Award Winning: Pandora the Land of Avatar this Holiday Season at Animal Kingdom


A big relief, satisfation and pride is Disney feeling after the high expectations, long time of hard and tecnological work on Pandora: The Land of Avatar one of the main attractions of Disney Animal Kingdom Expansion.

About 9 years ago it was the announcement to what finally today tourists and local will enjoy with ansiety for a good period of time.  For those who watched the film really will understand the magnitude of a project like the one developed for Disney Animal Kingdom.

avatar land

The Pandora: Land of Avatar at Disney Animal Kingdom have 2 main attractions, the first one is Avatar Flight of Passage  that will make visitors feel like they’re flying on Banshee creatures with are a characteristic element of the movie. The fly will take over a river and stunning bioluminescent forest, that will transform the look of Disney Animal Kingdom at night” the second attraction is a trip on boat on Na’vi River Journey to know the natural fauna and flora of Pandora that will include sound and animations through animatronics.

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Rivers of Light new entertainment for the visitors at Disney Animal Kingdom

rivers of light 2Who has been in Disney Animal Kingdom probably knows or have seen the Show of The Lion King  or Nemo The Music which are show totally spectacular for the entire family. Vivid colors, interactions with the public and use of a lot of creativity and great scenes define this sucessfull shows.

Some month ago and along with the construction of the Avatar Land in Animal Kingdom as announced Rivers of Ligh at nightime show that will be located between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest and is espected to be available for the public during spring 2016.

rivers of light 2The new Rivers of Light Show will feature wáter, mist screens, floating lanterns, lights, fog, projection mapping and live performes. The performance will be a ceremonial event that “will take the special nature of the animals of this land and turn it into a celebration of beauty”.

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