A day to Celebrate at Orlando Theme Parks – National Coaster Day

cobra custerWhen people plan a trip to visit a Theme Park in Orlando it is most likely that they are thinking on any kind of Roller Coaster, even sometimes is a key factor to take the decision about what theme park to visit. Well where they come from? Why are they a success at the Theme Parks?

Orlando Discount Tickets Usa with discounted deals for any theme park in Orlando for your to enjoy the most and coolest Roller Coasters of United States, review with our customer some of the history behind this historical piece of entertainment. In 1885, a patent was awarded to La Marcus Adna Thompson regarding roller coaster which on their beginners where made of Wood. Even the patents are for the USA there is controversy on the ones called “Russian Mountains” on the 17th century. The old version of the “Russian Mountains” were basically hills of ice in which people slide form highs of 80-70 foot with a 50 degree drop that  it was reinforced by wooden supports.

Seaworld - MakoThe real terminology for the Roller Coaster a magic work for the Theme Park Fans consists of one or multiple cars on a track, with similar of specialized railroad system that rises in designed patterns, with all kind of loop of falls.

In Orlando  pretty much all of the theme parks have Roller Coasters, being the most popular ones Mako, Manta, Kraken, Space  Mountain. Rock it, Railroad Mountain, Hulk, Dragon Challenge, Splash Mountain, etc. To Enjoy any Roller Coaster for only $29 dollars is as simple as participation in Orlando Discount Tickets USA tickets promotions. Visit www.orandodiscountticketsusa.com to discover tickets and vacation packages for Orlando Florida.

Noches de Terror gran experiencia en 2015 en Universal Studios Orlando

us horror of nightsUno de los eventos que es mas reconocido a nivel nacional en términos de eventos especiales en parques temáticos durante el Otoño es Las Noches de Horror de Universal Studios que este ano celebran su edición número 25 y presentaran nuevas escalofriantes experiencias y casas del terror.

Para asistir a Universal Studios Horror of Nights es sumamente sencillo y económico con Orlando Discount Tickets USA porque usted puede conseguir admisiones por tan solo $29 dolares por persona atendiendo durante el día a una de nuestras orientaciones en uno de los resorts de Orlando.

El evento de Halloween Horror of Nights “ o Noches de Horror en Universal Studios se celebrara durante 30 noches entre Septiembre 18th y Noviembre 1 en los fines de semana comenzando los días jueves. El evento de “Horror of Nights” en Universal Studios Orlando comienza a las 6:00 pm y se extiende hasta mas allá de la media noche. En el evento los visitantes encontraran diferentes personajes con un maquilla je de terror fuera de serie, los personajes terroríficos aparecen en distintas secciones del parque y en diferentes eventos. Uno de los eventos más concurridos y esperados durante “Horror of Nights” son las Casas del Terror. En el 2015 habrá disponibles para e; publico 9 casas del terror inspiradas en las producciones cinematográficas o en los personajes más exitosos de suspenso y terror. Las casa del Terror durante el evento este ano incluyen la aparición de escenas de la Película Insidius. Muchas de las personas que atienden al evento adquieren el pase rápido para tratar de cubrir la mayor cantidad de casas durante la visita, sin embargo es poco realista cubrirlas todas las casas en una noche.

El evento de Horror of Night también incluye entretenimiento en vive con shows como “Rocky Horror Picture Show y Bill y Aventura excelente de Halloween con Robosaurus.

El evento de Halloween de Universal Studios Orlando incluye también algunos de los paseos y montanas rusas mas excitantes del parque. Descubriendo el alcance de los evento de Halloween no te pierdas este 2015 “Halloween Horror of Nights” y adquiere tus ingresos o admisiones para cualquiera de los parques temáticos de Orlando con Orlando Discount Tickets USA.

Magic Kingdom Great Trill: Splash Mountain

Magic Kingdom Splash MountainA really looked to ride during the summer time in Florida is the Splash Mountain Roller Coaster at Magic Kingdom. Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom offers a half mile ride that takes the visitors thorough bayous, swamps, a cave and a flooded mine shaft. What is so exciting about the ride is that there are 5 small drops until you get a really exciting and scary for some drop of 52 foot in which the speed reach the 40 mph.

To take advantage of all of the rides at Magic Kingdom Orlando Discount Tickets USA offers you the possibility to get 2 adult tickets for only $29 each, so you get awesome adventures paying less than the regular admission price.

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom as the name say it includes a big splash in last drop so it is a great option to cool down during the sunny and warm days of summer in Florida. As a ride has a capacity of 440 passenger and you can choose in your list for the fast pass though my Disney Experience App or inquiring at any Fast Pass Kiosk at the Theme Parks. The height restriction for Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom if 40 inches and is based on the Disney Film “Song of the South” recreating the main topics of the movie.

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Ready to book a vacation to Disney or Universal

family vacation disneyOrlando Discount Tickets USA has for the United States citizens and for international travelers fabulous vacation packages and discounted admission for the Orlando Theme Parks. At the moment of prepare a reservation families,couples o group of friends start looking as first instance on internet founding great deals on price but unfortunately many of the advertisement are not clear of people doesn’t really take the time to read what is about. Orlando Discount Tickets USA assist the travelers on assertive reservation with great recommendations:

  1. Google the companies that offer discount tickets using keywords like: vacation packages for Disney, discounted vacation packages, Cheap Disney Tickets, vacation deal for Disney o a entire phrase that really describe what you are looking for and take a little , in Internet looking companies that offer: discount tickets para Disney, vacation packages for Disneydiscounted vacation packages, or a entire phrase and explore the options showed on the web.
  2. If you already found vacation deals of Disney discounted tickets of your preference, explore the availability and the cost during the time of your visit. When looking for accommodation the cost of hotel will have a peak season rate on the high traffic of tourist like spring break, summer and December.
  3. In order to verify the reliability of the web site, you have further questions or you don’t complete understand the offer look for a phone number to unveil your doubts. Orlando Discount Tickets has agents that will help you from 9am to 10pm 7 days and week and also provide Spanish speakers.
  4. If you have the intention of getting the package with a agent please define:

* How many adults and how many children. At the Theme Parks adult price if for adult is for everyone over 10 years old,and children for little ones between 3 and 9 years old. Children under 3 years old doesn’t have to pay. A the moment of your reservation is important to know how many are traveling to choose a hotel room or a condo.

* Get inform about the park you would like to visit, if Disney parks there are 4 main ones: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom  if you decide visit Universal this has 2 main park Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure.

* Have your dates of check in and check out. When you choose your date keep in main that they have to be sufficient for you to cover the Theme Parks of your choice. Check in time is in all Orlando Hotels at 4:00 pm and check out is at 11:00 am, which means that first and last days in most of the cases is not realistic to count them to cover a theme park

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