New Attraction in Orlando – Crayola Experience

crayola experienceFew months ago a new experience is offered in Orlando Florida where the creativity and imagination never ends. Orlando Discount Tickets USA is refereeing to the Crayola Experience a 70,000 square feet place located at The Florida Mall of Orlando. As experience is recommended for 3-4 horas at least so is perfect for a half day in Orlando, for a raining day o a really hot day.

The new entertainment complex allows kids and adults alike to explore art and technology, express creativity and experience the world of color in a new way. Crayola Experience opens every day from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

When visiting The Crayola Experience you will be able to:

*Discover how Crayola Crayons are made in a live show theater.

*Exhibit your own creation and art on a huge digital wall

* Bring your coloring pages to a life adventure.

* Dance in virtual wax rain

* Create unique keepsakes with melted wax.

* Climb in a 2 story play ground

* Experience 25 hand-on attractions.

crayola 1When visiting Crayola Experience you will be able to explore the largest selection of Crayola Products and exclusive Crayola Souvenirs.

Crayola is a great plan for an evening or a half day in Orlando, include it in your next vacation plan the day you won’t be going to the Theme Parks.

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