Visit Orlando Florida for dummis

Walt-Disney-World-IconsAt the moment you start looking for your vacation package you will find multiple options on the internet, because beside the high number of hotels and resort,  there are also unlimited combinations to create you vacation experience, specially for those traveling for first time to Orlando the most recommended advice is to look for some guidance and for discounts that really help reducing the possibility of hided expenses on your trip. Most importamt of all in your vacation is have a relaxing time in your hotel and stimulating time at the Theem Parks where adventure and magic is everywhere.

Universal Studios Orlando Resort Orlando Discount Tickets USA guide you for first time visitors or experienced visitors and advice you on some areas that you are require to research before set up you entire vacation packages and off curse at the website you can apply the information you collect to choose the right vacation for you, your family and your budget.

Pay attention before traveling to Orlando on the next recommendations :

  • * Try to look for a map of Orlando Central area you you explore the area you want to expend the vacation. There are two main areas that cover the Theme Parks, one is International Drive with Universal Studios Theme Parks and also Seaworld and the Lake Buena Vista Area where the Disney Theme Parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are located.
  • Choose the number of days that you will be in Orlando with a general draft of the available options, for example:Theme Park days, outdoor attraction that take half days, night entertainment like dinner shows, shopping etc.
  • Economize on your vacation plan by attending a resort preview. This event only takes 90/120 minutes of you day I it can represent savings for at least $200 dollars, and if you choose to book hotel plus the tickets it will be possible to save even more. The more day you add on your days at the Theme Parks you add the less will be the average price you pay per day.
  • Travel time might represent a different cost of , traveling during the low season will put some bucks on your pockets because you won’t have to pay the extra the peak season rates that are usually presents during Spring Break, Summer Time and the Holiday Season.
  • Visitors for first time do not overbuy days at the theme parks specially if you are traveling with little kids, a theme park in general take at least one day and theme parks like Magic Kingdom will probably require a 2 day admission.
  • Explore different vacation packages available at the market and call them to make sure there are a legitimate company on the hospitality industry.

Visit to discover vacation packages for all kind of budget and experiences.




Orlando Discount Tickets USA is one of the largest internet travel providers for Orlando vacations to Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando and all other Orlando area attractions & theme parks! Visit our website at for all your Orlando Vacation needs and specials!

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