$169 Orlando Disney, Universal o Seaworld vacation packages


magic-kingdomTo find a vacation package that is offered for $169 dollars look unreal when we know that just the admission for one day at Magic Kingdom costs $117 and if you travel on the peak season for Disney will be around $132. The same way tickets for Universal Studios and for Seawolrd play around $100 dollars. A Orlando Florida vacation packages usually refers to accommodation and admission for the theme parks, so how is possible to get on the travel market such a low price to do vacation in Orlando. It is possible that the price for this popular vacation packages are the charge per person? Or it is a fraud?

To all the tourist from around the world we can say you can with Orlando Discount Tickets USA you can visit Orlando Florida for 4 days and 3 nights accommodation in a three start Hotel and admission for 2 adult for one day at the Disney Theme Parks, or Universal Studios or Seawolrd.

seawolrdOrlando Discount Tickets USA popular vacation package of $169 includes what is mentioned above. It is a real discount what you receive by participating in courtesy breakfast or lunch along with a marketing presentation in a resort preview to be eligible for the price.

$169 Dollar Orlando Vacation Package sometimes will be more of course if you are traveling on certains days of the year in which hotel has discretionally to increase the night rates which oscilates between $10 to $50 dollasr dpending on the week of the year. Another increment could be if you select to attend one of the 4 major theme parks of Disney during Spring Break, summer, Thanksgiving and the Holiday week.

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What to expect to enjoy when visiting a Theme Park in Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida has 7 popular Theme Park mainly represented in 4 companies, Walt Disney World was the first one and counts today with four mayor theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, the company of Universal Studios which counts with Universal Studios and Island of Adventure and Seawolrd and Legoland.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA with more than ten years of expertise offering discounted vacation packages and discounted tickets for theme parks assist tourists customizes their star in Orlando with appropriate accommodation in hotels or resorts and tickets for Theme Parks. The discounts are great and might represent up to 50% discount  on the price or your tickets or vacation package.

Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Seaworld and Legoland are very different one of the others and all the approach for entertainment and captivate their audience is very unique. Any theme park in Orlando for sure will let you unforgettable experiences and in order to better understand what to expect when choosing one of them Orlando Discount Tickets USA will give a glance of what the usually have in common.

  1. Rides and/or roller coasters: It is the most popular element of the Orlando Florida Theme Parks all of the have them and depends on the market target you will find a higher concentration and different level of adventure and risk. The most popular Theme Parks in terms of rides are Island of Adventure and Busch Gardens.
  2. Playgrounds: Because Orlando Florida is a place for families theme playgrounds are big protagonist at any theme parks.
  3. Theatrical Shows: A must see at each theme park. The functions might be permanent or seasonal.
  4. Exhibits: They are recreation of landscaping scenes, magical worlds, visions, nature etc.
  5. Character Greeting: It is present at all of the theme parks with their respective characters, during this attraction people may interact, take photos, autographs and under reservation is possible to have dinner with them.
  6. Parades: Are not present on the 100% of the Theme Parks but they are a must see feature at Theme Parks, for example the ones performed at Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens.
  7. Street Parties: Created as an additional amenity along the theme parks, you can expect musicians, acrobats, clown, characters parties and much more.
  8. Fireworks: Always present at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Universal Studios they represent an spectacular closing show.

Beside of the main guide Orlando Discount Tickets USA provide about what you can expecte to find at Theme Parks in Orlando there are more element to discover that are the result of theme parks efforts to give the visitor a customized experience.

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