Guide for guest with mobility disbilities at the Theme Parks in Orlando

orlando florida theme parksWhen planning your vacation package to visit Orlando Florida  you may feel that you have to plan a little further when traveling with members with mobility disabilities. It is not hard and the good news is that hotels, resort and theme parks have in order options and procedures to make you dream vacation easy, and full of unforgettable memories.In addition  through our company Orlando Discount Tickets USA you can reserve affordable vacation package and because the Theme Parks in Orlando are designed to be enjoyable for everyone we provide to you important information when traveling with guest that presents different disabilities. The main categorizes to be inform about are the safety at the parks, the rules for animal service and  the rental equipment availability.


Avoid running and keep the speed of the ones around you. When walking in enclosed spaces like restrooms, merchandise stores and food locations adjust you speed while maneuvering. Park your scooter, wheel chair o help device in safe locations clear from stairs and walkways.

If there is necessity of evacuation please have a member of your party to assist you or wait in a vehicle for assistance.

For the attractions in which you are required to transfer from your vehicle to the ride ask for assistance to one of the members of your party because cast members at the Theme Parks are allowed to lift guest for liability purposes.


Service dogs are allowed but must remained leash or in a harness at all times and guest should follow same instructions as guest using wheels chairs.

At the Theme Parks some attractions due to the fear factor and characteristic of some rides services dogs are not allowed. Please inquire with Cast Members for available options.


ECVs and Wheels Chairs are available for rent however limited numbers are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the rental location. Must be 18 years of age

When you rent a wheelchairs or Electric Conveyance Vehicles and plan to visit more than one park is possible to leave a deposit ticket from the first park.

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  1. Mark Brisson says:

    At the new Skeletons Museum coming to I-Drive 360, we will have an ASL interpreter for any and all hearing impaired groups. Furthermore, we are seeking to work with a local organization that trains Service Dogs for people in wheelchairs to have some training for the dogs to not be tempted by having them surrounded by bones. People who are differently-abled come with varied needs. Not all are in chairs. While our museum may not be the best fit for the visually-impaired, we will work with all groups that may have unique needs to provide the best experience possible.

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