Overview at Walt Disney World Orlando Transportation System

sky line disneyWalt Disney World in Orlando has different way of transportation to get to the Theme Parks,  new new one will be Disney Sky Line. Toda Orlando Discount Tickets USA present a brief overview of how to make to the Disney theme Parks.

Disney System is public and free transportation in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake. Guests that are staying at any Disney Resort, Hotels, Theme Parks or Shopping Complex can use the System. Actually this great system includes a Monoriel, Buses, Watercraft and the latest one a Gondola.

Transportation in Disney

Disney Buses They are from the parks starting 45 minutes before parks opens and ends an hour after the parks closes. The buses from Disney Spring to resort runs until 2 am.

Usually Buses stop near park entrances, near Disney Springs Town Center.

Starting on March 2019, the Disney busus go as well to the Disney Water Parks Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

Disney Monorail There are 3 lines of monorail frrm Disney Tickets and Transportation Center to either Magic Kingdom or Epcot. The Monorail is ADA accessible and stroller accessible

Disney Watercraft A fleet of watercraft provides additional access to various resorts and parks, they are also ADA accessible when water conditions allow it.

Parking lot trams For those who visit the Theme parks is clear how huge  are the parkings lotes and besides that the entrance to the Theme Parks. The Trams is basically a shuttle between the parking lote and the proximity of Theme Park Entrance. They are not ADA accessible.

Skyliner It was announce on 2017 is a Gondola System that will have 3 lines and open on September 29, 2019. The lines connect Disney Pop Century, Disney Art of Animation, and the new Disney Riviera Resort to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

Even Orlando Discount Tickets USA recommends take your car especially when you visit Magic Kingdom, the Disney transportaation Sysytem is a great system when your hotel acomodation is near by the Disney property. Explore your

How much is one day at Walt Disney World en 2015?

Walt-Disney-World-IconsTo have a day in the most magical place on Earth is doesn’t have the most magical price for low budget travelers, however is guaranteed the great memories and the sensation of a totally different world is truly a fact. Orlando Discount Tickets USA is a channel for you to get discounted tickets at a lower price than the gate price for those that want to visit a least one day a Disney Theme Parks which includes Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom.

When visiting Walt Disney World for only a day you have really tree options on tickets and in order for you decided which one is for you is important consider if you are only traveling with your couple, if it is first time visiting, if you are traveling with little ones, if you are focus on certain attractions, if you are coming during peak season, if you have special reservation for something in particular at the theme park, or other any reason that may filter your decision in order to take the most of your visit.

The first and more simple option is get a One Day Base which allows you to chose from one of the 4 main theme parks of Disney;  Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. This is the less favorite purchase for the theme parks state holders but if this work for you based on the premises above you for sure will a great day. The cost of one day at Disney when you get tickets at the gate is $111.83 dollars per adult and $105.44 per child between 3-9 years old, if you take advantage of Orlando Discount Tickets USA your price for one day admission is only $29 dollar and you can get up to 2 tickets at this wonderful low price. The price of a day admission includes all of the rides for as many times as you like, see all the shows, parades and met the characters for a day.

The second option for a day in Walt Disney World is get the admission for a day with an upgrade called Hopper option which allow you for and extra amount of money commute between the Disney theme parks during a day. The cost a one day hopper at Disney is $138.45 per adult and $132.06 per child between3-9 years old. When getting a hopper ticket you are just paying a little bit more and you may think that you will be able to cover everything which is not realistic but convenient for those that already visit the Disney Theme Parks is repeated occasions.

The Third option on one day admission is call option plus which even being a tickets for a day you have total of entertainment on Disney for 2 days because One Disney Plus means you have a base ticket to visit one of the mayor theme parks and one day to visit one the Disney Water Parks. The cost is $145.91 per adult and $139.52 for child.

The fourth option is a called one day premium ticket and it is combination of a hopper and and plus ticket. In this option, which means you have one day to visit the mayor Disney Theme Parks Magic Kingdom , Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom and another day to visit with a hopper option the 2 water parks of Disney Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. The cost of One Day Premium at Walt Disney World is $172.53 per adult and $166.14 per child.

No matter what option you chose to have savings of about $165 with Orlando Discount Tickets USA is worthy if you have small room in your budget. Check www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com to get the details of the offers.

Disney en Orlando es mas de un parque conozca sus opciones

disney_magic_kingdom_minnieEn los Estados Unidos Disney tiene presencia en dos estados California y Orlando Florida el cual es el destino más visitado del mundo y también el parque temático mas impactante de todos. Lo que no es tan obvio y parece un misterio es el entendimiento de los que incluye visitar a Disney en Orlando ya que la experiencia puede incluir desde algo tan simple como visitar un parque temático hasta tener una exclusiva comida con Mickey Mouse en uno de los resort de Disney o irse en un crucero al estilo Walt Disney World.

Porque las opciones de esta exitosa son extensas Orlando Discount Tickets USA lo guía durante este artículo acerca de los parques temáticos que puede visitar en Orlando Florida.

Walt Disney World en Orlando Florida es la casa de cuatro famosos parques temáticos Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom y porque son cuatro parques y el ingreso solo por parque pasa los $100 dolares es importante identificar que opción te da cada parque y que compatibilidad tiene aumentar el numero de parques a visitar con su presupuesto de viaje.

El primer parque y el mas impactante Disney Magic Kingdom es el parque original de Walt Disney World desde 1971, el es están básicamente todos los personajes de Disney, el castillo de Cenicienta, los mas impactantes desfiles de carrozas, y juegos artificiales.

Disney Animall Kingdom es la casa de grandes aventuras en el reino animal, incluye un gran Safari, montanas rusas, escenas de Africa, Asia, exhibiciones animales, fantásticos shows en vivo como el Rey León y el musical de Nemo y muy pronto visitantes a este parque podrán visitar la Tierra de Avatar.

Disney Hollywood Studios es el parque alusivo a la industria cinematográfica desde la perspectiva de Disney, cuenta con shows en vivo, excelentes montanas rusas, diferentes simulaciones de películas como Indiana Jones, la Guerra de las Galaxias, Toy Story, etc.

Disney Epot es el parque de la creatividad e innovación y una muestra cultural de 12 países el las cuales las escenografías y muestras gastronómicas son extraordinarias. En Disney Epcot también encontrara paseos y animaciones pero no montanas rusas

Con Orlando Discount Tickets USA visitar Disney es muy fácil y al alcance del presupuesto de todos por la participación en un tour una de los días que viene a Orlando usted puede obtener tiquetes para dos personas para un día a Disney un un descuento sumamente bajo comparado al precio que usted pagaría en la puerta.

Visite http://www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com para conocer sus opciones desde 1 día a Disney por $29 hasta 4 días en los principales parques de Disney por $195 dolares.

“I want to visit Walt Disney!” What does the affirmation means?

Walt-Disney-World-IconsThe Vox Populli of the most magical place on earth Walt Disney World Resorts may be confusing for their visitors at the moment of placing in action their dreamed vacation. Through more than 10 years of experience on the hospitality industry, Orlando Discount Tickets USA representatives usually find out that future visitors have misconceptions about which are the Walt Disney Theme Parks in Orlando.

Even though Disney marketing efforts are huge, for a high percentage of visitors the panorama is not totally clear and  tourists especially from South America and Arabia or countries that speaks different languages ended missing blissful adventures during their visit or end expending more of what they initially budgeted.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA offers you tourist orientation and the possibility of hotel or resort  accommodations with admissions for theme parks, or only tickets for the parks at high discounted price; our company specialty is make your Orlando Vacation affordable and still enjoyable. To help you in the process of making make informed decisions keep in mind that Walt Disney Parks includes four completely different Major Theme Parks which admission for a single day is over a $100s, in addition Walt Disney World Resort Company has two sun-splashed Water Parks, two theme miniature golf courses and a huge arcade called Disney Quest.  Please take some minutes to discover the stupendous adventures’ that are waiting for you and your family and off course after be informed do not hesitate to visit www.orlandodiscounticketsusa.com  to star planning your vacation package in Orlando Florida. Here is a brief explanation of the 4 Major Theme Parks of Walt Disney World Resort In Orlando.


Magic Kingdom

The most popular of all parks for Walt Disney in which you celebrate in a world of fantasy that includes six different lands; Main Street, U.S.A, Adventure land, Frontier land, Tomorrow land and Fantasy land the biggest expansion of Magic Kingdom. For everyone this is the destination for excellence, is considered the Classic Theme Park and in many occasion people take up to two days to take the most of what the park offers.


With 2 worlds in One park you will delight all your senses, one of the realms features technological innovation and show you the power of imagination and on the other realm you will find a World Showcase which shares the culture and cuisine of 11 Nations.

Hollywood Studios

Step inside the glitz, glamor, and fabulous worlds of movies, television, music and theater. To better take advantage of this park take a look at each of the 8 sections that conform the park: Hollywood Blvd, Echo Lake, Sunset Boulevard, Streets of America, Commissary Lane, Pixar Place, Mickey Avenue and Animation Courtyard areas.  At Hollywood Studios please don’t miss the 2014 Stars of the successful movie Frozen, Elsa, Ana and Olaf and their sweet appearances and shows.

Animal Kingdom

Disney dedication and commitment to animal care, education and research is shown in one of the largest animal theme parks in the world.  Let your natural explorer discover the enthralling 6 land: Oasis, Discovery Island, Africa, Rafiki Planet Watch, Asia and Dinoland.


Water Parks: Typphoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Minuature Golf Course: Winter Summerland and Fantasy Gardens

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