Initial considerations to visit Theme Parks in Orlando on 2015

Orlando Theme Parks

Florida offers for the international tourists more that 8 theme parks, 4 water parks and a conglomerated of optional theme attractions to satisfy the leisure and touristic industry. Because options are for all types we give you a list of considerations before purchase your vacation package to Orlando Florida. Orlando Florida knows how to give you memories of a life time by customizing your vacation.

  1. Length of stay: determine how many parks you will be able to visit and how to combine with other optional awesome things to do in Orlando. The length of stay vacation package is usually defined for 3 options: Short Orlando Getaway Vacation with 3-4 days and visit for one park, under this criteria statistics show that people traveling to Orlando usually choose as their park of preference Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios.; the second option is almost a week between 5 and 7 days and people usually visit at least 3 parks, under this premise the most popular parks are Walt Disney for 1 day, Universal Studios Orlando 1 day and Sea World Orlando for 1 day and finally the longest length of stay for more than a week gives you free options to visit as much parks your time and budget allow it.
  2. The composition of your family group: If you are traveling us a couple pretty much you can enjoy day and night time in combination with your length of stay and budget. If you are traveling with babies or small kids you might want to have a day to enjoy the resort or slow down a little bit so kids and you have all the energy to every day take the most on your theme park visit. If you are traveling with seniors keep p in mind that they will have to pay full admission even if they do not ride anything at the parks, they will have to walk a lot for what is convenient to rent a wheel chair or electric scooter. Our experts on will tell you base on the members of your group which theme parks are better for your family.
  3. Accommodation: The most promoted accommodation in Orlando is time share discounts or vacation clubs. However the options are pretty much a hotel room where sleep up to 4 people on 2 double beds,; villas of 2or 3 bedroom that comfortable accommodate up to 8 people and that comes equipped with kitchen and dining room and the third most popular option is rent a house through a property management company, this last option is great for big families you will find houses with up to 7 bedrooms.
  4. Prices on theme parks per person: The admission of the theme parks in general is over a $100.00 dollars per person. Adult price is for people 10 years old and over and child price is for children between 3 -9 years. It looks expensive but there are always ways to save on your tickets with .With the park admission all the rides, shows and attractions are include, the only thing is not include is the food and parking.
  5. Hide Expenses: In the preparation of your vacation keep in mind the expenses that the most of the people don’t realize unit they get to Orlando: Parking at the theme parks $17, Taxes and Resort Fee from $3.50 to $25, food at the parks which is 30% – 35% more expensive that eating outside.

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