Hush, hush at Pandora, The Land of Pandora

PandoraIt is official Pandora: The Land of Avatar is open, the cast member already checked the rides, and the annual passholders are already enjoying the attractions. Florida residents are not able to use fast pass and people is already talking about.

This are the first impresion of visitors to Pandora: The Land of Avatar:

  1. Very details on the architecture and landscaping.
  2. “shamanic songs” are delightful.
  3. The size of the characters is according to the movie,
  4. Sitting at the Flight of Passage Ride is not that lady friendly, it is mora a stradle.
  5. The signs that take you to the rides are not very clear, so you can ended on a ride that you don’t expect.

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Animal Kingdom Extraordinary Expansion

avatarland animal kingdom

Disney insiders and enthusiast has long considered this Theme Park an underdeveloped jewel, with great potential. Since it opened in 1998 Animal Kingdom was meant to be Disney’s answer to Tampa Bay based theme-park: Bush Gardens, nonetheless imaginers at the time felt that putting too much emphasis on high speed rollercoaster as its counterpart could change the character of what a Disney experience was meant to be, thus we ended up with a great habitat for animal lovers and young families without thrills or signature attraction. The experiment did not fail completely, but neither did engage the crowds as expected.

Families with small children however view this oasis as a quaint getaway theme park; a place where you can relax and take the time to stroll and enjoy the surroundings without having to worry about when is the next show or how big the wait line would be. It became the perfect “theme park sandwich an option many families on long vacation considered when they wanted to take an “easy” day inside the parks usually after visiting the Mammoth size Magic Kingdom and before Hollywood Studios or Epcot. Easy parking lot access, slim and simple land layout, convenient hours of operation, awesome playground where some of the characteristics young families where drawn to its gates.

With several constructions areas already underway Animal kingdom it in the mist of its biggest makeover ever, some changes will be deliver by summer 2015 like the new Africa market place which not only will provide extensive shopping and dining options but a new connection route between the Asia and Africa Lands, allowing better guest flow for the expected crowds that will be flocking this streets when the much anticipated Avatar Land makes its debut in 2017.

Rivers of light

Avatar Land will not only provide the much needed signature attraction to this theme park, but will compete hand in hand with Universal Studios’ Harry Potter World. Thus far Disney has revealed that this new area of the park will include two major rides:

  • Mountain Banshee: a flying simulator, much like Soarin’, where guest learn how to fly the mythical creatures.
  • Avatar Boat Ride: revisit Pandora and its exuberant flora along this slow moving boat.

In 2016 Rivers of Light, will feature something this theme park was not offered since it opened, a nighttime entertainment. Making full use of an area of the park that has been neglected thus far, the Discovery River. At the bank of this body of water in front of the Mount Everest this show will light up the sky and will combine live music, water screens floating lanterns and swirling animal imagery.

avatarboat-animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom’s laid back character and essence will be changed forever in the next few years on the other hand it will finally be ready to stand as a theme park worth visiting on its own merits and not as an unwanted side dish on a combo meal.

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