Mama Mia at Disney World Hollywood Studios

Mama Mia at Disney World Hollywood StudiosWho is Mama Mia

The other day I was listening to the WDW Radio Show last week and Lou did a review of one of my favorite Disney World Hollywood Studios Mama Melrose restaurants, Mama Melrose’s. Mama Melrose had been on my list to do a “Who is…” and, what do you know, they did an interview on his segment that provided me with the information to answer the question. So…….for those of you who did not hear the show, here is the story on Mama Mia.

She grew up in Italy and often cooked with her Dad who shared his recipes with her. As she grew up, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She picked up and moved to California and came to the Hollywoood Studios. She made friends with some of the actors, started collecting memorabilia from them and stored it away to preserve the memories.

Eventually, she started inviting her actor friends over for dinner and her food was a hit with them. They loved it so much, they convinced her to open her own restaurant to share her great recipes with everyone. She pulled all of her memorabilia out of storage and decorated her restaurant with it. She did this as a tribute to everyone who helped her over the years and to let everyone know how she got started.

So the next time you are in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios, drop into Mama Melrose’s, have a bite to eat, and take a look around. As with everything Walt Disney World creates, the back story here really adds to the magic of this often-overlooked eatery.

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