attractions, if you are coming during peak season, if you have special reservation for something in particular at the theme park, or other any reason that may filter your decision in order to take the most of your visit.

The first and more simple option is get a One Day Base which allows you to chose from one of the 4 main theme parks of Disney;  Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. This is the less favorite purchase for the theme parks state holders but if this work for you based on the premises above you for sure will a great day. The cost of one day at Disney when you get tickets at the gate is $111.83 dollars per adult and $105.44 per child between 3-9 years old, if you take advantage of Orlando Discount Tickets USA your price for one day admission is only $29 dollar and you can get up to 2 tickets at this wonderful low price. The price of a day admission includes all of the rides for as many times as you like, see all the shows, parades and met the characters for a day.

The second option for a day in Walt Disney World is get the admission for a day with an upgrade called Hopper option which allow you for and extra amount of money commute between the Disney theme parks during a day. The cost a one day hopper at Disney is $138.45 per adult and $132.06 per child between3-9 years old. When getting a hopper ticket you are just paying a little bit more and you may think that you will be able to cover everything which is not realistic but convenient for those that already visit the Disney Theme Parks is repeated occasions.

The Third option on one day admission is call option plus which even being a tickets for a day you have total of entertainment on Disney for 2 days because One Disney Plus means you have a base ticket to visit one of the mayor theme parks and one day to visit one the Disney Water Parks. The cost is $145.91 per adult and $139.52 for child.

The fourth option is a called one day premium ticket and it is combination of a hopper and and plus ticket. In this option, which means you have one day to visit the mayor Disney Theme Parks Magic Kingdom , Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom and another day to visit with a hopper option the 2 water parks of Disney Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. The cost of One Day Premium at Walt Disney World is $172.53 per adult and $166.14 per child.

No matter what option you chose to have savings of about $165 with Orlando Discount Tickets USA is worthy if you have small room in your budget. Check www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com to get the details of the offers.

Resort con Parque Acuatico en la Propiedad de Universal Studios

En el 2014 Universal Studios Resort presento al publico dos nuevas adquisiciones a disposición de los turistas, la primera Diagon Alley la nueva sección de Harry Potter en Universal Studios y la segunda el Cabana Bay Beach una excelente opción estilo retro como precios moderados en acomodación, accesible, moderno y muy practico en la distribución de sus espacios.

saphire fallsComo nuevo anuncio para un publico que siempre expectante acerca de lo nuevo, Universal Studios Resort anuncia mas incentivos para sus huéspedes a través de la construcción de un  Sapphire Falls Resort para el tercer trimestre del 2016; un hotel 5 estrella de estilo caribeño que transportara a las familias a un ambiente isleño con playas de arena, cascadas de agua, deslizaderos y mucho mas.

Entre las nos novedades con las que contara este hotel estan un taxi acuatico que conecta los parques tematicos de Universal Studios e Isla de la Aventura y City Walk.

La propiedad de Universal Studios Resort Orlando con la adición de Saphire Falls estará contando con una exclusivo y autentico portafolio de hoteles y resorts: el italiano y lujuso Lows Portofino Bay Hotel, el atractivo y altamente conocido Hard Rock Cafe y el exotico Lows Royal Pacific Resort.

Shapire Falls es una respuesta a la tendencia actual de Orlando de construir hoteles con un parque acuático dentro de las instalaciones de la propiedad. Orlando Discount Tickets USA continuara actualizándolo acerca de los eventos y nuevos proyectos en Orlando.

Si usted viene a Orlando Florida y desde hacer parte de la tendencia de tener excelentes instalaciones acuáticas dentro del hotel  visite www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com y explore las opciones en Summer Bay Resort, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Hotel, Lake Buena Vista Resort Villas and Spa o comuníquese con uno de nuestros agentes para reservaciones en Coco Key Resort Water Park.


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