Walt Disney World multiples opciones para vacacionar en Orlando

4-parques-de-disneyAproximadamente un 90% de los turistas que visitan la ciudad de Orlando por vacaciones pasa un dia en Walt Disney World, sin embargo al momento de solicitar los tiquetes existe desconocimiento acerca de que es lo mas pertinente comprar, cuales son las opciones en terminos de costo, dias y flexibilidad de los tiquetes.

Walt Disney World in Orlando en terminos de Parques Temáticos ofrece 4 opciones principales Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios antes conocido como MGM, Animal Kingdom y  Epcot. Adicionalmente Disney tiene 4 opciones secundarias: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon que son los parques de agua y 2 campos tematicos de mini Golf.

En términos  populares  hay cuatro categorias de tiquetes o boletos para ingresar a los Parques Tematicos de Disney:

Admission o Tiquete Base para ingreso a parque Temático de Disney: Puede comprarse por los dias que deseados y sirve solo para visitar un parque por día. El precio publico para un dia es sobre $100 en la puerta de parque y con Orlando Discount Tickets USA puedes conseguir hasta 2 boletos de un dia por $39 cada uno a través de orientación en uno  de nuestros resorts.

Admission o Tiquete Hopper para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Por los dias que decidas comprarlo te da acceso ilimitado entre los parques. En nuestra compania Orlando Discount Tickets USA obtienes estos tiquetes adicionando solo 60 dolares a cualquier opcion de tiquete base. Contacta unos de nuestros accesores para reservaciones o inquietudes al numero 18002306991.

Admission o Tiquete Plus para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Por los mismo dias que compres la modalida de tiquetes base te permite ingresar a las opciones secundarias de parques. Por ejemplo si compras un tiquete 2 dias plus tienes acceso a dos de los parques tematicos  principales uno por dia  y a dos parques de agua de Disney.

Admission o Tiquete Premium para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Por el numero de dias que se compren se incluye la opcion hopper y la posibilidad de visitar los parques opcionales el mismo numero de dias que se compran para visitar los parques principales.

typhhon-lagoonBasados en la filosofía de mercadeo de Disney mientras usted compre mas días en los parques  el valor promedio por día sera menor, lo cual es cierto notoriamente para 4 días en adelante, sin embargo como turista usted gasta mas que el valor sus ingresos al final: el valor de presupuesto, la duración de su viaje y el deseo de que tanto desean abarcar los parques filtra sus opciones hacia cual tiquete require. Para obtener grandes ahorros en sus proximo paquete vacacional a Orlando visite nuestro website Orlando Discount Tickets USA para customizar su solicitud.


Remaining Playgrounds at Walt Disney World Theme Parks in Orlando

the boneyardAmerican Culture loves Play Grounds, which is a designated area where kids can stretch, jump, slide, swing, interacts with other kids improve gross motor skills. Walt Disney World with its 2 major theme parks has thought about that and has a special area right now at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom theme parks for kids play for real in a magic world, where they can pretend and immerse with the main topic for the play ground.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA informs to you what you have to look for when interested on taking your kids to a super playground at the theme parks of Walt Disney World.

“Tom Sawyer Island” at Magic Kingdom: With a capacity of 400 people offers outdoor and covered wooded playground with a waterway. At this place kids will enjoy paved trails, small adventures, climb through grist mil, barrel bridge and windmill, duck pond, picnic tables a suspension footbridge leads, robotic horses, etc.

 “The Boneyard”: Definitely looks like a dinosaur dig site, this special area designated for kids under 12 is very attractive for all ages and fore sure you will see parent interacting with their children in a great theme adventure.The structure is a skeleton of Triceratops, tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus. The action here consists in swing, slide and climb. It is a place that kids love and even get dirt with all the action. Because it is mainly uncover it tends to get hot, so we recommend keep your children hydrated.

For your next vacation to Orlando explore Orlando Discount Tickets USA vacation packages at discounted Price when you can choose vacation packages staring at $169 dollars with 4 days 3 nights accommodation for 4 people and admission for the first 2 for one day at one of the Disney Theme parks. Now if you looks for more adventure at the theme parks the second favorite and affordable vacation packages gives for for $429 4 days and 3 nights with admission for 2 days at the main theme park of Disney and 1 complementary water park of Disney.

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Living with the land at Disney Epcot

living the landOne ride that is probably not the most popular for Little kids but definitely a experience to tell is Living with the Land at Disney Epcot, which is a boat ride that take the guests trough of as dull as dirt – agricultural science- and offers considerable entertainment.

Disney Epcot from its conceptions was dreamed as the city of the future and its vision included perspective of how to conserve a evolve in the conservation of natural resources. During “Living the Land” the boat will take you through four working greenhouses, it’s filled with plants that exist but usually American don’t see, on the trip odd growing techniques are showed and on the experience your proximity is high that even you can smell the scene of the flowers or leaves.

disney epcotThe ride which debuted don 1992 was refurbished on 2009 to include more species from the tropic.  During the trip papayas, coconut, coffee, chilies, are displayed and once passed the tropical Forrest an aquaculture is exhibited with catfish, sturgeon, shrimp, eels and some young alligators.

During the tour Audio Animations provide useful information to enjoy but also education all generations about conservation and nature.

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January 2016 Walt Disney World Refurbishments & Closing

family vacation disney

At the beginning of the year and when the high traffic of tourist have  decreased a little bit, the Theme Parks always and for the safety of future visitors schedule some maintenance that is important to acknowledge to clear everyone expectation and plan properly your next vacation a discounted price.

If your next vacation is on January and February , Orlando Discount Tickets Usa has for you besides the great discount we offer includes a new surprise that you will really enjoy;  contact our agents and  inquire about our surprising bonus represented on extra days at the theme parks, restaurant cards or extra nights.

Maharajah Jungle Trek – Jan 14 – 25

Kali River Rapids – Jan 14 – Feb 11

Flights of Wonder – Jan 14 – March 17

Soarin – Jan 14 – Summer 2016

Pizza Planet – Jan 19- Undefined

Buzz Lightsyear’s Space Ranger Spin – Jan 18-Feb 11

Liberty Square Riverboat – Jan 18 – 22

Magic Carpets Aladdin Jan 25 – Feb 3

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Insights for Mickey´s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Walt Disney World in Orlando has a perfect Trick-or-Treat for all family members starting on September 15th through November 1st. Orlando Discount Tickets USA is referring to Mickey`s Not So Scary Halloween Party celebrated on Magic Kingdom from 7:00 pm to Midnight. The event requires a separate admission that starts at the price of $68.00 dollars on the first nights of the event for the following nights:

September 15, 18, 20, 22, 25 and 27

October 1,2,4,6,9,12,13,15,16,18,20,22,23,25,27,29 and 31

November 1

This Party is great opportunity to dress up and bring your children in Autumn to Orlando Florida to enjoy at least one of the theme parks and off course the Mickey Not So Scary Halloween Party with a really special itinerary for the family members- At Magic Kingdom Halloween celebration children will have encounters with the most popular Disney characters wearing customs, dancing, playing trick or treat, the HalloWishes fireworks will be a Halloween edition and the park will be decorated in a spectacular way.

When visiting Magic Kingdom for the Halloween celebration mark the next events in your map to take the most advantage of your admission.

*Hocus Pocus Villain Speltacular: It is a live show that will replace Disney Villains Mix and Mingle that will be performed at Cinderellas Castle.

*Mickey`s Boo-to-you Halloween Parade: Disney characters will be passing by Main Street in a color full parade.

*Happy Hallo wishes -Halloween fireworks: Orange, Purple, amazing projection over Cinderellas Castle and all the lights of the most popular fireworks on earth will be available.

The tickets for the event are already for sale and even the day of Halloween October 31st is sold out. During 2015 guest can get special dessert party with a preferred view for the Hallo Wishes and the parades for only $69 dollars.

Look for your discounted vacation package at Orlando Discounts Tickets USA to enjoy a family time during Halloween 2015.

Summer is approaching Tips to visit DIsney on the hot days

On 2015 Walt Disney World Company celebrates the 60 anniversary that for sure will have enhanced experiences to commemorate all years bringing happiness and unforgettable memories. Summer this year for sure will be very busy and it is important be prepare to take the most of your vacation and more of the specials events that will be featuring. To simplify and make sure your vacations are enjoyable make sure to take note of Orlando Discount Tickets USA summer tips:

1. Choose accommodation close to Disney to save time commuting to the theme parks.

2. Get your tickets in advance, in summer specially the waiting time to buy a theme park admission might be between 30 and 1 hour.

3. Try to get multidays admission so you save on the average cost per day of the ticket and you have the chance to repeat a park is you feel that definitely you want to come back to cover the most. In term of saving you really star saving money when buy a ticket of 3 o more days.

4. Inquire how to get fast pass for your most likely to do attraction. Disney has a new free app called my Disney experience which is a complete give to get information on your smartphone about the waiting time in the attraction and an interactive map of the park.

5. Star doing the attraction that you really doesn’t want to miss and get information about attractions that a are actually closed by the time of your visit.

5. Plan the time for hydrating your self, nursing you and your family and take also a break during the day will help you keep in track for the most spectacular time on the night.

6. Stay until the end to have the opportunity to enjoy the closing shows.

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Disney World, Universal Studios or Seaworld crucial tips for a cheap vacation

Because families can be big and budget can be small Orlando Discount Tickets USA provide the check list you need to cover the most important element when planning your vacation to Orlando Florida. The three most popular theme parks in Orlando are Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and SeaWorld and not matter if you visit one or the other it could be quiet expensive if you don’t plan the crucial aspects:

disney family vacation1. Transportation: A lot people make it to Orlando Florida flying and trust of hotel shuttle to save money. If this is your choose get inform about the schedule of the hotel shuttles, sometimes have to pay a taxi because you miss the shuttle could be quiet expensive in a city like Orlando where public transportation doesn’t run so often. When you are coming with more than one people and plan to stay in Orlando for at least 4 days is better to rent a car so you don’t have any hidden cost of transportation. Rent your car in advance and take advantage of the low rates for early planners and the better shows of the theme parks which happened almost at the end of the closing time.

2. Accommodation: Remember star looking base on the number of people traveling and the theme parks of your choice. For big groups rent a house will be the cheapest way, in second instance is rent a condo or villa with will help saving on the cost of food while having the opportunity of storage and a full equipped kitchen. Is there are only 4 on your party hotel will be sufficient. Regarding the accommodation is very important determine which theme parks you plan to visit and the area in which they are located. For visitor to the Disney Park hotel in Lake Buena Vista, Celebration, some Kissimmee areas, and maingate are the closes locations, for visitor of Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and Seaworld, the better areas are the Convention Center and International Drive. There are three main categories of accommodation in Orlando: Theme Parks Resort, Inside theme parks property hotels and hotels close to the theme parks. The most economic way is the third one and it is not bad at all if your idea is spend the most of the time at the theme parks.

3. Theme Parks Orlando Tickets: Is you are a little negative about how discounted are the tickets in Orlando Discount Tickets USA take a look at the original theme parks website to calculate how much you can save with our offers at www.orlandodiscounticketsusa.com 

4. For your stay at the theme parks: Before even leave your house make a check list of what you could possible need in case of a lot of sun or rain, preparing snacks and water is very helpful and check for the sizes of the orders you make they might be so big that you can split it with the little ones.

Once you know must do elements you can star stretching you budget or opening for upgrades on your vacation. Check out our website at www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com for all your  Orlando Vacation Packages

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