Busy or not busy, a guide for peak season of turists at the Orlando Theme Parks

fast and furius 2As many of us know Orlando is one of the most visited places on earth, statistics shows that seasonal periods when there is a high traffic the cost of the vacation for travel increases, the competition for hotel rooms and dinner reservations is aggressive and the crowds and lines at the Theme Parks are insane. Besides the time of high traffic tourism in Orlando you should consider but not feel limited for the weather conditions of this humid subtropical region, with a rainy season from May through October. Around the end of October the dry season begins and usually last until late April.

Take advantage of the next dates to plan your vacation packages or purchase your discounted tickets with Orlando Discount Tickets USA:

  • Jan. 9-13, Jan. 18-26
  • Feb. 1-16, Feb. 27-March 2
  • The second half of August
  • Most days in September
  • Most weekdays in October
  • Weekdays in November (minus the week of Thanksgiving)
  • Weekdays in December (minus the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve)

avatar landOff course, every year the best time to visit the theme park might change because every day the creative and engineer team add to the theme parks new attractions like Stars Wars and Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios , Pandora: the land of Avatar at Animal Kingdom, etc.Lets say you can not change your dates to visit Theme Parks, try to take a look also on the crowded dates and try to minimize the impact of weather conditions, rides that you are looking for and people that you are traveling with. On the following dates you can really expect a high volume of people a the Theme Park, so be patience and take advantage of the Disney Experience Application to reserve your fast pass or purchase the express pass for Universal Studios to save some time at the lines. In general all the Theme Parks Offer an upgrade fr you to skip the lines, here are the dates:

  • Jan. 1-8, Jan. 13-16
  • Feb. 17-26
  • March 5-April 23
  • Weekends in May
  • June
  • July
  • August until the 13th
  • The week of Thanksgiving
  • The week of Christmas through the week of New Year

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Blue Horizons at Seaworld available until March 31st, 2017

blue-horizonsThe visitors that love the ocean and all the creatures that lives on it will experience a new shows when deciding to visit Seawolrd when traveling to Orlando. After 11 years of enjoying Blue Horizons at Seawolrd one the my favority show in Seawolrd, the Theme Park in Orlando has announced a new show at the Dolphin Teather, with emphasis on conservation and animal rescue and will have a performance in which a new segment that includes a volunteer from the audience to get an encounter with a dolphin and a  green macaw.

Blue Horizons at Seawolrd dolphin show , available for the puclic until march 31st, 2017,   tells the story love of a princess on the dolphin world. The dolphins, acrobats and bird made a beatifull and armonious presence that hopefully improves on the new performance. Water springles, delightfull music and dolphins performance produce cjircken skin which was amazing to observe.

“Dolphin Days”the new dolphin show at Seawolrd  is looking then for a more enviromental friendly message which is an effort to improve perception after Black fish documentary.

Orlando Discount Tickes USA of it aims for offering entertaiment at affordable cost promotes Seawolrd discount ticket for only $25 dollar per person by participation in one of our resort preview and also has for the Ocean followers vacation packages that give acomodation for 4 days and 3 nights on a 3 star hotel and tickets for the first 2 starting at $169 dollars pe person.

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International Drive highlight entertaiment in Orlando

i drive 360A perfect vacation to Orlando is prepared with a lot of love, magic, information and diverse options of entertaiment. Orlando Discount Tickets USA informs option on planning  your vacation. Theme parks are always the safe way for vacation but Orlando is much more than rides, and shows is a world class entertaiment for all of the ages and styles.

The Area of International Drive close to Disney but directly related is a great offer of diverse entertainment for family, business and off locals.

The International Drive Area is an strategic area on the economy of Orlando, the main points of influence is the presence of the Orange Convention Center that year by year brings high traffic of business and visitors to the city of Orlando. Around the Orange Convention Center are a good selection of 3,4,and 5 star hotels and resorts. In Orlando this is probably the only area that everything is walking distance and if you don’t want to walk you can take the I-ride Trolly that connects the main areas of International Drive.

international driveAs a second line of injection of traffic of visitors at the International Drive are the Premiun Oultes that are pretty famous at the United States but also world Wide. With a sales tax of only 6.75% shoppers comes exclusively just to shop and take advantage of great deals and deals for previous collections for the most recognized and commercial retails stores and brands. The Premiums Outlets are located on the north of International drive and at the south recognized at Premium Outlet at Vineland Rd.

On the third place but not less important is the presence of Universal Studios Resort with 2 great theme park Universal Studios and Island of Adventure and the presence of Seaworld Theme Park a very family oriented theme park at the hearth of International Drive.

Throughout the year new additions has complemented the International Drive Area as top destination for all the visitors in Orlando, new amusement parks, commercial shopping, and night time entertainment defined the International Drive Area a must do for your next vacation in Orlando. To book a discounted vacation package get informed with Orlando Discount Tickets USA and its exciting offers. At the website http://www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com you will find vacation packages with hotel at the International Drive like Rosen Plaza, Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Centre and much more for unfogetable trip to the most magical place on earth.


Disney Spring nuevo nombre para Downtown Disney

downtown disneyQuien ha visitado alguna de las atracciones de Walt Disney Resort ya sea uno de sus parques temáticos, resorts o atracciones comerciales fácilmente estará deslumbrado por el derrote de capacidad imaginativa, creativa y organizadora. En cada propuesta de Walt Disney todos los detalles cierto están cubiertos para brindar a los visitantes las mejor de las experiencias posibles.

Una de las más sorprendentes materializaciones del el poder creativo y organización de Disney se expresaron en el 2015 en el actual Disney Springs  que por muchos anos fue conocido como Downtown Disney. El proyecto fue comunicado sin dar muchos detalles en el 2013 y con aun secciones del complejo turístico por finalizar Disney Spring evocando la esencia mas encantadora de la historia de Florida  sus nacimientos desarrolla una propuesta con un ambiente calido rodeado de fuentes de agua y arroyos y con una propuesta comercial casi única donde el lujo está al alcance del presupuesto de los miles de turistas que en su dia de receso de parques se conglomeran en este espectacular lugar.

downtown disney 2Disney Spring cuenta actualmente con la sección “Landing”, donde el Restaurante “Boat House” (casa bote) una experiencia gastronómica única acompañada por el ambiente de clásicos botes y yates, en este zona también resalta Tea Traders Café, Morimoto Asia an espectacular pan-Asian cusine in an elegance space and Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar. El Area “The Landing” además de restaurantes tiene entre sus mas nombradas tiendas Chapel Hats, Sanuk, Art of Shaving and Erwin Pearl.

In adición se encuentran también “The Town Center” (pueblo central), “Market Place” (Mercado) y “West Side”(lado oeste). La primera zona mencionada es un gran espacio para relajarse y caminar a lo largo de un amplio pasillo con tiendas; en la zona del mercado nuevas tiendas se ha adicionado y se ha construido una nueva villa que conecta el mercado y la zona de Lego. Para finalizar en la zona de el Oeste continua centrado el entretenimiento con las atracciones habituales pero con la anunciada aparición de un complejo temático de la NBA y la aparición de nuevas tiendas como Uniqlo, Pandora, Lilly Pulitzer.

Disney Spring es el lugar perfecto para visitar en combinación cuando usted adquiere ingresos con descuento para los parques temáticos a través Orlando Discount Tickets USA el cual puede ofrecer ingresos para cualquier parque temáticos de Orlando a precio altamente descontado

Opciones de entradas para el Mundo de Harry Potter en Olando Florida

Mundo Magico de Harry Potter

La apertura de los Mundos Magicos de Harry Potter en Universal Studios ha despertado un furor especial y una revitalizacion notable del flujo de turistas a los parques de Universal Studios Orlando. La información para varios turistas que se sienten atraídos por visitar el Mundo de Harry Potter en Orlando Florida aun tienen desinformación de cual es la mejor alternativa para tomar el mayor provecho de su estadía y de realmente cual es la entrada que requieren según su estadía, presupuesto e interés dentro del parque. Orlando Discount Tickes USA poya la planeación de sus vacaciones a Orlando Florida informándole cuales son la alternativas que tiene para abordar la visita al Mundo de Harry Potter en Universal y ofreciendo tiquetes o paquetes vacacionales al alcance de presupuesto. Visite www.discountticketsusa.com o contacte nuestra empresa para recibir orientación adicional.

Universal Studios Resort en Orlando dispone de 2 grandes parques temáticos y un parque acuatico ,los parques principales son Universal Studios e Isla de la Aventura y el parque acuático Wet’n Wild. El Mundo Magico de Harry Potter se encuentra ahora en ambos parques en Universal Studios esta Diagon Alley o Callejon Alleyy en Isla de la Aventura esta Hogsmeade, por lo cual es posible que requiera mas que una admisión de 1 solo día para un parque. A continuación una breve explicación sobre las opciones de tiquetes para visitar Universal Studios e Isla de La Aventura.

Las estrategias de marketing ofrecen al turista un mejor valor por su dinero cuando eligen una opción de billete que incluye más días de ingreso o mejoras en las entradas seleccionadas . Orlando DiscountTickets USA le ofrece un precio inmejorable a través de la asistencia a una orientación de mercadeo l dia siguiente de llegar a Orlando, así puede obtener hasta 2 entradas para los dos parques de Universal Studios y Island of Adventure por sólo $ 59 cada uno.

Después de planificar la duración de la estancia en Orlando tener las siguientes consideraciones en cuanto a los posibles ingresos que usted tiene para los parques temáticos de Universal . Por favor, tenga en cuenta que las entradas que están a más de un día tienen una fecha de caducidad de 14 días después del primer día de uso.

Entrada para una solo día o Tiquete Basico : Es una sola admisión a uno de los principales parques temáticos universal. En este caso es bueno para Universal Studios o Isla de la Aventura.

Entradas de Parque a Parque : esta es la mejor opción cuando se visita los parques temáticos de Universal Studios ya que por el número de días que usted compra esta opción usted puede tener acceso a ambos parques que es muy conveniente porque los parques están muy cerca una de la otra y usted puede cambiar en cualquier momento. Un incentivo más para comprar su parque para aparcar billete PTP es tomar el Expreso de Hogwarts que cruzan los mundos de Harry Potter en cada Parque Temático . En general el billete PTP es una actualización de un boleto base.

Entrada ilimitada para tres parques: La mejor opción para la acción y la emoción fans. Esta opción le da al cliente que compre este boleto el acceso ilimitado a Universal Studios, Island of Adventure y Wet’n Wild durante 14 días consecutivos .

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Initial considerations to visit Theme Parks in Orlando on 2015

Orlando Theme Parks

Florida offers for the international tourists more that 8 theme parks, 4 water parks and a conglomerated of optional theme attractions to satisfy the leisure and touristic industry. Because options are for all types we give you a list of considerations before purchase your vacation package to Orlando Florida. Orlando Florida knows how to give you memories of a life time by customizing your vacation.

  1. Length of stay: determine how many parks you will be able to visit and how to combine with other optional awesome things to do in Orlando. The length of stay vacation package is usually defined for 3 options: Short Orlando Getaway Vacation with 3-4 days and visit for one park, under this criteria statistics show that people traveling to Orlando usually choose as their park of preference Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios.; the second option is almost a week between 5 and 7 days and people usually visit at least 3 parks, under this premise the most popular parks are Walt Disney for 1 day, Universal Studios Orlando 1 day and Sea World Orlando for 1 day and finally the longest length of stay for more than a week gives you free options to visit as much parks your time and budget allow it.
  2. The composition of your family group: If you are traveling us a couple pretty much you can enjoy day and night time in combination with your length of stay and budget. If you are traveling with babies or small kids you might want to have a day to enjoy the resort or slow down a little bit so kids and you have all the energy to every day take the most on your theme park visit. If you are traveling with seniors keep p in mind that they will have to pay full admission even if they do not ride anything at the parks, they will have to walk a lot for what is convenient to rent a wheel chair or electric scooter. Our experts on www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com.com will tell you base on the members of your group which theme parks are better for your family.
  3. Accommodation: The most promoted accommodation in Orlando is time share discounts or vacation clubs. However the options are pretty much a hotel room where sleep up to 4 people on 2 double beds,; villas of 2or 3 bedroom that comfortable accommodate up to 8 people and that comes equipped with kitchen and dining room and the third most popular option is rent a house through a property management company, this last option is great for big families you will find houses with up to 7 bedrooms.
  4. Prices on theme parks per person: The admission of the theme parks in general is over a $100.00 dollars per person. Adult price is for people 10 years old and over and child price is for children between 3 -9 years. It looks expensive but there are always ways to save on your tickets with www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com .With the park admission all the rides, shows and attractions are include, the only thing is not include is the food and parking.
  5. Hide Expenses: In the preparation of your vacation keep in mind the expenses that the most of the people don’t realize unit they get to Orlando: Parking at the theme parks $17, Taxes and Resort Fee from $3.50 to $25, food at the parks which is 30% – 35% more expensive that eating outside.

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