A day to Celebrate at Orlando Theme Parks – National Coaster Day

cobra custerWhen people plan a trip to visit a Theme Park in Orlando it is most likely that they are thinking on any kind of Roller Coaster, even sometimes is a key factor to take the decision about what theme park to visit. Well where they come from? Why are they a success at the Theme Parks?

Orlando Discount Tickets Usa with discounted deals for any theme park in Orlando for your to enjoy the most and coolest Roller Coasters of United States, review with our customer some of the history behind this historical piece of entertainment. In 1885, a patent was awarded to La Marcus Adna Thompson regarding roller coaster which on their beginners where made of Wood. Even the patents are for the USA there is controversy on the ones called “Russian Mountains” on the 17th century. The old version of the “Russian Mountains” were basically hills of ice in which people slide form highs of 80-70 foot with a 50 degree drop that  it was reinforced by wooden supports.

Seaworld - MakoThe real terminology for the Roller Coaster a magic work for the Theme Park Fans consists of one or multiple cars on a track, with similar of specialized railroad system that rises in designed patterns, with all kind of loop of falls.

In Orlando  pretty much all of the theme parks have Roller Coasters, being the most popular ones Mako, Manta, Kraken, Space  Mountain. Rock it, Railroad Mountain, Hulk, Dragon Challenge, Splash Mountain, etc. To Enjoy any Roller Coaster for only $29 dollars is as simple as participation in Orlando Discount Tickets USA tickets promotions. Visit www.orandodiscountticketsusa.com to discover tickets and vacation packages for Orlando Florida.

Walt Disney Seasonal Pricing for 1-Day Ticket

disney 1 dayIn Orlando, at the same time that in California and with the purpose of continue spreading the awareness of Disney Theme Park and as incentive to support the continues renovations, attractions and new performances Disney announces a different pricing structure on the 1 Day Admission Entrance for Disney.

The new system will be introduce on a time when Theme Park are undergoing over magnificent changes to deliver a better experience to the visitors on 2016 with in Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

To better understand how it works Orlando Discount Tickets USA explains how it works: The years has 12 month and during each month will be categories of Value, Regular and peak days, so depends when the guest would like to visit the Theme Parks the price for 1- Day Disney might be the regular price, a cheaper price or higher price.

Value Price 1 – Day Disney: If guest is comming on a day of the month that usually has a “low traffic” guest will be paying less that the price of a Day.

Regular Price 1 – Day Admission: It is the published market price of reference.

Peak Price 1 – Day Disney: If guest is coming during Holidays, or peak periods like spring break, summer, etc.

As new part of the seasonal prices for the 1 – Day Disney is announced also that the validate time for this tickets will be for 1 year after the purchase.

With this new rules Disney is giving more chances to get better prices for those traveling during the low season but also increment the cost for those who travel the most part of the year. With Orlando Discount Tickets USA even if is low or high season you can get 1 – Day Disney for only $29 dollar per person for the first 2 people.

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Ideas for an unforgetable welcoming of 2016 in Disney

new years 2016New Years for visitors in Orlando has a lot of expectation however been out from home can create some intrigue about where to go, or what to do.

The family oriented places like restaurants might close early since they offers employees spend time and close their doors so many visitors end staying at the hotel room when living the theme parks.Disney on its effort to extend personalized experiences has for this end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 exclusive interesting ways to celebrate the coming 2016.

Orlando Discount Ticktes USA inform the families about the events for the end of the years and offer also really affordable vacation packages at discounted price for you and your families. The packages start at $169 dollasr and they sold out quick so contact us to check your options. On our star deal the $169 Vacation Packages Promotion covers accommodation for 4 days and 3 nights in a three star hotel and also tickets for 2 adult for any theme park in Orlando, so it doesn’t matter which theme park you are visiting with Orlando Discount Tickets USA you can choose Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Seaworld, Epcot or the park of your choice.

Here are some of the fantastic celebration you can enjoy to welcome the new year 2016:

  • Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney’s Board Walk: Horn, Hats and a champagne toast with a view a select view of the Epcot
  • Chef Mickey’s at Disney Contemporary Resort: Tradittional Buffet.
  • California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort: Amazing view of the Magic Kingdom Park Fireworls in an elegant gala event. Restaurant and Bar available. Make sure your dress properly.
  • La Hacienda de San Angel at Epcot: Live music, tequila, festive décor and a premium view of the fireworks without living the park and enjoying an authentic Mexican cousine.
  • Victoria & Albert at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa: It a exquisite the course New Year’s meal, featuring savory courses, two dessert courses and a nine-course wine.

Start making your reservation and researching in detail this unique celebration to make the New Year of 2016 the most magical and special celebration for you and your family.

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Un Dia de Romance en Epcot “ Food and Wine Festiva:” Festival de Vinos y Comida 2015

Epcot Food And Wine 5Este 2015 el Festival de Vinos y Comida de Epcot son la perfecta ocasión para un día lleno de romance y buen gusto. Es una ocasión para realizar un viaje gastronómico alrededor del mundo acompañado de la persona que ama.

En el 20th edición del Festival en Disney Epcot encontrara una amplia variedad de experiencia para todos sus sentidos que lo harán enamorarse de este excitante parque temático.

En general las zonas y demostraciones del festival están incluidas con su ingreso general el cual en la taquilla tiene un costo de $105 dólares aproximadamente, y hay algunas zonas con demostraciones especiales que requieren una admisión adicional. Con Orlando Discount Tickets USA usted tiene la gran ventaja de poder conseguir ingresos generales por solo $29 dólares por persona a través de su participación en un Tour a un Resort antes de irse al parque.

Entre las experiencias más populares y representativas del Festival de Comidas y Vinos del Festival de Vinos y Comidas de Epcot están:

Epcot Food and Wine 3Mercados Globales: En Disney Epcot podrá deleitarse con muestras gastronómicas de alrededor de 30 países. Los platos de diferentes países no están incluidos y tienen un precio entre $4.5 y $8. Algunos de los mercados participantes son: África, Mundo de Quesos, Mundo de Vinos, Australia, Bélgica, Brasil, Canadá, China, República Dominicana, Francia, Alemania, Grecia, Hawái, Irlanda, Italia, Japón, México, Marruecos, Nueva Zelanda, Patagonia, Polonia , Escocia, Corea del Sur,

Serie de Concierto: Cada noche el festival contara con un concierto en vivo con diferentes bandas. Busca cual es la de su interés. Entre los artistas participantes están: David Cook, Wilson Phillips, Christopher Cross, Smash Mouth, The Pointer Sister, 38 Special, Rick Springfield, Sugar Ray, SOS Band, Air Supply, Fuel, Tiffany, Dennis De Young, Boyz II Men, Sister Hazel, Maxi Priest.

Centro del Festival: Allí encontraras diferentes stands con productos como chocolates Ghirardelli, Posters del Festival, tiendas exclusivas de vinos, Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak, escenarios donde podrás obtener autógrafos de reconocidos chefs.

Nuevo en el Festival: Habrá una zona especial para disfrutar de conciertos y deliciosas hamburguesas Gourmet. Adicionalmente habrá la posibilidad de participar por un precio adicional en un paquete de vida y comida.

Explora el mundo, vive la vida con tu amor en este inolvidable evento en Disney Epcot . Descubre paquetes vacacionales a precio descontado a través de Orlando Discount Tickets USA.

At Disney Epcot exhilarating flight in Soarin

There is one and very unique ride in Walt Disney World that with out feel scare can take to breath out and give you the sensation of freedom, harmony, refreshment and also can wake up you desire for adventure and amazed the wonders of United States. Orlando Discount Tickets USA is referring to Soarin a flight simulation that make her apparition at Disneyland California and after the incredible success was open also in Disney Epcot on 2005 at the Land Pavilion.

SoarinSoarin at Disney Epcot is a indoor theater that offer more than a 5 minutes film and give the sensation of flight in a fun adventure to some of the most recognized landscaping of United States.

Inside the ride Soarin, the queue is air conditioned and after you board a multi seat “hang glider” you will be lift up between 40 to 80 foot projection dome. During the ride visitors will presence California scenarios like the Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, El Captain Air craft, the Sierra Mountains, PGA West Golf Complex, Yosemite and freeways of Los Angeles. In addition to the awesomeness of the images, the seats were visitors are equipped with hidden special effects, like air fresheners to smell pines and oranges, surround speakers create a crashing surf and a waterfall.

Like every created in Walt Disney World Soarin refers a story telling event in which visitor board to the flight No 5-5-0-5 which means May 5 2005 dated in which is was launched in Disney Epcot.

For you to enjoy this unforgettable ride you are require to get an admission to Disney Epcot which is available for only $29 dollars at Orlando Discount Tickets USA by participating in a resort your one of the mornings that you are in Orlando. Orlando Discount Tickets USA specialized on vacation packages at discounted price and continuously provide information about the main events regarding the Theme Parks in Orlando.

Soarin as announced by Disney creative and imagineries team will even have a new addition; a new theater that will include a flight over landscaping around the world on 2016.

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Disney Epcot “Frozen Ever After” update

frozenOn 2016 the Frozen Ever After at Disney Epcot will be ready and from now on we are getting more accurate information of what it would be the Kingdom of Arandelle on the formerly Norway Pavilion at the Showcase World.

The Disney Movie Frozen Ride at Epcot will have a waiting space with the atmosphere of the movie and what it is more exciting is that visitors will submerge on a magical world featuring the popular story of Ana and Elsa. While on a boat guest will visit Arendelle for the Winter in Summer celebration, in which Elsa will create a winter in summer day for the kingdom. Guest also will visit Elsa Palace and the ice – blue world of the North Mountain, along with other locations of Arendelle.

During the ride favorite characters of the movie will make their appearances and visitors may find Ana and Elsa at Royal Summerhus for a showcase of architecture, interior design and cultural elements of Norway.

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