“I want to visit Walt Disney!” What does the affirmation means?

Walt-Disney-World-IconsThe Vox Populli of the most magical place on earth Walt Disney World Resorts may be confusing for their visitors at the moment of placing in action their dreamed vacation. Through more than 10 years of experience on the hospitality industry, Orlando Discount Tickets USA representatives usually find out that future visitors have misconceptions about which are the Walt Disney Theme Parks in Orlando.

Even though Disney marketing efforts are huge, for a high percentage of visitors the panorama is not totally clear and  tourists especially from South America and Arabia or countries that speaks different languages ended missing blissful adventures during their visit or end expending more of what they initially budgeted.

Orlando Discount Tickets USA offers you tourist orientation and the possibility of hotel or resort  accommodations with admissions for theme parks, or only tickets for the parks at high discounted price; our company specialty is make your Orlando Vacation affordable and still enjoyable. To help you in the process of making make informed decisions keep in mind that Walt Disney Parks includes four completely different Major Theme Parks which admission for a single day is over a $100s, in addition Walt Disney World Resort Company has two sun-splashed Water Parks, two theme miniature golf courses and a huge arcade called Disney Quest.  Please take some minutes to discover the stupendous adventures’ that are waiting for you and your family and off course after be informed do not hesitate to visit www.orlandodiscounticketsusa.com  to star planning your vacation package in Orlando Florida. Here is a brief explanation of the 4 Major Theme Parks of Walt Disney World Resort In Orlando.


Magic Kingdom

The most popular of all parks for Walt Disney in which you celebrate in a world of fantasy that includes six different lands; Main Street, U.S.A, Adventure land, Frontier land, Tomorrow land and Fantasy land the biggest expansion of Magic Kingdom. For everyone this is the destination for excellence, is considered the Classic Theme Park and in many occasion people take up to two days to take the most of what the park offers.


With 2 worlds in One park you will delight all your senses, one of the realms features technological innovation and show you the power of imagination and on the other realm you will find a World Showcase which shares the culture and cuisine of 11 Nations.

Hollywood Studios

Step inside the glitz, glamor, and fabulous worlds of movies, television, music and theater. To better take advantage of this park take a look at each of the 8 sections that conform the park: Hollywood Blvd, Echo Lake, Sunset Boulevard, Streets of America, Commissary Lane, Pixar Place, Mickey Avenue and Animation Courtyard areas.  At Hollywood Studios please don’t miss the 2014 Stars of the successful movie Frozen, Elsa, Ana and Olaf and their sweet appearances and shows.

Animal Kingdom

Disney dedication and commitment to animal care, education and research is shown in one of the largest animal theme parks in the world.  Let your natural explorer discover the enthralling 6 land: Oasis, Discovery Island, Africa, Rafiki Planet Watch, Asia and Dinoland.


Water Parks: Typphoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Minuature Golf Course: Winter Summerland and Fantasy Gardens

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Orlando Discount Tickets USA is one of the largest internet travel providers for Orlando vacations to Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando and all other Orlando area attractions & theme parks! Visit our website at www.orlandodiscountticketsusa.com for all your Orlando Vacation needs and specials!

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