Manatee migrations on middle of January 2015

Florida manatee

Besides the theme parks, Florida is famous for their springs and in January the become a very special place where you can presence the annual migration of the giant plant eating, manatees

The giant mammals need warm water to survive and even they look big they have relatively little body fat; they cannot tolerate temperatures below 68 F for long periods of time. Because their sensitivity to colds their space is influence by the seasonal changes. Prepare your getaway vacation and attend to Florida Spring as follow to be part of Manatees journey in their look for warmer waters:

Manatee Homosassa-Springs -Florida USAHomosassa River: This will celebrate on January 17t, 18th and 28th Annual Florida manatee Festival ( will unfold in Cristal River, about 90 miles northwest of Orlando. The even here will host music, art show, crafts and food.Blue Spring Manatee Festival in Volusia County: January 24 and 25 at Valentine Park and Blue Spring State Park in Orange County.These springs are winter refuges for manatees because the water temperature is relatively constant throughout the year (72 F).

In addition to the event at these parks you will find educational information, an observatory and a compact zoo that features hippopotamus, bald eagles, key deer, foxes, wolves. birds and gators. After you visit this amazing wild life in Florida take the advantage of getting 2 adult discounted tickets to SeaWorld for just $29 dollar each.

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