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With out a disscusion Orlando Florida is the most visited place on earth , for the locals is amazing ti see our city continuos transformation,  due to the visitors from all over the world. New roads, more theme parks, the development of new cities like Lake Nona and Bay Lake, new investment on shopping and much more to offer a great experience to visitors.

Visiting the Theme Parrks in Orlando like Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Seawolrd is the dream of a lot people and for locals our kids grow up here with the involvement of the Theme Parks as park of their landscaping, what a blessing!

pool area, Vacation Village at ParkwayWith more than 10 years of experience Orlando Discount Tickets USA know the hospitality industry and offer vacation packages for families than are looking for extra savings on tour vacations. If your are planning to visit Disney Theme Parks here are some options with different savings, if this is not exactly your choice visit or contact us to explore a customized vacation package.

Vacation Villages at Parkway Resort in Kissimmee Florida  for $489… only 12 minutes form Walt Disney World Resort

Vacation Villages at Parkway Resort for $798

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To do not miss this coming Summer 2018

typhhon-lagoonFor Family and Friends looking adventure on their next Summer Time, Orlando Florida is the perfect destination on a very easy way to enjoy.

With Orlando Discount Tickets USA you not only found the best discount deals on Hotel Stay and Tickets for the Theme Parks but also useful information for the travelers. Here are some very good options for you to enjoy on your next trip which can be booked at

  • Disney World Frozen Ever After: Fans of the successful movie Frozen will go with Anna and Elsa to the wonderful world of Arandelle to enjoy the most popular characters. You will find this ride at Disney Epcot at the Norway Pavillion.
  • Mako Roller Coaster: It is a very popular attraction to be consider the fastest, longest and fearless roller coaster. Visit Seaworld Orlando paying only $29 dollars with Orlando Discount Tickets USA.
  • Skull Island: This is the Reing of the Kong at Universal Studios Theme Parks, here your adventure begins as the gates to the temple that expose a labyrinth of caves. Once you get in you will have a close view as a raging struggle ensues between massive creature before their focus shifts on the credulous riders leading to the big reveal-Kong.
  • Miss Adventure Falls: A water park ride located in Disney Typhoon Lagoon, is this family ride you experience a 2 minutes of splashy family fun aboard a treasure raft venturing out in the high seas.

tonigh-showAttractions of the Theme Parks in Orlando are for all the preferences and level of adrenaline, before attending theme parks take a previous look of the rides to save you some time during peak season.

To explore vacation packages have in consideration the number of days at the hotel to select the numbers of theme parks you want to visit, star now looking for your next  summer deal for Orlando Discount Tickets USA.

How many people can i expect when traveling to the theme Parks

US IOA 1It is hard to say a number but we can reffer as how crowd or how easy going can be a Theme park at the time of the visit. Locals and frecuent visitors to the Theme Parks in Orlando knows that make a magical trip to Orlando requires just to have great attitude, how ever for the visitors that travel with certaing ages on children, with certain nuber of people and with liited time to be at the time parks is important to define how the time trough the year behaves, because there is time in which a lot patience is requiered for the most popular rides, and weather is very very hot which can be a challenge for those not used to this.

Orlando Disocunt Tickets USA shares some very useful advice regarding time, weather, and crowdness when visiting Orlando Theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Seawlrd, Busch Garden and Legoland.

harry Potter HolidaysAs many of us know Orlando is one of the most visited places on earth, statistics shows that seasonal periods when there is a high traffic the cost of the vacation for travel increases, the competition for hotel rooms and dinner reservations is aggressive and the crowds and lines at the Theme Parks are insane. Besides the time of high traffic tourism in Orlando you should consider but not feel limited for the weather conditions of this humid subtropical region, with a rainy season from May through October. Around the end of October the dry season begins and usually last until late April.

Take advantage of the next dates to plan your vacation packages or purchase your discounted tickets with Orlando Discount Tickets USA:

  • Jan. 9-13, Jan. 18-26
  • Feb. 1-16, Feb. 27-March 2
  • The second half of August
  • Most days in September
  • Most weekdays in October
  • Weekdays in November (minus the week of Thanksgiving)
  • Weekdays in December (minus the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve)

Every year the best time to visit the theme park might change because every day the creative and engineer team add to the theme parks new attractions like Stars Wars and Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios , Pandora: the land of Avatar at Animal Kingdom, etc.Lets say you can not change your dates to visit Theme Parks, try to take a look also on the crowded dates and try to minimize the impact of weather conditions, rides that you are looking for and people that you are traveling with. On the following dates be patience and with the best attitude you can to have a magical trip:

  • Jan. 1-8, Jan. 13-16
  • Feb. 17-26
  • March 5-April 23
  • Weekends in May
  • June
  • July
  • August until the 13th
  • The week of Thanksgiving
  • The week of Christmas through the week of New Year

Star planning your vacation packages based on your expectation with Orlando Discount Tickets USA.

Visit Orlando Florida for dummis

Walt-Disney-World-IconsAt the moment you start looking for your vacation package you will find multiple options on the internet, because beside the high number of hotels and resort,  there are also unlimited combinations to create you vacation experience, specially for those traveling for first time to Orlando the most recommended advice is to look for some guidance and for discounts that really help reducing the possibility of hided expenses on your trip. Most importamt of all in your vacation is have a relaxing time in your hotel and stimulating time at the Theem Parks where adventure and magic is everywhere.

Universal Studios Orlando Resort Orlando Discount Tickets USA guide you for first time visitors or experienced visitors and advice you on some areas that you are require to research before set up you entire vacation packages and off curse at the website you can apply the information you collect to choose the right vacation for you, your family and your budget.

Pay attention before traveling to Orlando on the next recommendations :

  • * Try to look for a map of Orlando Central area you you explore the area you want to expend the vacation. There are two main areas that cover the Theme Parks, one is International Drive with Universal Studios Theme Parks and also Seaworld and the Lake Buena Vista Area where the Disney Theme Parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are located.
  • Choose the number of days that you will be in Orlando with a general draft of the available options, for example:Theme Park days, outdoor attraction that take half days, night entertainment like dinner shows, shopping etc.
  • Economize on your vacation plan by attending a resort preview. This event only takes 90/120 minutes of you day I it can represent savings for at least $200 dollars, and if you choose to book hotel plus the tickets it will be possible to save even more. The more day you add on your days at the Theme Parks you add the less will be the average price you pay per day.
  • Travel time might represent a different cost of , traveling during the low season will put some bucks on your pockets because you won’t have to pay the extra the peak season rates that are usually presents during Spring Break, Summer Time and the Holiday Season.
  • Visitors for first time do not overbuy days at the theme parks specially if you are traveling with little kids, a theme park in general take at least one day and theme parks like Magic Kingdom will probably require a 2 day admission.
  • Explore different vacation packages available at the market and call them to make sure there are a legitimate company on the hospitality industry.

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What are the dates for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Celebration on 2016?

mickey christmas celebrationThe favorite Walt Disney World Holiday Tradition in Orlando  has reveal the dates of the event on 2016. The Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Celebration in Magic Kingdom an special event admission that year by year get more popularity to the point of getting many of the dates sold out with a lot of anticipation.

Due to the success of the after hours event of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom this 2016 the celebration will held for 21 nights that now are published to the public and Orlando Discount Tickets USA inform you in order to start planning your Holiday Dates to visit Orlando and saving with the great vacation promotions to the Disney Theme Parks.

mickey and minnieDates of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on Disney World Orlando:

November: 7,8,10,11,13,15,18,27 and 29.

December: 1,2,4,6,8,9,11,13,15,18,22.

This 2016 you can not miss this Christmas Party to presence Mickey’s Once upon a time Christmas time parade,  an special edition of fireworks with the theme and projections of the holiday festivities and your favorites Disney Character with special attire due to the holiday season. During the after hours celebration is a great time also to enjoy some of your favorites attractions at the park.

The price admission for the event is not published yet but we recommend start looking for vacation packages at discounted price starting at $169 and including 4 days and 3 nights hotel stay and 2 regular admission ticket to attend for one day at the theme parks.

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December 18th Star Wars will bright at the sky of Disney Hollywood Studios

Star wars weekend jedasAfter the great success of Star Wars Weekend will disappear to reaper for good in  A new land in Disney Hollywood Studios in 2016, Orlando Discount Tickest USA is referring to Star Wars Land that will occupy  14 acres of the Theme Park.

Mean while an as preamble to the new Star Wars movie in Disney Hollywood Studios will host a Firework spectacle in support    of the Seventh film of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. For those who are fans of Star Wars Saga on December 18 the next great surprises will be at Disney Hollywood Studios:

  • Star Wars inspired Fireworks along with music with Jhon Williams, an spectacle officially named “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular.
  • Star Wars Launch Bay a place that will be permanent at Disney Hollywood Studios but also that day by day will be evolving and keeping update about the progressions of Star Wars Land.
  • Exhibition of Star Wars Gallery to welcome the land that is coming. Here visitors will see authentic replicas and technology animated images from all the times of Star Wars.
  • Meet and greet Characters that represent the Dark and the Light sides.
  • Star Wars food fare with a great surprises of German chocolate express at the Stars Wars Style.

If during this December your plan is visit this spectacular introduction to Star Wars Land at Disney Hollywood Studios get your discount tickets with Orlando Discount Tickets Usa for only $29 dolars per person.

Disney Epcot and new Colortopia Exhibitiona at Innovention Museum

colortopia 2Disney Epcot is a wonderful theme park that includes practically 2 worlds in One Theme Park.  On one side of the Disney Epcot visitor will find a enriched show case of 11 Nations, where food, art, cultural expression, music live shows and more come to life to transport you for a Tour around the World in One Day. The other side of the Theme park contains different elements about creativity e innovations and also show case of futuristic elements.

When travel to Orlando Florida do not miss your visit to Disney Epcot and Theme Park that is not also fun but also interesting, family friendly and with the option to learn what you play or interact in every single part of the park. To visit Disney Epcot with Orlando Discount Tickets USA is extremely easy and inexpensive because through Orlando Discount Tickets USA offer you get your first 2 admission for only $29 dollars per person by just attending a Resort preview one of the days you visit Orlando Florida.

Disney Epcot before be what is today was Walt Disney Dream about a city that always reflect the city of the future with technology application but also with harmonious elements of daily basis life.

colortopia epcotOn the side about creativity and the city of the future visitor will find popular rides like Soarin and Test Track but also and what today call the attention to Orlando Discount Tickets USA is Colortopia a new and playful color display and exhibition located at Inoventions Musseum. At Innoventions you will always find technological advancements an their practical application in every day life.
At Innovention Colortopia will have a 3 section display to interact with different manifestation of the colors. Here is an insight presented by Orlando Discount Tickets USA:

  • “The Power of Color” In this section application of colored light is projected over your body as an insight of how color reflect emotions.
  • “ Color Lab Segment” Here a totally diverse Word of tones can be created.
  • “Color Out World “ A Virtual experience with Digital panel and LED brushes and even virtual pockets family member can Paint on a giant coloring book.

Colortopia then is a new add on on Innovention Museum at Epcot with fun entertainment and a great place to get a pause during your journey at Disney Epcot.

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