Tips to avoid unsatisfaction when bookings a discounted vacation

Magic kingdom

Expectations to visit Orlando Florida, the most magical place on earth can be very high when you listen from friends or coworkers about the unforgettable memories they got, or how difficult it was the experience specially when visiting Orlando first time.

The first probably is to clarify is how realistic based on a budget and time can be the plan for your vacation. Orlando has about 8 theme parks represented on 4  companies; Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom belonging to Walt Disney World Resort; Universal Studios that includes Island of Adventure and Universal Studios; Seaworld’s company that has Seaworld and Busch Gardens in Tampa and Merlin Entertainment that operates Legoland. As important information is to know that admission for a day is about $100 dollars and of course the more days you buy with a company more chances you have to pay on the average price per day. Orlando Discount Tickets USA recommend not to cover every single day with a visit to the theme parks and if you are traveling by airplane do not include a visit to the theme parks the day of your checking o day of your check out specially if you are getting a vacation at discounted price.

Orlando Florida has multiple offers on accommodation and tickets with discounted prices, and basically you get the offers by always participation on some kind of meeting o informative visit to a resort. That is the true about getting a great discount, and is nothing wrong or hard on that because this way you can save on tickets and hotel and by you participating on the discounted offers there is not financial obligation, just attend with an open mind.

Book you discounted vacation for Orlando Florida ahead on time, and confirm with the company prior to the date of your trip so make sure everything is in order, by you doing this you guaranty you have all the information of hotel, time and information of your resort preview (the way you get discount) and tickets that will be included to you.  Even is not impossible book you trips with few days before it might happen that resort have availability for the day you book the tour but at the moment that it is created the spot are taken by other costumers and the preview will be schedule for the next time available, without you having enough time of change for a different date and creating some discomfort or unsatisfactory experience in the way you planned your time.

With Orlando Discount Tickets USA you can get packages as cheap as $129 dollars for a 3 days and 2 nights with admission for 2 adults for 1 day admission at one of the theme parks. Visit to discovery discount on just admission for the theme parks for Universal Studios, Disney, Seaworld or discounted vacation packages with multiday admission between the theme parks.

Orlando Vacation Packages – Orlando Spring Break Savings 2016

Well the time is now to book your 2016 Spring Break Getaway Vacations. If you are reading this you have probably have seen hundreds of web sites offering different types of Orlando Vacation Packages at really cheap rates. Well believe me when I tell you this, you need to take advantage of the offers that you see. Also if you are planning on coming to Orlando 2016 Spring Break , then you really need to book your Orlando Vacation now.

Lets look at the facts:
  • Anybody that is trying to book a Discount Orlando Vacations should not wait till the last minute. When you wait till the last minute, almost every Orlando Resort that does offer Orlando Vacation Packages will be sold out. And if they are not sold out will raise there prices and not offer any Discounts. That is why it is always smart to book your Orlando Vacation early. This goes for the hotels as well.
  • Most of the Discount Orlando Vacation that you see on-line also offer Orlando Theme Park Tickets along with the room. This is a very good offer since the ticket prices at the gate of the Theme Park of your choice is very expensive. ( 1 Day Disney World is $111, 2 Days is $208 and 3 Days is $306, Prices are for Adult and includes tax) (1 Day Universal and Islands of Adventure is $165 per person)
  • In order to get the big Discount Orlando Vacation price Yes you must attend a 90 minute Time Share Tour of the Resort that you are staying at. But also we offer a great savings on Orlando Vacation Packages without any tour requirement just look for the link : Here to view this Package w / NO TOUR REQUIRED.
  • So I say to you that yes a 90 Minute tour, a free breakfast is worth it to save money on your next Orlando Vacation.
  • Book now because remember, the Orlando 2016 Spring Break Special Packages Available are limited during 2016 in Orlando Florida.

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2016 Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Busch Gardens F&WOrlando Discount Tickets USA has a new offer that you can not miss. Is a just $49 dollar admission that you can use to visit Seaworld and Busch Gardens. What is so awesome about this offer is that just a separate admission is about $95 dollars per person and with Orlando Discount Tickets USA ticket promotion you pay less and receive more days of theme parks and choosing as one of the option Busch Garden you will be able to enjoy almost for free the 2016 Edition of Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival.

On 2016, Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival will be held Saturdays and Sundays starting  on March 5th through April 24.  The highlights of the event are pretty a good and exciting variety of simple-size tastings of wine and off course food, and also a great series of concerts of pop, soft rock,  Latin Country, contemporary and classic music.

food and wine festivalThe Food and Wine Festival at Busch Gardens is included with your general admission, so can you imaging a perfect weekend attending 2 theme parks Seaworld and Busch Gardens and enjoying a Festival.

To make sure you and your family get the best of the Festival here is the list of concerts for the coming celebration:

  • March 5th: Kenny Rogers
  • March 6th: Huey Lewis & The News
  • March 13th: O.A.R.
  • March 27th: Third Eye Blind
  • April 2nd: Commodores
  • April 3er: Andy Grammer
  • April 10th: The All-American Rejects
  • April 16th: Meat Loaf
  • April 17th: Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • April 23th: Gente de Zona
  • April 24th: Jordin Sparks

Every weekend the concerts starts at 6pm and they might be subject to change. Visit to discover exciting offers for your next discounted dream vacation in Orlando Florida.

Water Parks in Orlando a great option to include in a discounted vacation

Cross Country Creek at Disney Blizzard Beach Water ParkOrlando Florida as top destination, not only has incredible theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure Seawolrd and Legoland. As you can see there are a lot of Theme Parks each of these with so much magic, entertainment fascinating shows, etc. In Orlando every time of the year is good for the fun, however we strongly recommend include a water park during Sprimg Break 2016 and Summer 2016.

Because,  Orlando Florida has a really tropical warm and humid weather Water Parks has been throughout the time an awesome addition for the entertainment of families, groups and individuals. At the water parks you can find the splashiest and fun day, do not having to wait in line for long periods of times, you will find wave pools, Slides, theme water sceneries and little beaches, etc.

Summit Plummet at Disney Blizzard Beach Water ParkOrlando Water Parks are mainly optional parks of the major theme parks. For example Walt Disney World Resort has Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, Universal Studios water park is Wet’n Wild, Seawolrd Water Park is Aquatica which is the newest water park, and Legoland that also has a water park in a more small dimension that the other theme parks.

Always for a water like the humid tropic of Orlando water park is a refreshing and a wait to break the routine for the conventional theme parks, could bring a relaxing stress free day but it is important to consider the next tips when including a water park as part of your itinerary:

  1. First check the weather for the entire day. Water park policy of closures apply if the tempter in Orlando goes under 70 Degrees or if start raining and during the rain it is lighting, the water will temporally close.
  2. Even the water parks during the winter time have the water heated check your sensibility with cold weather especially for the little kids.
  3. Check prior to attend the water park if it is open, some months of the years the water parks are under maintenance due the water treatment and revision of infrastructure.
  4. On a warm day pack you sunblock it is definitely necessary for Orlando hot tempers and has to be use more than once.
  5. Keep hydrated during the time you are at the water parks.

When including a water park on your vacation packages Orlando Discount Tickets USA has for you some great deals that come with a water park, check some of the most popular options or visit

Disney 2 Day Touch of Magic gives the first to people 2 days in Disney, distributed in 2 days at the major theme parks and one day admission to a water park for only $145 per person.

Seaworld plus Aquatica or Busch Gardens for only $25 per person. Enjoy a 2 day admission choosing between Seaworld plus one a day in one of the most fun water park of Orlando Florida.


Paquetes vacacionales con descuento recomendados para Orlando Florida

radissonLas tendencia de compra de los consumidos en la planeación de las vacaciones para Orlando está cambiando, las familias tras pasadas experiencias encuentran que reservar sus vacaciones con poco anticipación implica incremento en los precios, acomodación en los hoteles que menos se venden y limitado acceso a descuentos, por lo que altamente le sugerimos unirse a quienes están reservando desde ya sus vacaciones de Semana Santa o como se le conoce en Orlando temporada de Spring Break. Nuestra compañía Orlando Discount Tickets USA cuenta con mas de 400 paquetes vacacionales que incluyen acomodación de hoteles, Resorts, Villas y casas vacacionales e ingresos a los parques Temáticos de Disney, Universal Studios y Seaworld.

Para quienes vienen por primera vez a los wyndhamParques Temáticos y quieren asistir a lo mejor y mas popular de Orlando le recomendamos tres paquetes vacacionales a través de nuestros descuentos en los cuales ahorra hasta 30% en el costo de sus paquetes vacacionales a través de la asistencia a nuestro tour promocional en un resort.

Paquete Vacacional en Disney

Baymont Inn en Celebration: Orlando Discount Tickets USA ofrece por solo $169 hotel con habitación estándar en la cual duermen hasta 4 personas y 2 admisiones para 2 adultos cada uno con acceso a parque temático de Disney.

Wyndham Lake Buena VistaOrlando Discount Tickets USA por solo $539 proporciona acomodación en una habitacion standar en la cual duermen hasta 4 personas 2 entradas para 2 adultos cada uno con acceso a 3 parques temáticos de Disney. el hotal Wyndham Esta localizado en la porpiedad de Disney a tan solo 7 minutos caminando de Disney Spring y con transporte gratuito al parque cada 30 minutos.

Paquete Vacacional para Universal Studios

Celebrtion SuitesOrlando Discount Tickets USA ofrece por solo $159 te ofrece un studios en el cual duermen hasta 6 personas y 2 admisiones para 2 adultos cada uno con acceso a 1 dia de parque ya sea para Universal Studios o Isla de la Aventura.

Vacation Villas at Parkway: Orlando Discount Tickets USA por solo $299 proporciona acomodacion en una villa de 1 habitacion totalmente equipada en la cual duermen hasta 4 personas 2 admisisones para 2 adultos cada uno con acceso a 1 parque tematicos de Universal. Este paquete por solo $75 dolares mas extiende acomodacion en una villa de 2 habitaciones

Disney y Universal Orlando Vacation Packages:

Radisson Orlando Celebration: Orlando Discount Tickets USA ofrece por solo $429 hotel con habitación standard en la cual duermen hasta 4 personas y 2 admisisones para 2 adultos cada uno con acceso a 2 parques Tematicos Disney y Universal Studios.

Vacation Villas at Parkway: Orlando Discount Tickets USA por solo $459 proporciona acomodacion en una villa de 1 habitacion totalmente equipada en la cual duermen hasta 4 personas 2 admisisones para 2 adultos cada uno con acceso a 2 Parques Tematicos Disney y Universal Studios. Este paquete por solo $75 dolares mas extiende acomodacion en una villa de 2 habitaciones.

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January 2016 Walt Disney World Refurbishments & Closing

family vacation disney

At the beginning of the year and when the high traffic of tourist have  decreased a little bit, the Theme Parks always and for the safety of future visitors schedule some maintenance that is important to acknowledge to clear everyone expectation and plan properly your next vacation a discounted price.

If your next vacation is on January and February , Orlando Discount Tickets Usa has for you besides the great discount we offer includes a new surprise that you will really enjoy;  contact our agents and  inquire about our surprising bonus represented on extra days at the theme parks, restaurant cards or extra nights.

Maharajah Jungle Trek – Jan 14 – 25

Kali River Rapids – Jan 14 – Feb 11

Flights of Wonder – Jan 14 – March 17

Soarin – Jan 14 – Summer 2016

Pizza Planet – Jan 19- Undefined

Buzz Lightsyear’s Space Ranger Spin – Jan 18-Feb 11

Liberty Square Riverboat – Jan 18 – 22

Magic Carpets Aladdin Jan 25 – Feb 3

If your are planning your next vacation packages Orlando Dicount Tickets Usa has great prices starting at $29 for one day admision or $195 for a 5 day admission to Walt Disney World. Explore the grate offers at


Start your time of fun and savings this Spring Break 2016


Right after the Winter is over in Orlando Florida weather and their popular Theme Parks turns into an amazing option for a dream and fun vacation in company of family or friends. It is highly recommended to book early your discounted vacation deals before the busy time and the crowds affect the market and raise the prices on the vacation packages.The comming season widely knows as the Spring Break, March Break or Spring Recess  represents a week of vacation that schools and Universities grant to the studenst during Spring time this years 2016 starting on February 29 and running the month of march.

Definetely the perfect spot to enjoy Spring Break 2016 is Orlando Florida and the multiple ways of family and youth entrtaiment. Starting with Theme Parks like Magic Kingdom the most popular destinatio until visiting a boat ride in one of the classin cities of Florida here are the list of thing taht you can plan for yuo and your family.

  • Visit the Major Theme Parks : Orlando has 4 great opertors of Theme Parks, Walt  Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Orlando, Seaworld Company and Merlin Entertaiment with Legoland. For any desire to visit one of this theme parks or a combination of them  Orlando Discount Tickets USA has the perfect discounted vacation deal chossing hotel acomodation and tickets for the theme parks or just chossing tickets for the theme parks. Starting at $169 for a 4 days 3 night vacation or 2 adult admission for one day visit at ne of the Theme Parks in Orlando.
  • Attend to one of the Orlando world class wáter parks: Now that Winter is over splash your self in Aquatica, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, or Wet’n Wild. The admission for this theme parks and with Orlando Disocunt Tickets USA you can get a courtesy park for one of those choosing the multiday offers on Disney, Seaworld of Universal.
  • If you didn´t visit Orlando on 2015 check public places places like Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, I-Drive 360, Orlando Eye Observatory, Crayola Experience, etc.
  • Adventours your self in one of the multiples experiences available in Orlando like boat rides, escenic views, air balllons, and more.

To enjoy your 2016 discounted vacation package you just need book early with Orlando Discount Tickets USA to save up to 50% on your tickets, have an itinerray, if going to theme parks take advantage of the fast pass

Mardi Grass 2016 at Universal Studios Orlando

mardi grassOn 2016 tourists visiting Orlando during the coming Spring do not have to live Florida to celebrate an authentic New Orleans Street Party like the famous one celebrated at Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando Florida. Excitement, vivid colors, music and tons of fun defines every day of the selected nights of celebration during Universal Studios Mardi Grass

The Name of the Festival is inspired on Pagan New Orleans Mardi Grass or Fat Tuesday a Carnival celebration after the “Three King’s Day” until the time in which fasting and religious obligations begins. The great advantage of Mardi Grass of Universal Studios is that everyone is welcome because this version is mainly family oriented except for the concert after the parade.

Mardi grass prepartyThe Mardi Grass Celebration is basically a theme celebration that combines the inner Universal Studios entertainment and add a special program on selected nights. The celebration begins on February 6th and ends on April 16th, 2016 . The highlight for the event includes: an awesome parade with olorfull costumes and performers, New Orleans Bands, Cajun cusine.

  • French Quarter Courtyard: Here is the main point of the Festival and where people congragate to met authentic New Orleans Bands and traditional Cajun Food for sale with Price range between $8-$10 dollars.
  • Mardi Grass Float: It has a duration of approximately 25 minutes and it is about 45 minutes before the concerts starts. On 2016 beside the traditional floats full of beads will be new floats that celebrates other cultures and festivals around the world, for example: Venetian carnaval, Fourth of July, Rio de Janeiro. For 2016 the parade wil stop 2 times at Hollywood and New York so perfomres intreact directly with the public.
  • Big Easy: It a a section that recreated a kids oriented Mardi Grass Celebration with costumes, parade, tons of beads and music.

The 2016 Mardi Grass performers (subject to change) are:

  • Feb 6: Hunters Hayes
  • Feb 3: Diana Ross
  • Feb 14: Barenaked Ladies
  • Feb 20: Nate Ruess
  • Feb 27: Fall Out Boy
  • March 5: Kool & the Gang
  • March: 13: Adam Lambert
  • March 19: Shawn Mendes
  • March: 26: Doors Down
  • April 2: T-Pain
  • April 9: Jessie J
  • April 16: Yandel

Star booking your Universal Studios Orlando Mardi Grass Vacation for a never to be forgotten spring break on 2016 with the most discounted vacation packages for Universal Studios. Orlando Discount Tickets USA offers starts on $29 dollar for a day admission or visiting you will be able to find hotel accommodation and tickets for one day admission at Universal Studios for only $169.

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