2011 Christmas Holiday Storytellers at Epcot in Disney World

One of the best attractions during Disney christmas celebrations is the opportunity to learn about  multi-cultural holiday season traditions without leaving the United States, there’s perhaps no better place to do than at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Theme Park .

From thanksgiving week in November through the end of December each year, Epcot’s World Showcase, conducts a special celebration in which visitors can enjoy festive decorations, lively entertainment and the sights and sounds associated with holiday season traditions from all over the world.  This cultural experience is well known as Holidays Around the World, is enhanced by international storytellers, positioned throughout Epcot’s World Showcase, who shar tales and traditions from their respective homelands.

You can see Italy’s  La Befana, Much like Santa Claus bud toys and sweets are coming from baby Jesus. You might come and see France’s Pere Noel, or the jolly gift-bearer, Father Christmas, from the United Kingdom. At  Mexico pavilion you could run into Los Tres Reyes Magos, otherwise known as the Three Kings or Three Wise Men.

Disney chrismas Tree

In Norway, you can see Julenissen, the guardian of every Norwegian family’s welfare, who is considered to be a mischievous Christmas gnome.  The Monkey King, can be found in the China pavilion. This colorful character happily shares tales of the Chinese New Year.

At Morocco pavilion Ramadan from Taarji, a storytelling drummer. Ramadan is traditionally a time for worship and contemplation and is celebrated in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar.

2011 Christmas Holiday Storytellers Schedule at Epcot

MEXICO Celebrate with LosTres Reyes Magos, the Three Kings, as they tell of their journey to the Posada and traditions today. 
1:45; 2:35; 3:20; 4:05; 4:45; 5:30; 6:30; 7:30pm

Meet the storyteller Sigrid who will tell you of the mischievous Christmas Gnome, Julenissen. 
3:10; 3:50; 4:30; 5:10; 5:50; 6:35; 7:15; 7:55pm

Watch the agile Monkey King weave his tall tale with twists and turns celebrating Chinese New Year! 
12:10; 12:45; 1:30; 2:15; 3:20; 4:00; 4:50; 5:50pm

Listen as Helga tells the story of the first Christmas tree and the tale of her first Nutcracker. 
1:00; 2:00; 2:55; 3:55; 5:30; 6:05; 6:40; 7:15pm

Visit with Italy’s good Christmas witch, La Befana, as she remembers the Epiphany and her first Christmas 2,000 years ago! 
1:00; 2:00; 2:40; 3:20; 4:20; 5:20; 6:00; 6:45pm

Christmas: Whisper your Christmas wishes in Santa’s ear. Even Mrs. Claus will be there! 
1:30–2:40; 3:30–4:40; 5:30–6:40; 7:30–8:40pm

Kwanzaa: Experience the spirit of Kwanzaa, a celebration of family, creativity and community. 
12:20; 1:05; 1:50; 2:35; 3:20; 4:05; 4:45; 6:00pm

Hanukkah: Discover the connection of today’s Hanukkah tradition and the story of the brave Maccabees and the lamp that burned miraculously for eight days
12:15; 1:00; 1:45; 2:25; 3:25; 4:00; 4:50; 5:45pm

Hear the fascinating story of the Daruma doll and the Japanese customs of the NewYear! 
12:50; 1:25; 2:15; 3:05; 4:00; 4:50; 5:35; 6:45pm

Find Père Noël as he shares a letter from a little girl that recreates the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. 
11:20; 11:55; 12:30; 1:15; 2:05; 3:30; 4:20; 5:05pm

Drum with Taarji, as he celebrates the customs of Ramadan and Ashura. 
2:10; 2:55; 4:30; 5:35; 6:15; 7:20pm

Spend a moment with jolly Father Christmas, as he makes traditions from Christmas past just as fun today! 
2:45; 3:55; 4:35; 5:25; 6:10; 6:45; 7:30; 8:25pm

See Nowell, a Canadian lumberjack, as he tells of his journey to find Santa at Christmastime. 
11:15; 12:00; 12:45; 1:30; 2:30; 3:30; 4:30; 5:15pm

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  1. Torja says:

    Christmas at Disney is always fun, my favorite place is Epcot for this season.

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