Toy Story Land at Disney Hollywood Studios

Toy story land at hollywood studiosThe great entertaiment for kids and adults is nos complemented at Disney Hollywood Studios with the officail openning of Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, definetely a great addition to the Disney Theme Parks which is going under remodelations for a couple of years.

Adventure is the keyword for Toy Story Land at Disney Hollywood Studios with a complete trip full of toys, it is an inmersive experience for the most revelant scenaries of the famous movie. Families will ride huge toys, travel to the space, experience a virtual reality on Andy room,  etc. Orlando Discount Tickets USA informs more in detail the new attraction and experiences open to the public at Toy Story Land:

Adventure for everybody:

Slinky Dog Dash: A family ride with slinky, hill and falls.

Alien Swirling Saucers: Ride  rocket to visit space to the rhythm of the space music.

Toy Story Mania: A virtual reality to Andy’s oom finding on your way big toys and objects.

Because Disney Theme Parks is much more than rides, at Toy Story Land you will share face to face with Woody, Buzz and Jessie and enjoy delightfull meals at Woody’s Lunch Box.

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Star Wars characters ready for SPing 2017 at Disney Hollywood Studios

bb8-hollywwod-studiosExpected for the Spring of 2017 at Hollywood Studios is the progress of Star Wars Land that constinuisly is improving, mean while the visitors will have the pleasant greatting for of the loyal droid BB-8 who will start interacting with the guests at Start Wars Launch Bay.

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BB-8 the characters for Star Wars will apprear along with Kylo Ren and Chewbacca, 2 characters from star wars galaxy giving the guest the opportunity to explore galleries fukk of treasured memorabilia and authenticreplicas of large-scale Star Wars artifacts.

Star Wars Lauch Bay is part of the experience that debuted at Disney Hollywood Studios to the delight of Starw Wars fans over the past two years, including ‘Star Wars; A Galaxy Far, Far Away” daytime show and Star Wars: A galactic Spectacular” nightime spectacularlghts up the park each night.

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Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam Holiday Show in Disney

jingle-bell-jingle-bamOn 2015 the tourist were in Orlando Florida and most likely the Disney fans had the opportunity to presence the last year of The Osborne’s Spectacular Dancing Lights that run the Holiday seasons at Disney Hollywood Studios.  Many of the locals that had their schedule set up for sure were nostalgic because it was an icon of Disney Hollywood Studios. However, when Walt Disney World Resort makes a decisions is usually because already has though something spectacular, dazzling and really trendy in terms of entertainment.

Now is being announced for public relationships of Walt Disney World Resort that Disney Hollywood Studios will be the home for a new Holiday Show that will be available for the public on November 14th. The new performance is called “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam” and it will include projections from Disney Movies, lasers, fireworks and music.

hollywood-studios-chistmas“Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam” will run nightly until December 31st, 2016 and the most captivation moments of Beauty and the Best, Bambi, The nightmare before Christmas, Mickeys Carol will be projected during the show. For those who are already enthusiastic with the idea and love to get the VIP experience that Disney is promoting with the shows and performances can enjoy this spectacles with delight their palate with delicious desserts.

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Iconic Star Wars Moments in new Disney Hollywood Studios Show

galaxi far far awayAs the followers of what is going on at Walt Disney World Orlando and other Theme Parks in Orlando , Disney Hollywood Studios is been under a series of big transformation since the removal of the Mickey’s Sorcerers Hat. The transformation is redirected to a New Land of Star Wars and Toy Story – Start Wars Bay Launch.

Few day ago at Disney Hollywood Studios is offering as a part of the 14 acres expansion of the park,  2 spectacules are now presented on regular basis. The first one is Star Wars: A Galaxi Fay Far Away and Phasma. Orlando Discount Tickets USA focus today on Star Wars Far Far Away Galaxi which is offered at Hollywood Boulevard at the shadows of the Great Movie Ride. The main insight of the show is presence some of the most representative character of the movie eclipsed with short by important moments of the movie.

far far awayDuring the month of April 2016,  the Show Star Wars Galaxi Far Far Away Galaxi will be performed hourly starting at  12:30 pm to 6:30 pm and has a duration of 15 minutes in which Kylo Ren, Chewbaca, Dart Vader, BB-8, Dart Maul will bring to life scenes of the movie and captive the publis with the real apereance.

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Fin de Semana de la Guerra de las Galaxias 2015 en Disney Hollywood Studios – Star Wars Weekend

Una de las leyendas de la industria cinematográfica es la saga de La Guerra de Las Galaxias, para revivir las galácticas aventuras de la serie y ofrecer una experiencia única a los seguidos de esta famosa película Orlando Discount Tickets USA anuncia que el evento se realizara entre mayo 15 hasta Junio 14 durante los fines de semana incluyendo los viernes.

mickey jediCon las admisiones de descuento que ofrece Orlando Discount Tickets USA usted pude dar a sus hijos o a usted una galáctica y Jeda experiencia en la cual solo tendría que pagar $29 dolares por persona par alas dos primeras admisiones al parque temático de Hollywood Studios. Nuestras ofertas lo invitan a tomar una comida ligera en un Resort y a tomar tour promocional.

Este evento de Star Wars Weekend de Fin de Semana de la Guerra de las Galaxias, año tras año es un éxito rotundo y trae un volumen increíble de seguidores a Hollywood Studios, nuestra sugerencia es que su familia o usted comiencen a planear con anticipación su visita tomes nuestro tour para economizar dinero en sus ingresos y de esa manara tenga espacio en su presupuesto par alas exclusivos eventos ofrecidos durante los fines de semana de Star Wars Weekend.

Entre Las actividades realizadas durante Star Wars Weekend incluyen apariciones de celebridad que participaron en la película, concursos de conocimiento de los detalles de “Star Wars” o “Guerra de las Galaxias”, paseo de “Start Tour”, La Calle de La Cantina de Start Tours y opciones en la cual usted puede interpretar a un Jeda, mas la existente magia de los caracteres del parque hacienda el rol de Jeda o con disfraces de la película.

Para tomar el mayor provecho de los Fines de Semana de la Guerra de las Galaxias en Hollywood Studios Orlando Discount Tickets USA proporciona los siguientes tips para que toda la fuerza del universo este con usted en esta aventura de vencer las fuerzas de la oscuridad….es un extraordinario evento que debe visitar:

Star wars weekend jedas1. Adquiera entradas de descuento por solo $29 dolares por las dos primeras admisiones y al día siguiente diríjase los mas temprano posible al parque de Hollywood Studios para alcanzar a registrarse para obtener autógrafos y encuentros especiales con las celebridad presentes.

2. Registrese para la Academia de entrenamiento de Jeda.

3. Utilice el servicio de Fast Pass en cuanto reciba los tiquetes de descuento a través de Orlando Discount Tickets USA y registre su paseo en Stars Tour.

4. Conserve energía hasta el ultimo momento en que el parque esta abierto l publico ya que como show de cierre podrá presenciar la sinfonía “Hyperspace Hoopla” y Estrellas de fuegos artificiales.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA continuara informando de este evento, comience a planear como adquirir su entrada con descuento y si usted piensa visitarnos desde diferentes países o estados diferentes a la Florida y busca estadía en hoteles y resort e ingresos para otros parques temáticos nuestra compañía ofrece también paquetes vacacionales con descuento en hotel y admisión para los parques temáticos.

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