Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando – What to visit on 2019

There is always a surprise at Walt Disney World to enhance expectations and demand of visitors.

Star Wars Galaxi EdgeThe big change is related on 2019 on pricing with the 3 season in which the admission for 1 day chenge on price with a huge increment on the Christmas Season. But for those who dream and plan to visit Walt Disney World nothing stop them and if you are clever get the offers for discount on tickets is a veruy handy startegy. Orlando Disocount Tickets USA offer tickets with up to a 50% discount.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA, countinues offering great discounts either on vacation packages that start on $169 dollars during the low season including hotel for 4 days and 3 nights and tickets for 1 day at the Theme Parks to choose between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Epcot or Hollywood Studios just the tickets admission for the Theme parks of Disney so you really can enjoy  usual and the new on 2019.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA shares the new at the Disney Theme parks:

Star Wars at HSThe great experience is without a doubt Star Wars Galaxi Edge at Disney Hollywood Studios wich is an expertience that transport guest to never before seen planet with two attraction Milenium FalconSmuggler’s Run and Star Wars Rise of the Resistance. The first attraction is already on action and the Rise of Resistance will open this comming december 2019.

Besides the new opening at Star Wars land visitors to Hollywood Studios also will enjoy

Disney Junior Dance Party: Disney Junior characters, including Vampirina, Doc McStuffins will offer entertaiment for guest will funny dances.

Municiberg The Pixar area ta Disney hollywood Studios has been transform to be the Home of The Incredibles, a new area for greeting and to share with themost incredible Pixar Family.

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy a new show that includes the new tecnology tendency at the Theme parks with teh use of animatronic cars.

Wonderfull world of animation – in Honor to celebrate the 30 years aniversary of Hollywood Studios the Nigh Time Spectacular is tranform to bring characters to life like never before.

All the new experiences in Disney are a perfect excuse for the recurrent visitors and new visitors to the Disney Theme parks, a great reason to star exploring Orlando Discount Tickets USa vacation packages.


Universal Studios competes for the Theme Parks market in Orlando Florida

The land with more concetration of Theme Parks in United States and probably around the globe is Orlando Florida, where year by year visitors from the most unthinkable places scape to find magic, adventure and all kind of entertaiment.

The number No. 3 company in Orlando in terms of entertaiment is Universal Studios  who with the release of Harry Potter World inside their well know Theme Park Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure discovered the pottential to grow and not only incresed the market of hospitality but also to take part of the Walt Disney World Market.

The Pioneer and number No. 1 Theme Park Company Walt Disney World whom has built a history of growing economy, entertainment and great profits for Orlando Florida and the company itself, but is not the only one, Universal Studios Resort is been close to the progress for Orlando City in the Hospitality Industry and locals and consultants of the industry describe the growing experience as a war between the two parks who compete for the worldwide market of entertainment.

Epic Universe by Universal Studios

On August 1st, 2019 Universal Studios announced it will be a New Theme Park in Orlando called Epic Universe. The announcement for the moment reveals detail on the impact for the city and the great opportunity it is for Universal Studios Resorts. Here are some of the details:

  • Epic Universe will add about 14.000 jobs with a base rate of 415 dollars an hour.
  • Estimated time of construction for Epic Universe theme Park is about 3 years.
  • Since the construction of Universal Island of Adventure on 1999, Epic Universe will be a Theme constructed from the ground up.
  • The Epic Theme Park will be constructed in the Tourist area, near to international dr and between Sand Lake Rd and Universal Blvd.

Every year the Theme Parks followers in Orlando and the social media are always expecting news on upgrades, rides, experiences, use of technology on the Theme Parks experience and with the announcement of Epic Universe Theme Park is expected based on the Conceptual Project the construction of a looping roller coaster, an amphitheater, and a large multistory building.

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