The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at Disney Epcot Center

The Greta Piggy Bank Adventure

Innovations at Epcot Center Opens The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Last week, the newest addition to Disney World’s Epcot Center Innovations opened, the Great Piggy Bank Adventure. The experience features a series of games which bring to life and teach financial themes of setting goals, saving and spending smartly, staying ahead of inflation and diversifying assets. The attraction is presented by T. Rowe Price and promotes family members working and learning together.

The game begins by choosing a dream goal using a touch screen. During the queue, we are introduced to P.I.G. (Personal Investment Guide) and see him enjoying the Ultimate Vacation, Retirement, a College Education and an Extreme Bedroom Makeover. These are one of the goals we pick.

You are then requested to open a drawer and reveal your own PIG who accompanies your during the game. The PIG is a little piggy bank, of course.

You arrive at the next station and the PIG is placed on a conveyor and drawn into the machine you are standing in front of. The PIG becomes an animated character on the screen in front of you. A game begins where coins start to fall from the top of the screen and various buckets are at the bottom including Savings, Candy, Toys, MP3s and Outfits. The goal is to use levers to direct the money into the Savings bucket. A pesky wolf keeps changing them so you are constantly fighting to make sure enough is going into savings. Just like in life, you need to make sure you don’t forget to save and be aware of where your money is going.

You then get your PIG back and move on to the next kiosk, the Inflation Race. Here, our PIG is put in a tube and sent to help us learn about inflation. On the screen, the PIG floats from balloons and you need to maneuver him around to collect money and avoid inflation. After the game, the PIG is returned and you move on to the last station.

The Diversify station requires us to use a magic wand to move money into pots with different growth factors. The wolf comes along every so often and takes money from different pots so putting it all in the pot with the highest growth factor can backfire on you. The lesson of course is to diversify and spread your money around.

Finally, you return your PIG to find out if you achieved your goal. Your cartoon pig will either sprout wings and happily fly to its destination or land in the mud.

This is a great way for a parent and child to have some fun while learning about the choices and strategies they need to be aware of. This is especially important given the environment we are in right now and this attraction couldn’t have come at a better time.

I really like the fact that the folks at Epcot are not ignoring Innovations and are paying some attention into making it better and putting some new life into an area that has become stale. Between Stormstruck, the Great Piggy Bank Adventure and “Sum of All Thrills” ride that is upcoming in 2009, Innovations will hopefully become a place people make a point of going to instead of rushing through to get somewhere else.

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