Seaworld Orlando fun in all shapes and sizes

seaworld.jpgIt is not easy to decide what Theme Parks to visit in Orlando because usually families has their own preferences in term of the environment they want to expose their children. Orlando Discount Tickets USA dedicates some time to recommend a beatiful theme park specialized on family entertainment, here we are making reference to Seaworld a very touching a family gather experience, in which you won’t feel that most of the attractions are design for grown up, instead your sensation is that everyone of the family will pleased with something great to do.

Even is not the first theme park on popularity or attendance, Seaworld with 200 acres of land has a unique mix on thrilling rides, attraction,  performances and diversion for the little ones like no other. If your goal is to feel the warm sensation of family reunion Seawolrd provides the spaces to build together unforgettable experiences. For those who doesn’t  know Seaworld throughout the country, is a unique collection of 12 parks. In Orlando Seaworld has 200 acres of land to allow animal encounter.

The experience of more than 10 years of Orlando Discount Tickets USA on the market of the hospitality industry revels that a revelant concern for parents is the entertainment of the little ones, I we truly believe Seaworld has a great infrastructure in term of rides buy also play grounds and interaction with animal and also with the cast member of the Seawolrd Park.

For the little ones:

  • Shamu’s Happy Harbor includes:
  • Sea carrousel: The classic attraction of all time with theme ocean creatures.
  • Shamu Express: A roller coaster apt for kids over 38 inches.
  • Jazzy Jellies: This ride lift and spins families around giant waterspout.
  • Ocean Commotion: a Fanta-sea themed tug boat that swings passengers side to side.

seaworld play groundA huge play ground area with four stories of colorful climbing nets and tunnels, nine slippery slides and splashy water maze.

With Orlando Discount Tickets USA is very easy to get an awesome deal on prices of the admission that for Seaworld is around $99 dollars, however you can get by attending on of our ticket promotion the first to tickets for $25 dollars per person to get admission to Seaworld and free admission to either Acuatica or Busch Garden. Visit to discover more offers and the details of our promotions.

Busch Garden roller coaster addittion on 2016

cobra custerOne of the Theme Parks of Florida that is well known because of their exciting roller coasters is Busch Gardens that now has announce an addition to the adventure. Cobra Curse is announced them as the new roller coaster in the Egipt section of the Theme Park and it will has as attractive, a vertical elevation of 80 ft and turns on its own axis depending of the weight distribution of the passengers.  On Cobra Curse at Busch Gardens the riders will ride for a length of 2.100 ft and the maximum speed reached will 40mph. On this sppining ride the passenger should be 42 inches or higher and will hace 9 cars with capacity for 8 riders per car.

To complement the environment of the ride and as trend of the Theme Parks in Orlando waiting section, Cobra Curse at Busch Gardens will have air condition while riders wait at the line.

Even Busch Gardens is located in Tampa about 1.5 hours of Orlando Central Florida is a great park for adventure and a must to visit while you are in Florida. With Orlando Discount Tickets USA you and your family can take advantage of the great deals in which you 1 day admission for Busch Gardens is $25 dollar per person and have the option to even have a day in Seaworld. The almost free admission to Busch Gardens is a perfect complement for next dream vacation.

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Orlando Vacation Packages – Orlando Spring Break Savings 2016

Well the time is now to book your 2016 Spring Break Getaway Vacations. If you are reading this you have probably have seen hundreds of web sites offering different types of Orlando Vacation Packages at really cheap rates. Well believe me when I tell you this, you need to take advantage of the offers that you see. Also if you are planning on coming to Orlando 2016 Spring Break , then you really need to book your Orlando Vacation now.

Lets look at the facts:
  • Anybody that is trying to book a Discount Orlando Vacations should not wait till the last minute. When you wait till the last minute, almost every Orlando Resort that does offer Orlando Vacation Packages will be sold out. And if they are not sold out will raise there prices and not offer any Discounts. That is why it is always smart to book your Orlando Vacation early. This goes for the hotels as well.
  • Most of the Discount Orlando Vacation that you see on-line also offer Orlando Theme Park Tickets along with the room. This is a very good offer since the ticket prices at the gate of the Theme Park of your choice is very expensive. ( 1 Day Disney World is $111, 2 Days is $208 and 3 Days is $306, Prices are for Adult and includes tax) (1 Day Universal and Islands of Adventure is $165 per person)
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Disney Refurbisements for September 2015

For future better experience at the Disney Theme Parks Orlando Discount Tickets USA inform the attractions and areas that won’t be available for the public traveling during the month of September. Please keep in mind that parks has a lot to offer so do not feel discourage under any circumstances about what is closed right now.

family vacation disney


Discovery Outfitters – The Discovery Island is having an expansion with an addition of a clock tower.

Expansion will include the addition of a clock tower.

Primeval Whirl located

Pizzafari – Discovery Island


Toy Story Expansion – Pixar Place

Magic of Disney Animation – Permanent Closure

Voyage of the Little Mermaid – Animation Courtyard



Norway Pavilion- The new attraction will feature “Frozen Ever After” a family adventure.

Soarin’ Update and Expansion : A new theater with new screens and projection

Pirates of the Caribbean

Liberty Tree Tavern


Main Street USA: Only landscaping and enhancements of the area.

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Ready to book a vacation to Disney or Universal

family vacation disneyOrlando Discount Tickets USA has for the United States citizens and for international travelers fabulous vacation packages and discounted admission for the Orlando Theme Parks. At the moment of prepare a reservation families,couples o group of friends start looking as first instance on internet founding great deals on price but unfortunately many of the advertisement are not clear of people doesn’t really take the time to read what is about. Orlando Discount Tickets USA assist the travelers on assertive reservation with great recommendations:

  1. Google the companies that offer discount tickets using keywords like: vacation packages for Disney, discounted vacation packages, Cheap Disney Tickets, vacation deal for Disney o a entire phrase that really describe what you are looking for and take a little , in Internet looking companies that offer: discount tickets para Disney, vacation packages for Disneydiscounted vacation packages, or a entire phrase and explore the options showed on the web.
  2. If you already found vacation deals of Disney discounted tickets of your preference, explore the availability and the cost during the time of your visit. When looking for accommodation the cost of hotel will have a peak season rate on the high traffic of tourist like spring break, summer and December.
  3. In order to verify the reliability of the web site, you have further questions or you don’t complete understand the offer look for a phone number to unveil your doubts. Orlando Discount Tickets has agents that will help you from 9am to 10pm 7 days and week and also provide Spanish speakers.
  4. If you have the intention of getting the package with a agent please define:

* How many adults and how many children. At the Theme Parks adult price if for adult is for everyone over 10 years old,and children for little ones between 3 and 9 years old. Children under 3 years old doesn’t have to pay. A the moment of your reservation is important to know how many are traveling to choose a hotel room or a condo.

* Get inform about the park you would like to visit, if Disney parks there are 4 main ones: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom  if you decide visit Universal this has 2 main park Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure.

* Have your dates of check in and check out. When you choose your date keep in main that they have to be sufficient for you to cover the Theme Parks of your choice. Check in time is in all Orlando Hotels at 4:00 pm and check out is at 11:00 am, which means that first and last days in most of the cases is not realistic to count them to cover a theme park

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What to expect to enjoy when visiting a Theme Park in Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida has 7 popular Theme Park mainly represented in 4 companies, Walt Disney World was the first one and counts today with four mayor theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, the company of Universal Studios which counts with Universal Studios and Island of Adventure and Seawolrd and Legoland.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA with more than ten years of expertise offering discounted vacation packages and discounted tickets for theme parks assist tourists customizes their star in Orlando with appropriate accommodation in hotels or resorts and tickets for Theme Parks. The discounts are great and might represent up to 50% discount  on the price or your tickets or vacation package.

Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Seaworld and Legoland are very different one of the others and all the approach for entertainment and captivate their audience is very unique. Any theme park in Orlando for sure will let you unforgettable experiences and in order to better understand what to expect when choosing one of them Orlando Discount Tickets USA will give a glance of what the usually have in common.

  1. Rides and/or roller coasters: It is the most popular element of the Orlando Florida Theme Parks all of the have them and depends on the market target you will find a higher concentration and different level of adventure and risk. The most popular Theme Parks in terms of rides are Island of Adventure and Busch Gardens.
  2. Playgrounds: Because Orlando Florida is a place for families theme playgrounds are big protagonist at any theme parks.
  3. Theatrical Shows: A must see at each theme park. The functions might be permanent or seasonal.
  4. Exhibits: They are recreation of landscaping scenes, magical worlds, visions, nature etc.
  5. Character Greeting: It is present at all of the theme parks with their respective characters, during this attraction people may interact, take photos, autographs and under reservation is possible to have dinner with them.
  6. Parades: Are not present on the 100% of the Theme Parks but they are a must see feature at Theme Parks, for example the ones performed at Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens.
  7. Street Parties: Created as an additional amenity along the theme parks, you can expect musicians, acrobats, clown, characters parties and much more.
  8. Fireworks: Always present at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Universal Studios they represent an spectacular closing show.

Beside of the main guide Orlando Discount Tickets USA provide about what you can expecte to find at Theme Parks in Orlando there are more element to discover that are the result of theme parks efforts to give the visitor a customized experience.

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Orlando Shopping update “Disney Spring”

bakery at disney springsThe transformation that is already taking place at Disney Spring formerly Downtown Disney, with new, unique and innovative shopping options.

Disney Spring is one of the places that you can’t overlook when visiting Orlando and one of the perfect days to visit Disney Spring are the late morning or early afternoon after you get your discounted tickets with Orlando Discount Tickets USA by attending a Resort Presentation. The new opening at Disney Spring are

The Art of Shaving: a boutique for high end shaving supplies and grooming products for man with style. At this boutique guest can receive advice on products and techniques, or make an appointment at the Barber Spa.

Apex by Sunglass Hut: You can find the best selection of sport performance and style eyewear. The better brand will be there: Oakley, Ray-ban and Under Armour. The extra value that Apex offers ifs that customers can try specific lens under a variety of light conditions.

Chapel Hats: Fedoras, Cowboy hats, floppy hats, outdoors hats and kids hats.

Havainas: All kind of fashionable flip flops with high quality rubber. At this store you can even customize your sandals.

Sanuk: Yoga mats and sandals collections.

Sound Lion: A boutique with the latest technology in headphones, docking stations, wireless music and other sound products.

Erick Mckenna Bakery NYC: All vegan and gluten free options. The menu includes a full selection of award-winning donuts, cupcakes, cookies, bagels with vegan butter and more.

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