Future of Disney Epcot, the Theme Park of the future

Epcot - Organic inspired festival centerIt is popular to find out customers asking what is the Theme Park Epcot even with having a hard time with the pronuntiation of the word. Disney Epcot is a Theme Parks that since the 1980 represent 2 Theme parks inside one. One of the sections shows the perpective of the Future Wolrd and the other section represent a World Show Case of eleven nations. The configurations of the Disney Epcot Theme Park is very interesting because has a mix of culture, enterteiment, attractions, great festivals, good food, etc.

The Event of D23 was the plaza this years to confirm tha Disney Epcot same as the other Disney Theme Parks like Magic Kingdom with renovation of Fantasy Land, Animal Kingdom with the Land of Avatar y Hollywood Studios with Toy Story land and Star Wars land, will go under huge expansion and renovation.

The details of exactly what is going to be about still no precise, but now is known that the Future Wolrd will be the area for three new lands: World of Discovery, World Celebration and Wolrd Nature.

Moana attraction at epcotAt the D23 Expo Disney share that a  World of Celebration will be built a multi level festival center building will have an “organic Inspiration” and also a Moana – inspired splash pad and a Space theme restaurant. All the major and small renovation will be at phases.

For those who has been at Epcot in different years was popular to find places sponsors for well recognized companies due to the fact tha Disney Epcot was built on a time in which big companies wanted to be allies of Disney and expend a lot of money on branding. Today the scenary is diferent after World Post recession and Disney will have to find another way.

The major projects at Walt Disney Wolrd Epcot will be starting to complete shape on mid 2021 and still waiting to reveal more precise information on the developmental phases of Epcot huge transformation.

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Legoland Music event with Kids Bop

legolandThe Legoland Theme Park in Florida located in Winter Heaven is one of the better theme park for the kids to play.  At Legoland attractions inmerse the childs on actions, and even the public target is between 3-12 years old the kids can enjoy the rides as the where adults, a lot off excitment proper for its age it is alway onvolved.

The Walt Disney World theme parks, Universal Studios and Seawolrd might seen very popular but not necesarily the better one foy your own circunstances. The Legoland Theme Park managed by Merlyn Entertaiment es the second World Wide recognized company on Theme Parks.

Al the words itself express it, Legoland is inspired on the lego blocks, one of the most successful toys of all generations.

Comming soon to the actual entertaiment Legoland Theme Park will be celebrating the Kids Bop Weekend, which a is series of concerts made by young children. The concerts will be the next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The concert will be for 45 minutes and will be one performance at morning and at noon time. DUring the day kids will be available for signatures and greetings.

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The gruop of Legoland attractions are Roller Coaster, Miniland is is a replic of diferent cities built on Legos, Playground with Lego inspirations.

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SevesSeas Festival At Seawolrd Orlando Line up of Concerts

seves-seas-festival-at-seawolrdSeaworld  Celebration in which you can sin and sample ypur taste around the world has for the visitor a great line up for concerts already announced. Check you favorite artist from Pop, Latin Music, Country and much more and start planning your visit to Seaworld Orlando.

  • Southern Rock Lynyrd Skinyrd: February 11, 2017
  • American Country Lee Brice: Feburary 18, 2017
  • Commedy Chart Bill Engvall: February 25, 2017
  • American Rock Styx: March 4, 2017
  • American Country Justin Moore: March 11 2017
  • Rock and Roll Z Top: March 18, 2017
  • American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips: March 25, 2017
  • Disco Village People: April 8, 2017
  • Pop Music Commdores: April 15, 2017
  • Salsa Music Oscar D’Leon: April 22
  • Merengue Music Olga Tanon: April 29
  • Meremgue Mix Grupo Mania: May 6

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Memorial Weekend in Disney and comming June attractions update in Disney

jungle bookThis 2016 is for sure a year in which Walt Disney World Orlando will open a good amount of attraction, sometime delays are founded but ones the time is passing but the visitors to Orlando Florida are getting more accurate information of when the new attractions will be ready for the visitants.

Public Relations of Walt Disney World  has precise new dates for attractions to be opened in Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Disney Epcot.

Memorial Day weekend opening at Walt Disney World Resort:

  • Animal Kingdom
    • Jungle Book: Alive With Music Show.
    • The Tree of Life Awakens
    • Kilimajaro Safaris After Dark Debut.
    • Discovery Island Carnival
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Third Rail for Toy Story

June Releases

  • Epcot
    • Soarin Around The World
    • The Frozen Ever After Ride
    • Characters from Finding Dory on an interactive Experience
  • Magic Kingdom:
    • Mickey Royal Friendship Faire (Replacement for Dream Along with Mickey”


  • Magic Kingdom
    • Princess Elena of Avalor

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Looking for an Eco-Park in Orlando

tree trek orlandoTree Trek is the new Eco-Adventure in Orlando, where all kind of attractions make the Florida a great place for a dream vacation, specially for families that wants to enjoy every day on something different for their ordinary life. Besides the most popular theme park in Orlando Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Seaworld there are a smaller places for entertainment that doesn’t cost what the park cost and that do not require expend the entire day.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA informs you about new ways of entertainment and allows families to travel with an affordable price on their discounted vacations deals with hotel accommodation and also with admission for the Theme Parks. A new aerial experience is available now in Orlando for the most advetoruous, Tree Trek Eco Park a new Eco-Park located on Disney Area  is an adventure that incorporated several elevated obstacles courses securely suspended on specially designed poles of about 10 to 60 poles. The new Tree Trek includes zip lines, suspended bridges, nets and much more. Of course in a Eco-Park like this one safety is a priority  and the equipment utilized is the best on the market and with the standar to bring the most secure and fun experience.

Tree Trek  has about 400 parks around the world, and when guest arrive receive off course a demonstration by trained instructors before beginning the course.

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Disney Spring nuevo nombre para Downtown Disney

downtown disneyQuien ha visitado alguna de las atracciones de Walt Disney Resort ya sea uno de sus parques temáticos, resorts o atracciones comerciales fácilmente estará deslumbrado por el derrote de capacidad imaginativa, creativa y organizadora. En cada propuesta de Walt Disney todos los detalles cierto están cubiertos para brindar a los visitantes las mejor de las experiencias posibles.

Una de las más sorprendentes materializaciones del el poder creativo y organización de Disney se expresaron en el 2015 en el actual Disney Springs  que por muchos anos fue conocido como Downtown Disney. El proyecto fue comunicado sin dar muchos detalles en el 2013 y con aun secciones del complejo turístico por finalizar Disney Spring evocando la esencia mas encantadora de la historia de Florida  sus nacimientos desarrolla una propuesta con un ambiente calido rodeado de fuentes de agua y arroyos y con una propuesta comercial casi única donde el lujo está al alcance del presupuesto de los miles de turistas que en su dia de receso de parques se conglomeran en este espectacular lugar.

downtown disney 2Disney Spring cuenta actualmente con la sección “Landing”, donde el Restaurante “Boat House” (casa bote) una experiencia gastronómica única acompañada por el ambiente de clásicos botes y yates, en este zona también resalta Tea Traders Café, Morimoto Asia an espectacular pan-Asian cusine in an elegance space and Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar. El Area “The Landing” además de restaurantes tiene entre sus mas nombradas tiendas Chapel Hats, Sanuk, Art of Shaving and Erwin Pearl.

In adición se encuentran también “The Town Center” (pueblo central), “Market Place” (Mercado) y “West Side”(lado oeste). La primera zona mencionada es un gran espacio para relajarse y caminar a lo largo de un amplio pasillo con tiendas; en la zona del mercado nuevas tiendas se ha adicionado y se ha construido una nueva villa que conecta el mercado y la zona de Lego. Para finalizar en la zona de el Oeste continua centrado el entretenimiento con las atracciones habituales pero con la anunciada aparición de un complejo temático de la NBA y la aparición de nuevas tiendas como Uniqlo, Pandora, Lilly Pulitzer.

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Guide to Orlando Florida future attractions and experiences on 2016

frozenIt could be competency between the companies that try to capture the mayor number of tourist, it could be a great capacity or re-invention or it could be a natural answer to every day markets demands; at any of these situations all the new experiences that every year tourist can find en Orlando Florida is a great awesome justification to choose Orlando as the first destination for family vacations.

The first source of transformation is always leaded for the Theme Parks, specially Disney with Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom, The company of Universal Studios with Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure, Seaworld, Legoland however inverstors are looking every day with more clear evidence that Orlando is a great plaza for business and commercial developments on the entertainment area. The second source of entertainment is the areas that tourist pass by, in this cases the most popular areas are the International Drive area where The Convention Center is Located, Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee which are the neighborhoods near by Disney.

star wars disneyWith a world of possibilities and new thing to be surprised Orlando Discount Tickets USA which is specialized on affordable vacation packages inform the experience that will be in the near future in Orlando. Star visualizing your vacation dreams that could star with only $169 dollars for 3 days and 2 nights in a hotel and 2 adult tickets to go one day at the theme parks in Orlando.

The Big Announces made up today for Orlando Great Entertainment are:

  • An new ride experience inspired on the Disney Movie “Frozen” the experience is already named “Frozen Ever After” This new ride will be located in Epcot and represents and expansion of the Norway Pavillion.
  • Addition of a new 4D projection system at one of the most popular attractions at Epcot, Soarin. The great news is that the theater will be debuting Soarin around the world
  • Hollywood Studios will include a seasonal event the Star Wars Score, which will be celebrated on selected weekends.
  • Seawolrd will have a new hyper coaster called Mako which is inspired in one of the most fastest sharks.
  • Animal Kingdom will launch a show “Rivers of Light” night time spectacular which will make the park an after dark destination.
  • At Universal Studios Skull Island: Reign of King Kong visitor will travel to a prehistoric predators and savage beasts.
  • Universal Studios will inaugurate Loews Sapphire Falls a new Resort built around a Tropical Lagoon and towering waterfall.

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