How much is one day at Walt Disney World en 2015?

Walt-Disney-World-IconsTo have a day in the most magical place on Earth is doesn’t have the most magical price for low budget travelers, however is guaranteed the great memories and the sensation of a totally different world is truly a fact. Orlando Discount Tickets USA is a channel for you to get discounted tickets at a lower price than the gate price for those that want to visit a least one day a Disney Theme Parks which includes Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom.

When visiting Walt Disney World for only a day you have really tree options on tickets and in order for you decided which one is for you is important consider if you are only traveling with your couple, if it is first time visiting, if you are traveling with little ones, if you are focus on certain attractions, if you are coming during peak season, if you have special reservation for something in particular at the theme park, or other any reason that may filter your decision in order to take the most of your visit.

The first and more simple option is get a One Day Base which allows you to chose from one of the 4 main theme parks of Disney;  Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. This is the less favorite purchase for the theme parks state holders but if this work for you based on the premises above you for sure will a great day. The cost of one day at Disney when you get tickets at the gate is $111.83 dollars per adult and $105.44 per child between 3-9 years old, if you take advantage of Orlando Discount Tickets USA your price for one day admission is only $29 dollar and you can get up to 2 tickets at this wonderful low price. The price of a day admission includes all of the rides for as many times as you like, see all the shows, parades and met the characters for a day.

The second option for a day in Walt Disney World is get the admission for a day with an upgrade called Hopper option which allow you for and extra amount of money commute between the Disney theme parks during a day. The cost a one day hopper at Disney is $138.45 per adult and $132.06 per child between3-9 years old. When getting a hopper ticket you are just paying a little bit more and you may think that you will be able to cover everything which is not realistic but convenient for those that already visit the Disney Theme Parks is repeated occasions.

The Third option on one day admission is call option plus which even being a tickets for a day you have total of entertainment on Disney for 2 days because One Disney Plus means you have a base ticket to visit one of the mayor theme parks and one day to visit one the Disney Water Parks. The cost is $145.91 per adult and $139.52 for child.

The fourth option is a called one day premium ticket and it is combination of a hopper and and plus ticket. In this option, which means you have one day to visit the mayor Disney Theme Parks Magic Kingdom , Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom and another day to visit with a hopper option the 2 water parks of Disney Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. The cost of One Day Premium at Walt Disney World is $172.53 per adult and $166.14 per child.

No matter what option you chose to have savings of about $165 with Orlando Discount Tickets USA is worthy if you have small room in your budget. Check to get the details of the offers.


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