Universal Studios competes for the Theme Parks market in Orlando Florida

The land with more concetration of Theme Parks in United States and probably around the globe is Orlando Florida, where year by year visitors from the most unthinkable places scape to find magic, adventure and all kind of entertaiment.

The number No. 3 company in Orlando in terms of entertaiment is Universal Studios  who with the release of Harry Potter World inside their well know Theme Park Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure discovered the pottential to grow and not only incresed the market of hospitality but also to take part of the Walt Disney World Market.

The Pioneer and number No. 1 Theme Park Company Walt Disney World whom has built a history of growing economy, entertainment and great profits for Orlando Florida and the company itself, but is not the only one, Universal Studios Resort is been close to the progress for Orlando City in the Hospitality Industry and locals and consultants of the industry describe the growing experience as a war between the two parks who compete for the worldwide market of entertainment.

Epic Universe by Universal Studios

On August 1st, 2019 Universal Studios announced it will be a New Theme Park in Orlando called Epic Universe. The announcement for the moment reveals detail on the impact for the city and the great opportunity it is for Universal Studios Resorts. Here are some of the details:

  • Epic Universe will add about 14.000 jobs with a base rate of 415 dollars an hour.
  • Estimated time of construction for Epic Universe theme Park is about 3 years.
  • Since the construction of Universal Island of Adventure on 1999, Epic Universe will be a Theme constructed from the ground up.
  • The Epic Theme Park will be constructed in the Tourist area, near to international dr and between Sand Lake Rd and Universal Blvd.

Every year the Theme Parks followers in Orlando and the social media are always expecting news on upgrades, rides, experiences, use of technology on the Theme Parks experience and with the announcement of Epic Universe Theme Park is expected based on the Conceptual Project the construction of a looping roller coaster, an amphitheater, and a large multistory building.

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Changes on 1 Day Pricing for Universal Studios

US IOA 1On March 2018, Walt Disney World Resort changed the structure on the 1 day admission adding a difference on price depending when you are going. Universal Studios added the same price structure and Orlando Discount Tickets USA shares with you a great option to get your tickets at discounted price.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA allows you to get a 1 Day Admission for only $39 dollars per person by participating on a 90 minute resort preview and with the new changes on prices you then will have to take a look for the additional charge depends on the they you select to go. If you don´t want to pay attention to the diffrence on prices you just pay the peak season which with Universal Studios would be $15 dollars more.

Take a look at the calendar to book properly and at disocunted price your Universal Studios and Island of Adventure.


On MID season select the option that increase price on $7 dollars

  • January: 6,7 ,11-13 , 19-20
  • February:15,18
  • March: 2-4 ,8,-11, 15-30
  • April: 5, 12, 28
  • May: 3-5, 10-12, 17,19, 27-31
  • June: 1-29
  • July: 1-3 , 5,6 , 15-20, 22-27
  • August: 4-10 , 17, 23,24 , 31
  • September: 1 , 7, 14, 21, 28
  • October: 5,6 ,11,13,18,20, 25,27
  • November: 3,8,10,15,17,22
  • December: 1, 6, 8, 13, 15-20


On Peak Season added to your order $15 dollars option.

  • January: 1-5
  • February:16,17
  • March:
  • April: 6, 13-27
  • May: 24-26
  • June:
  • July: 4
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: 12, 19, 26
  • November: 2, 9, 16, 23-30
  • December: 7, 14, 21 – 31


IMPORTANT: Our 1 Day Tickets are valid for Value or Regular Dates,
In Order to use 1 Day Tickets during Mid or Peak season dates you need to add the correct season Upgrade,
You can include it during your shopping process online or with our agents

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What opened at Universal Studios Orlando in 2018

harry Potter HolidaysProbably you haven’t been in Universal Studios Theme Parks in orlando for a while and planning to come soon remembering some of the most popular attractions that called your attention on your last visit. Well almost every year not only Universal but also other Theme Parks surprise visitors with new rides, shows, looks and atteaction indise the Theme Parks.

If you are fan of Universal Studios and planing to come soon Orlando Discount Tickets USA inform to you what is already available on 2018 based on what was opened on 2018 besides the classic rides and attractions.

usFast and Furious Super Charged – Located in San Francisco area to the park is an attraction based on the francise film Fast and Furious Supercharged and you as visitors definetly will go into action witg the opportunity to visit the headquertes of Dom Toretto and be part of high speed race with some of the films starts.

Cinematic Celebration – Is basically the closing show with new music, water and light show effects with some of the park favorite films like Harry Potter, Minios, Fast and Furious and much more.

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Busy or not busy, a guide for peak season of turists at the Orlando Theme Parks

fast and furius 2As many of us know Orlando is one of the most visited places on earth, statistics shows that seasonal periods when there is a high traffic the cost of the vacation for travel increases, the competition for hotel rooms and dinner reservations is aggressive and the crowds and lines at the Theme Parks are insane. Besides the time of high traffic tourism in Orlando you should consider but not feel limited for the weather conditions of this humid subtropical region, with a rainy season from May through October. Around the end of October the dry season begins and usually last until late April.

Take advantage of the next dates to plan your vacation packages or purchase your discounted tickets with Orlando Discount Tickets USA:

  • Jan. 9-13, Jan. 18-26
  • Feb. 1-16, Feb. 27-March 2
  • The second half of August
  • Most days in September
  • Most weekdays in October
  • Weekdays in November (minus the week of Thanksgiving)
  • Weekdays in December (minus the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve)

avatar landOff course, every year the best time to visit the theme park might change because every day the creative and engineer team add to the theme parks new attractions like Stars Wars and Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios , Pandora: the land of Avatar at Animal Kingdom, etc.Lets say you can not change your dates to visit Theme Parks, try to take a look also on the crowded dates and try to minimize the impact of weather conditions, rides that you are looking for and people that you are traveling with. On the following dates you can really expect a high volume of people a the Theme Park, so be patience and take advantage of the Disney Experience Application to reserve your fast pass or purchase the express pass for Universal Studios to save some time at the lines. In general all the Theme Parks Offer an upgrade fr you to skip the lines, here are the dates:

  • Jan. 1-8, Jan. 13-16
  • Feb. 17-26
  • March 5-April 23
  • Weekends in May
  • June
  • July
  • August until the 13th
  • The week of Thanksgiving
  • The week of Christmas through the week of New Year

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Toy Story Land at Disney Hollywood Studios

Toy story land at hollywood studiosThe great entertaiment for kids and adults is nos complemented at Disney Hollywood Studios with the officail openning of Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, definetely a great addition to the Disney Theme Parks which is going under remodelations for a couple of years.

Adventure is the keyword for Toy Story Land at Disney Hollywood Studios with a complete trip full of toys, it is an inmersive experience for the most revelant scenaries of the famous movie. Families will ride huge toys, travel to the space, experience a virtual reality on Andy room,  etc. Orlando Discount Tickets USA informs more in detail the new attraction and experiences open to the public at Toy Story Land:

Adventure for everybody:

Slinky Dog Dash: A family ride with slinky, hill and falls.

Alien Swirling Saucers: Ride  rocket to visit space to the rhythm of the space music.

Toy Story Mania: A virtual reality to Andy’s oom finding on your way big toys and objects.

Because Disney Theme Parks is much more than rides, at Toy Story Land you will share face to face with Woody, Buzz and Jessie and enjoy delightfull meals at Woody’s Lunch Box.

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Información clave para comprar ingreso a Disney, Universal Studios y Seaworld


El parque de atracciones tematicas mas visitado en orlando sin duda es Magic Kingdom y aunque estadísticas del 2002 hablaban de Magic Kingdom en Japon como el parque mas visitado, sin duda Magic Kingdom de orlando Florida ha tomado el lugar numero 1 en visitantes. Sin embargo al momento de solicitar los tiquetes existe desconocimiento acerca de que es lo mas pertinente comprar, cuales son las opciones en términos de costo, días y flexibilidad de los tiquetes.

Walt Disney World in Orlando en terminos de Parques Tematicos ofrece 4 opciones principales Magic KingdomDisney Hollywood Studios antes conocido como MGMAnimal Kingdom y  Epcot. Adicionalmente Disney tiene 4 opciones secundarias: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon que son los parques de agua y 2 campos tematicos de mini Golf.

Basados en la filosofia de mercadeo de Disney mientras usted compre mas dias en los parques  el valor promedio por dia sera menor, lo cual es cierto notoriamente para 4 dias en adelante, sin embargo como turista usted gasta mas que el valor sus ingresos al final: el valor de presupuesto, la duracion de su viaje y el deseo de que tanto desean abarcar los parques filtra sus opciones hacia cual tiquete require.

En terminos  populares  hay cuatro categorias de tiquetes o boletos para ingresar a los Parques Tematicos de Disney:

Admission o Tiquete Base para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Puede comprarse por los dias que deseados y sirve solo para visitar un parque por dia. El precio publico para un dia es sobre $100 en la puerta de parque y con Orlando Discount Tickets USA puedes conseguir hasta 2 boletos de un dia por $29 cada uno a traves de orientacion en uno  de nuestros resorts.

Admission o Tiquete Hopper para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Por los dias que decidas comprarlo te da acceso ilimitado entre los parques. En nuestra compania Orlando Discount Tickets USA obtienes estos tiquetes adicionando solo 60 dolares a cualquier opcion de tiquete base. Contacta unos de nuestros accesores para reservaciones o inquietudes al numero 18002306991.

Admission o Tiquete Plus para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Por los mismo dias que compres la modalida de tiquetes base te permite ingresar a las opciones secundarias de parques. Por ejemplo si compras un tiquete 2 dias plus tienes acceso a dos de los parques tematicos  principales uno por dia  y a dos parques de agua de Disney.

Admission o Tiquete Premium para ingreso a parque Temantico de Disney: Por el numero de dias que se compren se incluye la opcion hopper y la posibilidad de visitar los parques opcionales el mismo numero de dias que se compran para visitar los parques principales.

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Crecimiento de turismo en Orlando y tiempo propicio de visita.

soarin aorund the worldSi usted ha viajado o Orlando Florida en los 3 anos anteriormente consecutivo podrá diferenciar como el trafico del aeropuerto es un grand indicadores del aumento de turistas en la ciudad en su gran mayoría por supuesto para visitar los parques temáticos de Disney, Universal Studios, Seawolrd or Legoland.  Florida es uno de los lugares mas visitados en el mundo pero en definitiva el grado de visitas aumenta, estadísticas muestran como, cuando el trafico de turistas aumenta; incrementa también los costos de viaje lo cual se va reflejado en un incremento en las tarifas de hoteles y resorts, y esperas eternas en la linea de las atracciones dentro del parque. Aparte del alto trafico de turistas en los parques temáticos, usted debe considerar mas no sentirse limitado por las condiciones climáticas de humedad de la Florida con épocas de lluvia desde Mayo hasta Octubre. A partir de Octubre y aproximadamente hasta abril es cuando ocurre la época de pocas lluvias en Orlando.

harry Potter HolidaysOrlando Discount Tickets USA compania qe empezo vendiendo tiquetes de descuento en  Irla Bronson Memorial Hwy y hoy en dia ofrece sus servicios  a traves de http://www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com cree en todo momento que Orlando Florida es un lugar para ser visitado durante todo el ano, sin embargo, reconoce al mismo tiempo que las épocas de menor trafico de turistas pueden ofrecerle una experiencia bastante especial dentro de los parques temáticos. Solo imagínese visitando su Parque Temático favorito con un tiempo de espera de 10 o 15 minutos en sus atracciones favoritas y con posibilidad de repetir atracciones. Esto es algo fabuloso! En general el bajo volumen de turistas en Orlando aplica para todos los parques temáticos aunque hay ocasiones en las que siendo baja temporada los Parque pueden experimentar un flujo inusual de visitantes debido a eventos especiales que se estén realizando. Aprovecha las fechas que Orlando Discount Tickets USA le expone a continuación para reservar sus próximas vacaciones de precios descontados:

Enero segunda semana y tercera semana

Febrero primera semana

Agosto: las 2 primeras semanas

Septiembre: Es excelente. Cualquier epoca del mes es propicia.

Octubre: La ultima semana, sin embargo este atento de dias en que parque de Magic Kingdom o Universal Studios cierran mas temprano para dar lugar a sus respectivas fiestas de Halloween.

Noviembre: Cualquier semana excepto la semana correspondiente al Día de Acción de Gracias

Diciembre, las 2 primeras semanas.

Con certeza su tiempo en los parques tematicos sera espectacular, sin embargo si usted tiene flexibilidad de fechas de viaje consulte paquetes vacaionales o ingresos para los parques tematicos  orlandodiscounticketsusa.com donde descuentos sustanciales esperan por usted.


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