Tips for a plesurable visit to the Theme Parks in Orlando Florida

magic kingdom visit tips Believe me Magic Kingdom as the Park for excellence in Orlando is a lot of busy the most of the year, off course people from all the races, languages, backgrounds and more recondite places on earth take the opportunity to visit in the place where dreams come true. Just a few examples of how busy it gets, on the week of Christmas and New Year Eve the Magic Kingdom close its door to the general public because has been reached the maximum capacity of occupancy allowed, On the last week of Christmas the park was closed by 9:45 am. Orlando Discount Tickets USA helping you prepare your next vacation to the Theme Parks in Orlando give very useful tips to save you time when visiting the theme parks concern.

  1. Buy you multi day theme park tickets with Orlando Discount Tickets USA Online trough our resort preview to get discounted prices or buy your tickets online having the guarantee that they will be delivery to your hotel. Getting an online confirmation of Disney tickets purchased online require that you visit the will call office at the parks and on the busy time that might take up to 40 minutes of your time.
  2. If you have flexibility to visit the parks any time of the year and you are not attached to any special edition event,  schedule your vacation for the lower traffic seasons at the parks.
  3. Place your hotel accommodation in a hotel or resort close by and inquire if hotel offer shuttle to the theme parks. In case you have brought your own car you will be charge $17 dollar flat rate per day. Even you have to spend a little more if decide to take your vehicle is worthy especially if you are visiting Magic Kingdom because you have the flexibility of leave park when you want and you don’t have to be attached to the schedule published by the shuttle company at your hotel.
  4. Use Fast Pass plus FP+, a Disney service that allows you per-planned the visit of tree attraction ahead of time for free. Is useful you’re your fast pass plus for attractions that usually take more than 30 minute waiting time, for example Peter Pan Flight
  5. Once you are at the park if you have take a look at the maps and time guide, please sit for 10 to 15 minutes to prioritize attractions, get information about the shows times, and appearances of the characters.
  6. Arrive early to the shows times to get a better view, take this time as a opportunity to recharge your batteries.
  7. Have a plan in case any member of your party gets lost, select a place and time to met.
  8. Even Theme Parks have a great variety of restaurants; bring snack for children and enough water to be hydrated. Snacks oscillate around $5 dollar each and you will be paying for a bottle of water $3.
  9. Check if attractions that you couldn’t visit during the day are open at night and go take a ride, usually is less busy.
  10. Bring your camera or cell phone to record the most magical moment. As the Disney Parks all of them offer free WiFi.

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