Before you go to Disney food and Wine festival 2017

Food and wine 2017

Disney Epcot Food and Wine Festival celebration in starting on August 31st, will have 75 days of delicious event With 22 years of experience on this event every time is getting bettet offer of the gastronomic plates, and also on the upgrade experiences.

Planning a Disney vacation package between August and November because the volume of turism decrease considerably, with Orlando Discount Tickets USA you can enjoy 4 days and 3 nights and visit Disney Epcot for 1 day for 2 people.

Here are some of the most popular insights of Disney Epcot Food and Wine Festival:

  • The general admission to Disney Epcot allows you to enjoy the most of the festival Except some demostration, tasting and special chef’s seminars.
  • The Disney Epcot has all the regular atttractions open plus demostrations of the typical dishes of different countries that you can get for an additional price.
  • Get your budget defined because not only the souvenirs but, food, wine and others are a great tentations.
  • Involve the kids on an events that might look for grown ups but not. Get for the children the passport notebook and inmerse then on an all senses experience along with you.
  • The Disney Food and Wine Festival has a great plus with the series of concert, so before you go check on the calendar the artist of your preference and plan your visit.
  • Visit as well with the kids the playground specially desing for relaxation and at the same time enterteiment for the litle ones.

Disney Food and Wine Festival one of the favorites Disney Events in Disney is a great travel experience for your senses and your family. Star exploring your vacation packages options for at




Disney Epcot 23er International Flower and Garden Festival

Disney Epcot 23er International Flower and Garden Festival

mickey rangerThis 2016 Epcot celebrates its 23er edition of the International Disney Epcot Flower and Garden Festival being the first time that the event is extended for 90 days.  To participate in the event the general admission to the park is required which is very easy with Orlando Discount Tickets USA tickets promotion for only $29 dollar per person for the first 2 admission.

The Festival celebrate on Disney Epcot is not only the welcoming for the Spring time in Orlando Florida but also an exquisite demonstration of the blossom of nature apply to the magic of all Disney characters. The event is filled primary with Disney Character Topiaries, a colorful array of flowers, gardens, live music, special presentation (some of this ones with an extra charge).

Every year the followers of the Festival enjoy the most popular of the event and also way for the new that will be reveled here at Orlando Discount Tickets USA:

  • Increment on number of days from 75 days the event will last now 90 days.
  • Front entry topiary includes Donald’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie inspire on a comic from 1943 called “The Victory garden”.
  • Ranger Mickey” in honor to the effort of the National Parks Services program of 1916 to conserve the country’s natural scenic treasures.
  • Gardens around the Future Corner painted on gold.
  • Mini Gardens close to Morocco with edible mini flowers.
  • New Outdoor Kitchens like Isla Fresca and Cider House.
  • Kids playground called The Harmony Gardens Musical Playground including drums, chimes and xylophones where children can create music and sounds.

epcot flowerIf you destination for vacation during Spring is Orlando Florida take advantage of the discounted vacation packages that Orlando Discount Tickets USA has for you. You can get a getaway of a weekend with your couple, just 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy 1 day at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival starting at $129, yes, is including hotel and tickets for a couple all this by just taking 90 minutes of your time and attending a resort preview the next day of your check in.

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Vistete de verde y celebra hoy en Orlando el Dia de St Patricks

Para quienes visitan Orlando Florida y sus Parques Temáticos se encontraran hoy con un gran numero de personas vestidas de color verde. Este atuendo no representa el día de la tierra o alguna conmemoración ecológica, lo que si representa es una manera de honorar y celebrar el día de St Patrick quien es el santo patrón de los Irlandeses.

St Patricks DayPara lo que muchos pueden pensar siendo Marzo 17TH el día oficial de St Patricks la celebración de este evento se realiza el fin de semana por el carácter mismo de la celebración que es poco religiosa y en su lugar, incluye música, danzas irlandesas y en los lugares que distribuye alcohol una exclusiva selección de cerveza.

Los Parques Temáticos de Disney especialmente Epcot y Magic Kigdom se unen a esta celebración con el objeto de brindar a los turistas un valor agregado y una muestra cultural de St Patricks.

Si estas de vacaciones en Orlando por una semana y tienes la certeza de hacer algo diferente vístete de verde y asiste a Downtown Disney at Raglan Road el cual es un autentico restaurante bar Irlandés o visita Pat O’Briens at Universal Studios City Walk para una extraordinaria fiesta en verde, la posibilidad de probar comida irlandesa y una basta selección de cervezas.

Respecto a los Parques Tematicos Disney Epcot and Magic Kingdom usted podrá encontrar los personajes de Disney con trajes típicos de Irlanda, exclusivos objetos de colección y diferentes Vinylmation de Disney.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA le informa acerca de los eventos que tienen lugar en Orlando y le asesora en paquetes vacacionales para obtener durante su visita lo mejor de Los Parques Temáticos de Orlando a un precio alcanzable para cualquier familia. Visite para conocer nuestras ofertas de descuento en ingresos para los parques temáticos o descuentos en paquetes vacacionales de hotel y tiquetes.

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