Zootopia Characters available at “Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It!” at Magic Kingdom


zootopiaThere are 2 moments of the day that are very special and character interactive, it is called “Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It!” and is a Street Party at Disney Magic Kingdom usually celebrated at 12:30 pm and at 5:30 pm on the schedule of regular bases, but we recommend always check the schedule before participating due to the inclement weather.

“Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It!” Street Party at Magic Kingdom takes 35 minutes and starting the spring of 2016 character from Zootopia are joining the celebration. The Disney characters like Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde sing and interact with the public looking to elevate the joy of the celebration, as well of other classic Disney characters like: Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale and Stich.

Magic Kingdom is the most popular Theme Park in Orlando and most likely in the world with the highest number of visitors per year. To be the most wished and visited is well known recognition due to the mix of family entertainment, for many is consider the most magical place on earth and for you to visit the place is require to pay and admission that on regular time is about $117 per adult and $110 per child between 3 and 9 years old, that’s why companies like Orlando Discount Tickets USA are a really valid option for  the family to find savings not only on the hotels but on the admission for the theme parks with ticket promotion starting  at $39 dollars and vacation packages from $169 during the low season.

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Memorial Weekend in Disney and comming June attractions update in Disney

jungle bookThis 2016 is for sure a year in which Walt Disney World Orlando will open a good amount of attraction, sometime delays are founded but ones the time is passing but the visitors to Orlando Florida are getting more accurate information of when the new attractions will be ready for the visitants.

Public Relations of Walt Disney World  has precise new dates for attractions to be opened in Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Disney Epcot.

Memorial Day weekend opening at Walt Disney World Resort:

  • Animal Kingdom
    • Jungle Book: Alive With Music Show.
    • The Tree of Life Awakens
    • Kilimajaro Safaris After Dark Debut.
    • Discovery Island Carnival
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Third Rail for Toy Story

June Releases

  • Epcot
    • Soarin Around The World
    • The Frozen Ever After Ride
    • Characters from Finding Dory on an interactive Experience
  • Magic Kingdom:
    • Mickey Royal Friendship Faire (Replacement for Dream Along with Mickey”


  • Magic Kingdom
    • Princess Elena of Avalor

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Summer is approaching Tips to visit DIsney on the hot days

On 2015 Walt Disney World Company celebrates the 60 anniversary that for sure will have enhanced experiences to commemorate all years bringing happiness and unforgettable memories. Summer this year for sure will be very busy and it is important be prepare to take the most of your vacation and more of the specials events that will be featuring. To simplify and make sure your vacations are enjoyable make sure to take note of Orlando Discount Tickets USA summer tips:

1. Choose accommodation close to Disney to save time commuting to the theme parks.

2. Get your tickets in advance, in summer specially the waiting time to buy a theme park admission might be between 30 and 1 hour.

3. Try to get multidays admission so you save on the average cost per day of the ticket and you have the chance to repeat a park is you feel that definitely you want to come back to cover the most. In term of saving you really star saving money when buy a ticket of 3 o more days.

4. Inquire how to get fast pass for your most likely to do attraction. Disney has a new free app called my Disney experience which is a complete give to get information on your smartphone about the waiting time in the attraction and an interactive map of the park.

5. Star doing the attraction that you really doesn’t want to miss and get information about attractions that a are actually closed by the time of your visit.

5. Plan the time for hydrating your self, nursing you and your family and take also a break during the day will help you keep in track for the most spectacular time on the night.

6. Stay until the end to have the opportunity to enjoy the closing shows.

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Recomended Ride: Showcase of International Brotherhood at Magic Kingdom

it is small worldAll of the people that have been in Magic Kingdom one time understand that this is park to visit several times. The marketing mix of the park is impossible to be covered in a day and after you visit some of the rides you get that sensation of being transported to another world.

Because you will probably wants to visit Magic Kingdom more than one time Orlando Discount Tickets USA provide discounted tickets for theme parks in Orlando for a day for only $29 dollar each for the first 2 tickets by attending to a resort preview. This way you vacation package can be reduce about $200 dollars that can be relocated visiting additional parks like Universal Studios, Seaworld, Legoland and much more.

it is small world magic kingdom

There is one particular cute boat ride we recommend you at Magic Kingdom, ”it’s a small World” make you feel how beautiful and important is the world diversity, how vivid are their colors, characteristics, landmarks, festivities give to us so much richness.

It is very interesting how ‘It’s a small world boat ride end at Magic Kingdom to be a highly visited attraction. On 1964 Walt Disney World in Burbank, California created a showcase of the children of the world to be exhibited at UNICEF pavilion in New York Worlds Fair of 1964. The exhibit included about 300 brightly costumed audio-animatronics dolls representing diverse cultures to resemble the spirit of international unity. The attraction at the fair was extraordinary successful and the money collected in the ride was donated to the UNICEF.

On this boat ride at Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom all family member will enjoy a colorful trip with singing dolls, whimsical animals, and representations of cultural history of different world area., for little ones is a great eye stimulation, for children is a beautiful story about diversity an even a lesson of world diversity, for grown up it is a delightful and a remarkable piece of art.During the ride you will sail to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and even the South Pacific and Tivoli Gardens; in each section dozen of doll will be dancing and celebrating with playful music and peaceful messages about diversity and international integration.

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Guide for guest with mobility disbilities at the Theme Parks in Orlando

orlando florida theme parksWhen planning your vacation package to visit Orlando Florida  you may feel that you have to plan a little further when traveling with members with mobility disabilities. It is not hard and the good news is that hotels, resort and theme parks have in order options and procedures to make you dream vacation easy, and full of unforgettable memories.In addition  through our company Orlando Discount Tickets USA you can reserve affordable vacation package and because the Theme Parks in Orlando are designed to be enjoyable for everyone we provide to you important information when traveling with guest that presents different disabilities. The main categorizes to be inform about are the safety at the parks, the rules for animal service and  the rental equipment availability.


Avoid running and keep the speed of the ones around you. When walking in enclosed spaces like restrooms, merchandise stores and food locations adjust you speed while maneuvering. Park your scooter, wheel chair o help device in safe locations clear from stairs and walkways.

If there is necessity of evacuation please have a member of your party to assist you or wait in a vehicle for assistance.

For the attractions in which you are required to transfer from your vehicle to the ride ask for assistance to one of the members of your party because cast members at the Theme Parks are allowed to lift guest for liability purposes.


Service dogs are allowed but must remained leash or in a harness at all times and guest should follow same instructions as guest using wheels chairs.

At the Theme Parks some attractions due to the fear factor and characteristic of some rides services dogs are not allowed. Please inquire with Cast Members for available options.


ECVs and Wheels Chairs are available for rent however limited numbers are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the rental location. Must be 18 years of age

When you rent a wheelchairs or Electric Conveyance Vehicles and plan to visit more than one park is possible to leave a deposit ticket from the first park.

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Tips to consider when visiting Magic Kingdom with small children

Disney with childrenMagic Kingdom is the Theme Park in Orlando most visited for Families with toddlers and little children; it is the one that has the most of the rides, awesome parades and character greeting. Because everything is not for everyone Orlando Discount Tickets USA inform you the consideration you need with looking for having really fun at the theme parks with children: Kids meals: Look for kids menu at the Disney Restaurant or if you really want to offer and enhanced experience Dinning with the Disney Characters make your reservation at least with 3 month anticipation. Height Restrictions: The ride and roller coaster with more adrenaline require certain high restriction, for example: Barnstormer 35 in.; Big Thunder Railroad 40 in.; Space Mountain 44 in.; splash Mountain 40 in. and Tomorrow land Indy Speedway 54 in. Baby Care: Next to the Crystal Palace restaurant is a Baby Care Center. It is very important with babies and toddlers have access to changing rooms, nursing areas, a microwave and a playroom, all this plus diapers, formula, pacifiers and over the counter medications are available for purchase at this the Baby Center. Lost Children: If by any change you see lost children the best and more efficient thing to do is report them to Guest Relations or any Cast member. Fear Factor: Beside the high restriction some ride or coaster is designed for those who like scary elements. At Magic Kingdom the attractions that may scare little children are Astrorbiter, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of Caribbean. Hot or cold weather: At summer time when is very hot we encourage families walk through the stores instead of walking outside on the streets and walkways. The opposite way could be rainy day, which is very common in Florida for the humidity of its weather. Place check weather before heading t the theme parks and if it rains it does not matter you still have a lot to do at the parks. Just get a Poncho for $2 dollars at any convenience store outside the park. The only unfortunate thing of rainy days at the parks is that some of the attraction might be temporarily close and outdoors parades and fireworks can get cancelled. To plan your affordable vacation package for Florida with children visit our website www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com for Discounted Vacation Packages or Discounted Tickets and pay special attention to next consideration at the Magic Kingdom theme Park with children.

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