Rides an attractions to discover at the Theme Park during Fall Time 2017

The Land of AvatarInnovations of 2017 has been a great asste at the Universal and Disney Theme Park specially since summer. New oppening at the theme parks has changed the demand to visit the classic theme parks to look for something new and really well advertised by the public reationship departmente of each company.

The new oppeninigs at the Universal Studios Theme Parks and Animal Kingdom are the winners.  For those who didn’t visit the Disney, Universal Studios or Seawolrd this ast summer is time to star planning a trip that can start at only $169 dollars in a good hotel and with admission for 2 people for 1 day at the theme park of your choice.

The rides Mako the hyper Coaster in Seawolrd, The New Frozen Ride at Disney Epcot,  Skull Island:The leyend of the King at Universal Studios and much more attractions. Now for these exciting year 2017 Volcano Bay Water Park by Universal Studios, The Stars War and the Toy Story Land by Disney Hollywood Studios, and Pandora: The Land of Avatar with 2 main rides: Flight of the Passage and Na’vi River are probably the most exciting new attraction that will be add to the Theme parks offer.

At the offer presented for Universal Studios with Volcano Bay Water Park and Pandora the land of Avatar you can feel a new atmosphere when both parks revealed a total tranformation during the night time.

volcano bay orlando Orlando Discount Tickets USA expert on discounts for the Theme Parks and to provide information about the Theme parks in Orlando make very easy to get admission to these dremed attrcation for a really disocunted price by participating on a resort preview one of the days you are in Orlando. Tickets or admissions for the Theme Parks can be purchase for prices starting at $25 dollars for Seawolrd, $29 dollars for Universal Studios and $39 dollars for  Walt Disney Wolrd Resort.

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