Summer is approaching Tips to visit DIsney on the hot days

On 2015 Walt Disney World Company celebrates the 60 anniversary that for sure will have enhanced experiences to commemorate all years bringing happiness and unforgettable memories. Summer this year for sure will be very busy and it is important be prepare to take the most of your vacation and more of the specials events that will be featuring. To simplify and make sure your vacations are enjoyable make sure to take note of Orlando Discount Tickets USA summer tips:

1. Choose accommodation close to Disney to save time commuting to the theme parks.

2. Get your tickets in advance, in summer specially the waiting time to buy a theme park admission might be between 30 and 1 hour.

3. Try to get multidays admission so you save on the average cost per day of the ticket and you have the chance to repeat a park is you feel that definitely you want to come back to cover the most. In term of saving you really star saving money when buy a ticket of 3 o more days.

4. Inquire how to get fast pass for your most likely to do attraction. Disney has a new free app called my Disney experience which is a complete give to get information on your smartphone about the waiting time in the attraction and an interactive map of the park.

5. Star doing the attraction that you really doesn’t want to miss and get information about attractions that a are actually closed by the time of your visit.

5. Plan the time for hydrating your self, nursing you and your family and take also a break during the day will help you keep in track for the most spectacular time on the night.

6. Stay until the end to have the opportunity to enjoy the closing shows.

If you are looking amazing and unforgettable vacation at discounted price do not hesitate to contact Orlando Discount Tickets USA to plan your next dream vacation.


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