Big Party time approaching to Universal Studios Orlando on February 2018

Yes, Big Party time is coming to Florida with Mardi Grass at Universal Studios, this year  the celebration will run from February 3 t April 7.

Mardi Grass 2018 - 2Universal Studios OrlandoMardi Grass is an authentic event and inspired on classic New Orleans Mardi Grass. Universal Studios will feature durig the festivity; floats, great performers, parades through the nights with tons of beadings. The name Mardi Grass resemble a pagan celebration after the “Thre Kings Day” until the common religions obligations returns. Typically at New Orleans this a celebration exclusive for adults but at Universal Studios Orlando the celebration is extended as well for family members. The ony element that might be excluded for children will be concerts depending on the arists.

The great advantage of the event is that wth just the general admission to the Theme park you can be part of the event .  The main components of the celebration are

  • French Quarter Courtyard: Here is the main point of the Festival and where people congragate to met authentic New Orleans Bands and traditional Cajun Food for sale with Price range between $8-$10 dollars.
  • Mardi Grass Float: It has a duration of approximately 25 minutes and it is about 45 minutes before the concerts starts. On 2016 beside the traditional floats full of beads will be new floats that celebrates other cultures and festivals around the world, for example: Venetian carnival, Fourth of July, Rio de Janeiro. For 2016 the parade wil stop 2 times at Hollywood and New York so performers interact directly with the public.
  • Big Easy: It a a section that recreated a kids oriented Mardi Grass Celebration with costumes, parade, tons of beads and music.

To buy your general admission with Orlando Discount Tickets USA for Mardi Grass at Universal Studios is only $39 dollar per person for the  first 2 tickets by taking one of our resort preview..

Mardi Grass 2018Explore your vacation package at discounted price with Orlando Discount Tickets USA to visit Universal Studios Orlando and let the entertainment begin. At least for the month of February the concerts star at 8:30 pm during weekends at Music Plaza, here the performers:

February 3th – Sean Paul

February 10th – The Beach Boys

February 17th – Kelsea Ballerine

February 18th – Andy Grammer

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Ready for the crowded days on the Holiday Season in Orlando

disney-epcot-2It is very important and necessary to face what it means to visit Theme Park at the most visited time of the year in order to enjoy your stay with barriers.

In order of attendance Disney Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Orlando, Island of Adventure and Seaworld will be close to their maximun capacity, so Orlando Discount Tickets USA guide you how to deal with the crowds Holidays at the major theme parks of Orlando.

  1. Get early to the theme parks and be prepare to eave the parks late. Theme parks will have during the Holidays an extended Schedule, how ever because of the crowds and all the special thing to enjoy is important be prepare for a long day.
  2. Plan your visit ahead of time. Residents some times takes more than a day to cover the Theme Parks in one day, so if your visit is only for a single day have a realistic idea of what you don’t want to miss but be a little flexible because due to amount of people it might be good change your preferences.
  3. Get the fast pass. As son as you receive the theme park admission make your reservation for fast pass with the new My Disney Experience.
  4. Choose some of all the shows but check what they are about. Impressive color costumes and music are along at the parades and shows at the theme park, so include in your plan some of the shows checking off course the time and decide base don what you thing might enjoy the most and get early to the place you want to see them.
  5. Hydration and Snack for the family. The average Price for an snack including on soda and chips is about $6 dollars, so be prepare with a least 2 o 3 sets of snacks and hydration.
  6. Do not miss the Fireworks. Fireworks are totally spectacular, so inside or outside the Theme Parks do not miss them. We rather you see them outside because ones the Theme parks closet he exit is going to take a while.
  7. Have your cellphones charged and look for safety. At the theme parks agree for a place to meet in case you get lost and also carry your cellphone charged to keep in touched when your family separates.
  8. Use comfortable clothes. Weather might changes, and probably will be a lot of places where you will have to sea ton the floor so the most comfortable clothes is going to help you and your family prepare for a long

We wish you have the most unforgettable and memorable day at the Holiday at the Theme Parks so Orlando Discount Tickets USA recommended be prepare and with the best attitude possible.

New Universal Studios Orlando Attraction for 2017

usfUniversal Studios Orlando during 2016 please their visitor with the new attraction King Kong The Skull Island and now is being announced “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” but what is this about, well those Americans and TV watchers are most likely to be familoar with “The Tonigh Show””.

“Race Through New York  Starring Jimmy Fallon” will be the new addition to Universal Studios Orlando and Orlando Discount Tickets USA inform to yo the details. The attraction is much about the experience you can have if you run youe own show, as it happens at “The Tonight Show”you can play host at your own interactive Desk in Studio 6B Club, after this the action begins when you really board the world first-ever flying theater that acomodation 72 audience member you can visit the great city of New York.

The new ride beside the metioned above is an scenario to step foot into renowed NBC Studios and be witness of the most significant momments in the history of NBC.

tonigh-showUniversal Studios Orlando recent transformation includes Harry Potter Diagon Alley at Universal Island of Adventure, Hogwarts Express, The reing of the King: Skull Island and now “Race Through New York  Starring Jimmy Fallon”. All the new renovations and adittion to the Universal Studios and Island of Adventure are a great opportunity to visit both parks with a park to park admission for only $129 per person by participaring in one of our resort preview when you travel to Orlando.

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Descubra que significa Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Mundo Magico de Harry PotterEl segundo parque mas popular después de Disney Magic Kingdom es Universal Studios, sin embargo y aunque no parezca obvio esta compañía de parques temáticos incluye 2 parques Universal Studios e Isla de la Aventura.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA promueve información útil para su familia de manera que tomen decisiones acertadas acerca de las posibilidades que tienen en Orlando y ademas ofrece la posibilidad de obtener paquetes vacacionales altamente descontados que incluyen hospedaje mas tiquetes para los parques temáticos o solo entradas para los parques temáticos de Universal e Isla de la Aventura.

Como recomendación personal y utilizando un lenguaje coloquial podríamos sintetizar que el Parque de Universal Studios en Orlando tiene como insignia atracciones asociadas a la industria cinematográfica a través de simuladores y puestas en escena y el parque de Isla de la Aventura esta en un porcentaje un poco mayor dirigido a quienes quieren algo mas de aventura y adrenalina a través de diferentes montañas rusas. Lo que tienen en común ambos parques y que definitivamente es algo para no perderse es El Mundo de Harry Potter el cual es cada parque de Universal ofrece una aventura única. Orlando Discount Tickets USA describe breve-mente los 2 parques temáticos para que al momento de planear su paquete vacacional este mas informado:

Universal Studios: Es el Parque Temático por excelencia de la industria cinematográfica, donde los visitantes pueden ir detrás de las escenas y disfrutar de la acción de sus películas favoritas. Universal Studios se considera el parque temático basado en la televisión y en las películas que han hecho historia a través del tiempo. Los visitantes podrán encontrar una increíble variedad de atracciones, espectáculos, películas y juegos de atracciones que lo harán sentir como un protagonista o participante de una película. En 2014 Universal incluyo El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter – Diagon Alley  una aventura completa en la que participara de la escenas de Harry Potter y el escape de Gringotts y la posibilidad de viajar en el Expreso de Hogwarts.

Las atracciones en Universal Studios se agrupan en 7 secciones temáticas: producción central, New York, San Francisco, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley, World Expo, Woody Woodpecker’s Kid Zone and Hollywood.

Universal Isla de la Aventura: El visitante puede tomar un viaje inolvidable a través de 6 increíble islas llena de mitos, leyendas, cómic, dibujos animados, cuentos infantiles y películas de éxito que viene a la vida a través de los paseos. Las seis islas son: Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Parque Jurásico, El Mundo Mágico de Harry Potter – Hogsmeade, El Continente Perdido y Seuss Landing Island.

Conociendo estos parques temáticos usted puede obtener ingresos desde $29 dolares por persona para ir un día a uno de los parques a través de las ofertas de Orlando Discount Tickets USA y si ya sabe que su destino es visitar ambos parques a través nuestro puede adquirió hasta 2 ingresos por solo $59 dolares cada uno.

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