Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Halloween Horror of nights for 2016


Halloween Horror of Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando on selected nights from September 16 to October 31 starts 7:00 pm and because time runs fast and lines are long here is an approach of the topics of the Haunted Houses. At the event there are 9 haunted houses, some of them inspired on scary movies.

  1. American Horror Story : It will include the scene of sinister Threats from Murder House. Freak Show and Hotel.
  2. The Texas Chain Shaw Massacre: At this house visitors will experience every scene, every kill, every bone-chilling rev of the chain.
  3. The Waking Dead: One of the most popular houses, here the visitor will face relentless threats starting from the beginning of the series to last season’s most unforgettable moments.
  4. The Exorcist: Go inside the mind of a tormented girl, possesed by evil, it will leave you haunted.
  5. Halloween hell comes to Haddonfield: Michael Myers is still alive and still out for blood in this all new house.
  6. Krampus: As a blizzard rages outside St Nicholas’ evil counterpart and his band of Dark Minions claim the souls of the faithless one by one.
  7. Lunatics Playgorund 3D: Desilusion and reality are continuously blurred.
  8. Ghost Town: Visitors came looking for gold, instead they found death and destruction. Now their doome souls seek others to join them.
  9. Tomb of the Ancients: Inmortal beings of the ancient past returned to rule mankind, now they wait for someone foolish enough to disturb them.

The Haunted Houses of Halloween Horror of Nights are very waited for the visitors so get your admission ahead of time and take advantage of getting general admission for Universal with Orlando Discount Tickets USA  and make an upgrade for the Halloween Horror of nights.

2016 Halloween Horror of Night at Universal Studios

hhnFall visitor to the Theme Parks in Orlando the is a creepy and spooky not recommended for the Little ones event at Universal Studios. The event  is called Horror of Nights y requieres a separate admission beside the general one. On 2016 the Universal Studios Halloween Horror of Nights calendar goes on selected nights from September 16 to October 31st, 2016. On the entire United States this event is highly popular and people from all of the states comes to live a night with horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs.

The Halloween Horror of Nights most popular highlights are the terrifying haunted houses where visitor will find multiple scare creatures.

hhn2If you or your couple have enjoyed a zombie or suspended movie you have to plan a getaway to Orlando Universal Studios to experience what is feel being part o a scary scenario. Orlando Discount Tickets USA for only $29 dollars give admission for one day to Universal Studios in Orlando which gives you room to upgrade your Halloween Horror of Nights experience your with some more bucks.

As mentioned above the Haunted Houses as one of the most popular insights of the even started on 1991 and year by year new horror movies has made its debut as haunted houses during the selected nights of the event.

Prepare your getaway starting at $129 dollars with 3 days 2 nights and admission or 2 for one day at Universal Studios by participating on one of our resort preview the following morning after you arrive to Orlando.  Check what you will experience:

  • Halloween Horror Characters
  • 9 Haunted Houses
  • Scare Zones
  • Live Shows
  • Popular Rides

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30 Noches de Terror en Universal Studios Orlando

HHN 2015Desde mediados de Septiembre y todo  Octubre visitantes a Orlando Florida pueden experimentar un escenario escalofriante y bastante real sobre un aterradora celebración de Halloween, durante este 2015 Noches de Horror en Universal Studios tiene un gran selección de entretenimiento para los mayores. Orlando Discount Tickets USA te informa acerca de los acontecimientos y formas de disfrutar en Orlando.

El evento tiene un costo de $101 dolares , sin embargo usted puede conseguir sus 2 ingresos por solo $29 dolares por persona asistiendo a una de nuestras charlas de mercadeo una de los dias que se encuentra en Orlando.

Noches de Horror en Universal Studios Orlando este 2015 cuenta con:

  • 25 Anos de monstruos y descontrol, este es una de las muestras que cada periodo muestra mas y mas éxito por ella en esta ocasión habrá una recopilación de lo mejor de cada ano en la historia de Universal Noches de Horror.
  • Zonas de Susto: En zonas puntuales del parque habrán zonas en las cuales personajes clásicos de terror harán su aparición. Podrás presenciar a Dracula, Frankestein, Purge, Freddy, Jasson. En estas apariciones habrá ambientación escénica, música y vídeo asociado a cada caracterización.
  • Apariciones de grupos con maníacos, escalofriantes y rechinan tes sonidos que extremeseran al publico.
  • La Popular Casa de Terror Freddy vs Jason presentara 3 secciones asi; la primera con Crystal Lake, la segunda Elm Street y la tercera todo acerca de las fuerzas opositoras entre Freddy vs Jason.
  • La nueva casa de terror Insiduos representara 3 producciones cinematográficas con la presencia de todos los malos.

Aparte de los detalles aquí anunciados Diagon Alley estará disponible para los visitantes y algunas de las atracciones como rocket it estarán abiertas al publico.

El evento se efectuá desde las 6:00 pm por lo tanto recomendamos planear hospedaje en Orlando para aquellos que viajan desde lugares distantes. Con las ofertas de Orlando Discount Tickets Usa usted puede gozar de 3 dias 2 noches de hotel y 2 ingresos para universal Noches de Terror por solo $129 dolares. Visita www.orlandodiscounticketsusa.com para descubrir mas paquetes vacacionales a precio descontado.

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