Disney World Top 10 Trivia

Walt Disney World ResortWalt Disney Trivia-How Much Do You Know

Ever wondered about all those things about Walt Disney World Resorts that many people think they know, but they do not. There are literly so many rumors and misleading information about the most popular attraction in the world that give people the wrong answers to many trivia questions.

Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I was surprised to find some trivia questions had stumped me. I could not believe it. I have selected 10 trivia questions and listed them below. See how many you can answer. The answers are at the bottom below the picture.

1. What is the maximum speed that the cars on “Test Track” get up to during the ride?

2. How tall is Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom Park?

3. Who was the narrator of Spaceship Earth from 1986 to 1994?

4. What Disney World attraction features the mayor being dunked in the town’s water well?

5. What attraction exits into an arcade?

6. What Walt Disney World attraction do you get to see the “backside of water?”

7. What vehicle do you travel in when you board your Star Tours flight?

8. What color were the ride vehicles in Epcot’s World of Motion?

9. How much area does Typhoon Lagoon Water Park cover?

10. During your ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad, what song might your hear from one of Disney’s animated films?

Epcot Center Space Ship Earth Test Track

1. 64.8 mph

2. 189 feet tall making it the tallest attraction at the park.

3. Walter Cronkite

4. Pirate’s of the Caribbean

5. Space Mountain

6. Jungle Cruise

7. Starspeeder 3000

8. Blue

9. 56 acres

10. Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas

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