Magic Kingdom at Disney World & The Hall of Presidents

Great Hall of Presidents at Disney WorldThe Hall of Presidents at Disney’s Magic Kingdom has finally gotten the long overdue over haul that it needed and deserved. The newly revamped attraction now features our nations newest president Barack Obama….

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Pirate League at Magic Kingdom

Family at Disney Pirate LeagueWell off and running is the Pirate League at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, where guest are transformed into swashbucklers. Bring the family and have a Pirate of a time..

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Michael Jackson as Disney’s Captain EO

Michael Jackson as Captain EO from Disney WorldIn a very sad tragedy that has shocked the world, The King of Pop “Michael Jackson” as passed away at the early age of 50….Michael Jackson will be missed very much in the intertainment world. I have posted a very old video of him as Captain EO from Disney World Videos performing “We Are here To Change The World”…

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Halloween Horror Nights Themes for 2009

I had recently posted an article about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, well after that post they revealed 3 of the Themes for that event….

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Saw at Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights

Dates for Halloween Horror Nights Revealed

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2009On select nights in September and October, Universal Studios Orlando Florida® theme park is transformed into a nightmarish labyrinth of haunted houses, outrageous live shows, and electrifying scare zones while an army of mutants, monsters and maniacs roam the darkened studio streets. More Info…..

Stitch SuperSonic at Disney World Magic Kingdom

Stitsch SuperSonic Celebration at Disney Magic Kingdom

Stitch Celebration Closing at Magic Kingdom

With the recent announcement that Disney World’s Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration at Magic Kingdom would be permanently going away on June 27, less than two months after its official premiere, I decided to check in on the show while it’s still around to see how popular it is. Around 5 minutes before the 3:30pm show began, here’s what the gathered crowd looked like:

Stitch at Disney Magic Kingdom Crowd Stitch at Disney Magic Kingdom Sitting Stitch at Disney Magic Kingdom Show

Around thirty people crammed into every available nearby shaded area, trying to avoid the midday extreme heat while waiting for the show to begin.

As the show began, I spotted a Disney cast member wheeling a cart nearby filled with ice-cold water and fan spray bottles. After standing out there for a few minutes, I was quite tempted to purchase one. Very smart.

The nearby Carousel of Progress let out a couple of minutes into Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration. I’d estimate around 70-80 people exited the Carousel theater, though only around 10 stopped to watch Stitch’s show. But a surprisingly large amount of guests wandering through Tomorrowland did gather once the outdoor show began.

In the end, around 75 people decided to take the time to watch Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration. But as you can see, most of the group crowded underneath the shade provided by the Tomorrowland Transit Authority track. I can only assume that this is one of the major reasons why Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration will be coming to an end so soon. No one wants to sit on the hot pavement for 30+ minutes in the summer heat in Florida. I wonder if the show would have continued longer had it been featured in the now-demolished Galaxy Palace Theater, which included seating and some shading.

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Princess Diana and Downtown Disney

Former Virgin Megastore at Downtown DisneyWalt Disney World & Downtown Disney Bring you Princess Diana Exhibit

Anybody wondering what was going to replace the old Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney, well wonder no longer.

Beginning in July, the People’s Princess Charitable Foundation, Inc. (PPCF) is bringing a new exhibit of royal artifacts called “DIANA-The People’s Princess” to that location.

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Mama Mia at Disney World Hollywood Studios

Mama Mia at Disney World Hollywood StudiosWho is Mama Mia

The other day I was listening to the WDW Radio Show last week and Lou did a review of one of my favorite Disney World Hollywood Studios Mama Melrose restaurants, Mama Melrose’s. Mama Melrose had been on my list to do a “Who is…” and, what do you know, they did an interview on his segment that provided me with the information to answer the question. So…….for those of you who did not hear the show, here is the story on Mama Mia.

She grew up in Italy and often cooked with her Dad who shared his recipes with her. As she grew up, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She picked up and moved to California and came to the Hollywoood Studios. She made friends with some of the actors, started collecting memorabilia from them and stored it away to preserve the memories.

Eventually, she started inviting her actor friends over for dinner and her food was a hit with them. They loved it so much, they convinced her to open her own restaurant to share her great recipes with everyone. She pulled all of her memorabilia out of storage and decorated her restaurant with it. She did this as a tribute to everyone who helped her over the years and to let everyone know how she got started.

So the next time you are in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios, drop into Mama Melrose’s, have a bite to eat, and take a look around. As with everything Walt Disney World creates, the back story here really adds to the magic of this often-overlooked eatery.

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Disney World Photo Pass CD

Get your Disney PhotoPass CD before price goes up

Walt Disney World ResortsIf you’re considering buying a Disney World  PhotoPass CD for an upcoming Disney World Vacation, you’ll save if you pre-order it before Tuesday. The price goes up $20 to $149.95 on June 16.

Also, you can save an additional 20 percent if you order the CD here or at PhotoPass centers on Disney World property.

Disney World has stationed its photographers throughout the parks — and even the water parks — and it’s free to have your photo taken. Just ask the photographer. Afterward, he will give you plastic card; the numbers on the card are what you will use at either a PhotoPass station on Disney World property or online to view your photos.

I have seen many families that have purchased many professional photos from thier Disney World outings through the years and by far the best deal if you plan to purchase more than 10 photos is a PhotoPass CD. The price of the CD is for an unlimited number of photos from your vacation — even if the photos won’t actually fit on one CD. So, if you plan to buy the CD, take photos everywhere and anywhere!

You can duplicate photos by doing a “save as copy” in the edit mode on This will allow you to save versions of the same image with different borders, signatures and crops because the images cannot be manipulated with Disney tools once they are burned on the CD.

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Remember — the CD price is for as many photos as you have in your account.

Disney World “Space Mountain” Update

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World

Space Mountain at Walt Disney WorldDisney World is now more than a month into the seven-month rehab of Space Mountain, and details are trickling out about the changes in store for the venerable roller coaster.

The resort last week filed a construction notice thought to be tied to the Magic Kingdom’s indoor coaster; it calls for the installation of an “interactive queue” and audio-visual upgrades. The notice has touched off speculation that Space Mountain could be in line for an electronic-game-filled queue similar to the one Disney World installed at Epcot’s Soarin’ in 2007.

Disney World officials, who have been relatively tight-lipped about the Space Mountain changes, previously had said only that the 34-year-old attraction would get a new queue enclosure. They also have said the renovations will include new track – though the layout will remain the same – and a new ceiling.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District puts the rehab’s value at $12.3 million. The ride is scheduled to reopen Nov. 21.

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