Orlando is feeling United

i drive 360Orlando Florida The Beautiful city where year by year thousands of people travels all around the world to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Resort or Seaworld Entertaiment is making a special call today and during these days after the massive shooting on Saturday late night in a club in Orlando. The event has left 49 casualities and no only family but the entire city is feeling a great commotion for violent acts like the one occurred.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA is solidary today with the feeling of the Orlando residents and U.S.A citizen and support the message of Orlando Governor and Orange County Sherriff about how important is to be united, observant and acting promptly under any signal that thread the peace and life of the habitants of the Orlando the city beautiful. Campaigns to collect blood are running thought the city and investigations has set up to avoid any violent event and off course to return calm to the Orlando Residents.

As Orlando residents  a dark day has been marked but hope, calm prosperity and love will be higher that any feeling that want to create a shadow in the most magical place on earth.



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