Insights about Universal Express Pass

Universal Studios Orlando ResortUniversal Studios Orlando has for the tourist two terrific theme parks Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventure.  To visit both parks exists diferent types of admission starting for one day admission, one day park to park admission or multi day admission with and with out park  to park admission.

When you purchased multi day admission you will have more chances to enjoy all the rides and simulations attractions of the park and of course the average price per day is less that if you buy a single day admission for the theme park.

When the busy time comes to Orlando it is very common that nobody wants to wait for long periods of times at the lines and tourist have the question if the Universal Express pass is included on the Price of the general admission or that with purchasing the express pass they can skip all the rides lines.

First,  the Universal Express Pass is not included on the general admission Price and it doesn’t have nothing to do with the term Park to Park tickets which referrers to the possibility of switching theme parks on a day or riding the Howard Express, a train that connect both Universal and Island of Adventure Theme Park and off course both worlds of Harry Potter. The Express Pass is an upgrade for any ticket you have that allows you a separate o short time waiting line for certain attractions. The Universal Express pass has different options, for example a entire day Universal Express Pass, a Half Day or Half Evening Fast Pass and all this tickets can be purchased aeither online at Universal Studios Website or can be purchased inside the theme parks in multiple kiosks.

Second, the express pass do not include the 100% of the Universal Studios or Island of Adventure Rides. Here is the list of Rides exclude so when you get the Universal Express Pass you will be confident that will be worth to pay an additional Price beside the general admission for the Universal  theme parks.

At Island of Adventure:

  • Harry Potter and the Scape from teh Gringotts
  • Hogwarts Express – London
  • Kang & Kodos’Twirl Hurl

At Universal Studios

  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • Hogwarts Express – Hogsmade
  • Pteranodon

Probably the more successful attractions at Universal Studios are the Harry Potter Worlds and because people from all over the world comes just to enjoy this rides it is important to understand what the Universal Express pass covers to really get the admission of a single or multi day at Universal Studios.

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