It is official: Frozen attraction at Epcot in Orlando Florida

frozen plan atraction fro Disney

Imagination and the ability to make dreams come true will capture Frozen fans from all ages and parts of the Globe which be delighted on 2016 with the new attraction for Disney Movie; Frozen on the Theme Park Epcot in Orlando Florida. Even the exciting announcement was on September 2014, official documents with maps of the detail transformations were prepared for the South Florida Water Management District recently. If you love the movie and the theme parks start preparing your vacation package with Orlando Discount Tickets USA to do not miss this thrilling adventure at Epcot. Our company can sale you tickets at discounted price or vacation package starting at $199 for 4 days 3 night and tickets for two adults at Disney Epcot in Orlando Florida.

The new one acre Frozen Disney Attraction will be between Mexico and Norway, and where Maelstrom ride was and will counts with a building where guest will be able to meet and greet, being immerse in many of the favorite moments and music from the film on the Kingdom of Arendelle. The details of the interior design has not been reveled by from now you can start imagine frozen fractals, crystals and all the enchantment to be transported to the unbeatable movie. The weather, and culture of the Kingdom of Arendelle is inspired on Norway so Epcot strategies believes that is a great add to give more popularity to the country.

On its beginnings Epcot was pretty much sponsor for different countries and big Corporations and throughout the time has been incorporating the appearances of Disney Character and Disney princesses. The offer of new experience for guest at Epcot will represent a transformation of its emphasis on Technology and culture to capture a bigger audience, the children that use to focus their visit on the rides of the other side of the theme park.

It is common that people has misconceptions about Epcot when they refer as this park like the one for the grownups, but is not true the park features a balance mix of attractions, shows, ride plus the cultural and technological component.

frozen characters Magic KingdomDisney Frozen acts were been appearing on 2014 on Hollywood Studios with live music and performance, and the wondering Oaks Frozen store, then during Christmas time at the Mickey’s very Merry Christmas the main characters of the movie join the Once Upon a time Parade and now the Princes Ana Elsa meet and greet take place at Magic Kingdom plus and appearance at Cinderella Castle in a brief show of lights and projections.

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  1. Nice ! , We can’t wait ti see it

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